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On 30 January 2005

Hey girl! You were soundly alseep on the bouncer when Mommy is penning this entry.

You are so tired my girl. Daddy and Mommy brought you to your Granny’s house yesterday afternoon after our shopping spree at Raffles City. Daddy went there to realise his ‘dream’. As there was an arts exhibition at the atrium. Daddy always had a flair in arts while Mommy….Ha! Need no further explanation on that ya!

You were a little handful yesterday! Granny inisisted that you sleep in the sarong and she wanted Mommy to put you in there! Hmm…Guess Mommy has no choice but to out you in the hammock and ‘swing’ you to sleep. Deep in my heart, I was thinking “Ha! Baby is sure to wake up feeling grouchy as she detests sleeping in the sarong!” True enough! You used to wake up a happy baby…however…this time…you woke up as a groucy baby!

Daddy and Mommy are trying REAL hard to calm you down…*SIGH* I thought to myself…”I should have insisted on letting her sleep on the bed!”

We had a terrible time pleasing you Princess. Daddy even resorted to bringing you down for a walk in order to please you! This time round, the trick does not work! It was until Mommy who suggested…”Why not I breastfeed her? Hopefully this will calm her down!” Daddy nodded his head..

True enough, you calmed down and has became a happy baby once again! PHEW!!!


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New Vocab

Hey girl, you will be 2 months and 6 days when Mommy is posting this entry.

It’s usual for you this morning. After you usual bath, you had your drink and delivered back to us by Grandma to our room. Unexpectedly, you started wailing…Getting louder and fiercer…Daddy and I were toggling, trying our best to coo you. Suddenly, it we froze when you mumbled “nei nei” (milk)!

Grandma came rushing to our room frantically and ask “What??!! She said nei nei?? She knows how to say nei nei??!!!” We were so amazed at your new found vocabulary and started rattling away…”eh…How come ar? she’s so young! How come she knows how to say nei nei??!! I started looking seriously at Daddy. Daddy came with ” Aiya…by accident la. How can she murmured nei nei at such young age?” My sentiments exactly…However, this became the topic of the week thou’.

We went out with Grandad minus Daddy because he had to work noon shift today. We were abit slower and you started whining. You always can’t wait to go ‘gai gai’ (shopping). Everybody had to rush just because we want to please you and not to make you cry.

You really are one impatient princess!

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My dear baby…

This will be one of your progress chart that I am doing for you. In this blog, I will update on the new skills and you have mastered and write about how you bring joy and laughter to Daddy and Mommy.

It’s a pity that we are not able to do this for you on the day that you were born. But never mind about this little lapse. I will start to chart your growth from today!

Enjoy reading my dear!

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