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Does this picture looks like Winnie the Pooh? When Hubby first saw this shot, he exclaims in excitement “This looks like Pooh bear right?”

I leave the jurisdiction to you folks. You will be the judge and tell me whether does this picture looks like Pooh Bear or not!


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Isn’t this cute? This was her very first trolley experience! We took her to Sheng Siong at Ten Mile Junction on Friday night and my Dad suggested putting her on the trolley. She loves it!

See, she will scan the environment around her, see our reactions and she’s a happy baby on the trolley! Smart of her to hold the handle at the trolley as well! She’s so cautious!

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This uncle is my 大伯公. He wanted to take a picture with me for remembrance. He told my Mommy that he used to carry her when she was a baby, and now, he’s carrying me!

Time really waits for no one!

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Near Drowning

Sweetie was nearly drowned on saturday! Who’s the culprit? Unfortunately. it’s me.

I have been bathing her for about 2 months and should be quite expert in bathing for her. I started letting her sit still in the bath tub and wash her hair, pouring water down from her head (don’t worry, most baby shampoo don’t sting their eyes), washing her face by splattering water on her face…blah…blah…blah…

Do not think that I am trying to display any new stunts while bathing for her (I have no guts). Lynnie was squirming around while I was trying to bathe her on that very ‘fateful’ day.

The usual bathing regime happens and on that saturday, she was trying to roll-over while I was soaping her petite body. Of course with the soap and water, her delicate body became so slippery. I had to hold her tighter as not to let her drown. While I was trying to clean her left arm, she turn over and “Whosh” she nearly drowned! My heart stopped for the split second and looked at my poor girl “OH! Baby, see la, Mommy ask you to keep still, see….aiyo…” I quickly bathe her as I expected her to snivel. “Hmm…she didn’t cry wor, neither is she shocked by what happened just now” I thought to myself. Lynnie was happily kicking the water and ‘beating’ the water with her hand and smiling as though nothing has happened!

Hubby was with me, I recited to him about the incident and told him I was freaked out by the incident, but why wasn’t she? Guess it’s time for her to go for her swimming classes!

After bathing her, Hubby and I scrutinize our little babe trying to see whether is she hurt in anyway from the scary incident. Thank goodness! She’s still fine and well and in one piece! Phew!

Up till now, there is still this trepidation about bathing her while she’s squirming. I should try to overcome this fear since my baby still enjoys it while I bathe her!

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