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Babies of age three months may still wake up in the middle of the night and I am glad that my girl is able to have unbroken sleep at two months!

Hmm…you must be thinking…What has it got to do with this topic? Well, Lynnie was extremely tired yesterday evening…She slept before 9.30pm and she slept so sweetly till 4am this morning! After her milk, she refused to sleep…We had to coax her to sleep so that we can have our sleep as well! She FINALLY slept before 5am! Brian and I quickly tucked our blanket with baby sleeping soundly between us!

Moments into my beauty sleep, I was woken by a thunderous snore! A snore that was so near and so unfamiliar! I opened my eyes with much reluctance and was annoyed with this particular sound that woke me up from my beauty sleep! I struggled to lift my eyelid and looked at ny darling, making sure that she wouldn’t be woke up by this thunderous snore…Well, you should know where this snore originated from right now! Yes! It’s my Hubby, baby’s Daddy! I was so irritated by this unwelcomed greeting early in the morning!

I can’t grab a pillow nor can I just get him to ZIP because baby is between us! So, I can only stretch my hand and touch his face so as o wake him up. His blurry eyes looked at me and I said :”SHHH”.

Phew! I can finally sleep in peace…Can you imagine the snore? It’s really LOUD or I should classify that as NOISY??? I just hope that he doesn’t watch TV till late at night ans sleep earlier…Spare baby and me with that unbearable snore of yours, Hubby!


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Brahms Lullaby

“Lullaby & Good night, with pink roses bedight
with lilies o’er spread, is baby’s sweet head
Lay thee down now and rest, may thy slumer be blessed (2x)

Lullaby & Good night, you are Mommy’s delight
shining angels beside, my darling abide
soft & warm is your head, close your eyes rest your head (2x)

Sleepyhead, close your eyes, Mommy’s right here beside you
I’ll protect ou from harm, you will wake in my arms
Guardian angels are so near, so slep on with no fear (2x)”

Well, this is something I had to sing for my precious before she turns in for the night. Since her birth, I have been singing nursery rhymes and reciting chinese poems to her.

I remember it was about a week ago I stopped humming and singing to her, thinking she might be able to sleep on her own without me having to do this every night. Oh! How wrong can I be!!! It never occured to me that her broken sleep, uneasiness are due to the ‘missing lullaby’. I came to realise only tonight, that she missed my singing! Hahaha!

As I started singing for my whiney baby, she started going “eh..eh..eh…” she closed her eyes, listening to me faithfully as I sang for her her “long lost sleeping companion” – brahms lullaby.

Brian has never sang her any proper nursery rhyme as he claims he does not know how to sing and has never heard much in his childhood or even his kindergarten days! I wonder what was taught to him in those days??!! He would always sing her “Xiao Wei”, “Lian Xi” all those sad love songs to my baby! Appreciated? Of cause…NOT!!! *giggling* These songs made a whiney baby more whiney… I always had to snatch her back from him and calm the baby down with “Baa Baa Black Sheep” and “Red River Valey”.

I have started on a Disney’s 365 stories (Gift from her Xiao (3) Yi (2)). As mentioned, there are a total of 365 stories in this book and they have a different story in store for Lynnie every night! As I started to read to her, she seems rather impatient as the story was a page long! Thus, I stopped reading to her, and intend to return to this book only when she is four months old!

Lynnie is beside me right now! She is sleeping so sweetly…I just love to she her angelic face…so sweet… Probably, with me singing to her, is a kind of comfort that she finds at night and knows that it is time for her to turn in for the night!

Sweetie, Mommy shall sing to you every other night! Good Night!

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All’s Well

Sweetie is well again! So happy! But he chubby cheeks seem to have shrunk alittle though!

Never mind about this, I will feed her with more milk and let her chubby cheeks regain it’s fluff! Phew! Glad that this is over!

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