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My two darlings are on their tummy! When I realised it and said…”Hey, the two of you are in the same pose! I’m gonna take a pic!” Hubby quickly pose together with sweetie…Oh! I forgot to tell them I wanted a more original version!

Never mind! Look at the next pic…It’s my Ethylyn again! This is another Pooh bear look alike!


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Sitting up

Have a look at my sweetie pie. She looks so demure in this pic! I let her wear her sleeveless singlet with short pants because the weather’s so hot!

Oh! I nearly forgot what I wanted to say! Ethylyn is learning to sit. She can sit very well with support. However, she can maintain her sitting posture less than 15 seconds if there is no support. I take that as a good start!

See the picture below…I feel that she looks very much like Hubby in this pic…don’t know why… Or does anyone feels that she looks more like Winnie the Pooh?

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This post was written on 30 April 2005, Saturday!

Hey folks! I’m really excited! Can you see the pics? The above is my sweetie’s 2 pcs swim apparel and her baby block from Banana Boat…

I never forget her….

float… ey, I inflated it MYSELF!!! Not too bad right? Aiyo…after resting for so long…I have not started to exercise and sing…but my stamina is still not too bad! Hmm….I did this all by myself…No help from any type of pump (I don’t have one!), no Hubby around (he gotta work), I did it with my lungs!!! Not too bad…all because this float is not very big and is easily inflated!

I created this entry a day before we set out swimming. I would be so disappointed if we can’t go tomorrow!

Ladies and gentlemen…after the long wait…It’s finally swimming day! Wonderful!

I got up early this morning and baby woke up the same time as me! I planned to wake up at 8.30am, but sweetie seems more excited, she woke up at 7.40am. I get out of my bed lazily. I packed our stuff in the bags, making sure that we remembered her bottles, her formula, towels…etc…

After packing the stuff, I got baby ready…

Ain’t she a little sexy babe?

Before today, I thought it will only be a small outing for the three of us…in the end…my parents, Anne and Laurence, my cousins JiaJun and Marcus and my 3rd gugu follwed us as well! What a big group! They were excited because this is gonna be baby’s virgin dip!

Both my parents are good swimmer and so is hubby. Me? I’m just a mediocre. I will be able to survive if you were to dump me in a 1.8M pool. But I don’t know butterfly stroke, backstroke….I stick faithfully to my breast stroke and free style.

See hubby following sweetie faithfully from behind?

Conclusion on her first swimming exposure.

  • Baby loves to be in the pool
  • She knows how to kick her legs while she’s on the float
  • When Mommy holds her in a floating position, she bends her head and wanted to submerge her head underwater
  • Dunking – failure! Because they were so afraid whenever I started counting and told baby I want to submerge her under the water. In the end, they don’t allow me to carry baby
  • She hates the bathroom! She cries when we tried to bathe her

Things we missed…

  • Camera – Anne thought I say don’t have to bring along, but I trusted her with this mission

Hey! Not bad…we only missed ONE item! She has too many people around her on her first lesson that she is entertained even without her toys! I shall NOT tell them I wanted to submerge my baby the next time. If not…I won’t have a chance to carry her again!

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New Yummy Thing

Saw the green thing that she’s holding? That is a teether that Hubby and I bought for her. She loves it! It’s soft and easy to hold!

This is actually a second one. 2 weeks ago I misplaced the first one…I believe it’s still in my house…but which corner….Oh! Never mind! I have decided to get her another one because she loves it! It’s round and baby can easily grip this teether in her hands! See how she enjoys it and you will know!

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Mistaken Identity

Days ago…Hubby and I brought Ethylyn to BPP NTUC and buy some stuff. We walked pass this cashier and she tried to play with baby…”Hey, boy boy eh…” Immediately, I corrected her “She’s a girl.”

The cashier flushed and we walked off smiling.

After that I ask hubby…”Does our baby really looks like a boy? I really don’t understand you know! This has happened a few times!”

Hubby did not reply…He looked at baby and said “Orh, people call you boy boy huh? You are a girl and people call you boy hor!”

I looked at my hubby and wonder…”hey, here I’m talking to you and you are replying to baby! Strange man!”

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Bits & Pieces

Sweetie will usually fall sick after her DTP jabs. Thank goodness she’s fine and well after this jab…phew

I am so edgy after her jab, kept giving her water, measure her temperature and gave her paracetamol faithfully…hoping that she doesn’t run a low-grade fever.

Yes! My efforts were paid off! We can stick to our schedule and hope that the weather is good and that we can go swimming on sunday…*pray*

Really warm these days…the blazing heat is driving me nuts…I can’t take warm weather…prefer cooling weather. Guess baby is just like me! Whenever we turn on the aircon, she would be so happy…in hot weather she would be cranky! How choosy right?

Now, my main concern is…Hubby don’t give me stupid excuses for not wanting to go swimming…and dear heaven and almighty…bless us with good weather on sunday morning…*pray pray*

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Third Jab

Look at my tired baby. We have an appointmrnt at the CCK polyclinic this morning at 10.30am and we waited there till about…11 something. Baby was wide awake an happy this morning.

We waited…waited…and waited…Finally, she decided that she can’t wait any longer and that she’s hungry and needs her milk. We decided to go into the breastfeeding room and rest there.

Gosh! There’s aircon for us! There weather was so humid out there (wonder when it’s going to rain). The room was quite dimly lit and only baby and I was in there…quite scary…cos the sofas in there was quite old and…eeee…so creepy…

“Okay my dear, shall we move out into the non-aircon area instead?” Baby smiles at me as though she understands what I’m trying to put across to her! I wore my nursing top (cos I’m lazy to bring so many things along) and that makes it convenient for me to BF her even in public.

We always had this problem with this polyclinic. Baby’s number would be flashed only when she’s sleepy if not, hungry. Worst still…BOTH!

It was really baby’s turn when she finally fell asleep! Mom and I trotted into the room. “An old nurse. Mati…sure very chor lor one!” I said to Mommy and she replied “Yah lor! Yah Lor!”

My Mom was excited and the nurse told her…”Slowly…we have got plenty of time.” Mom and I exchange glances! You should understand why we have to wait for so long even though we have our appointment right? Bingo! The nurses took their own sweet time!

The nurse told us to wake the baby up for th jab and we just can’t wake her up cos she was too tired! Never mind….the jab was still administered into her right thigh. My darling wailed as the jab makes its way into her thigh! Poor baby…I just can’t bear to see that sight!

She was fine soon after…Dad sent us there and waited for us to be done. He consoled baby when we came out of the room. “Kelian hor…Sleep sleep still have to da zhen hor.” I can hear his heartbreaking…hahahah…

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