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Eating Habits

Little Ethylyn is starting to eat 2 meals a day since her fifth month. When I’m looking after her, I will cook her simple porridge with veggies like carrot, pumpkin, potatoes, sweet potatoes and fish sometimes.

Now that Mom has taken over, she is spending time stewing her fish bone soup as her porridge base and ingredients included ‘heng chai’, the small silver fish which is rich in calcium (Mom grounded them to powder form) and of course, with white fish, carrots, potatoes and pumkins. Baby is coping well with all these food introduced and has started to chew her food!

Her routine is simple…first meal of the day is definitely the most nutritious Mommy’s milk followed by porridge, milk, porridge and it will last her till I’m off work.

When I see her, I will give her Mommy’s milk from the source. If I’m busy with other things, she will start to whine for Mommy’s milk!

I tarted to think…If one fine day I am no longer breastfeeding, how and I going comfort her when she craves for milk?


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Musical Baton

Got this Musical Baton from Ivy and hope to be able to pass this on!

Total Volume of music files on my computer

Nil, as I have re-formatted my laptop some time ago and am lazy to reload them again.

The last CD I bought was

Nursery Rhymes and Songs (Series of 5) for Ethylyn (ha! I’m a typical Mommy)

Song playing right now

Red River Valley

Five Songs I listen alot, or meant alot to me:

Brahm’s Lullaby – baby’s all time fave
Red River Valley – one of my fave as a kid and a Mommy
Hubby’s snore
多得他 (Cantonese Song) – by Faye Wong
Long Long Ago – both Ethylyn and mine fave

Song Playing right now

My Grandfather’s Clock

Five people whom I’m passing the baton:

Mrs Sim

I wanted to direct to blurblur as well…but her blog’s not up yet…

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Sick Kitten

Folks…Ethylyn has got fever!

It was yesterday around 5pm that my aunt called me and said my dearest sweetie is feeling hot all over. I had a meeting at 5pm, upon hearing that news…I just hope to fly back right away to see her!

She is having fever due to viral infections and doc says it has got nothing to do with teething as her temperature is measuring at 38 Deg C.

She eats well…but not sleep well. I latched her on for more than 2 hours last night. Even when she has fallen asleep, she refused to let go and once I pulled myself away…she cried. Poor baby!

She slept with me the whole of last nite (latching on). It was only like 2am in the morning that she let go of me and when I moved, she cried again! I got to latch her on once more. Basically, I have been latching her on for almost the whole of last night and dare not really fall into deep sleep as I have to monitor her fever.

Let’s hope her fever will subside by tonight so that both Hubby and I can have a good night’s sleep.

Wonder whether did we (Hubby, Gina, Anna and myself) pass her the virus, as all of us are taking turns to fall sick for the past week!

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25 May

Sweetheart, I was pouring like no ones business early this morning and Mommy has to wake up at 6.50am to bathe every morning when I need to work.

Grandma came early to look after you and to bring you over to Grand Aunty’s house as she needs to cook for Grand aunty who is in confinement. Poor baby, you had to wake up early and also had to go out despite the heavy down pour.

I manage to persuade my Mommy not to bring you out till the rain subsides. I had to go out in this heavy down pour and got my legs and shoes wet! I was late due to the heavy traffic! Thank goodness Boss is not in yet and besides the Sales personnel on duty, I was the first to arrive(at least for my dept)!

Sweetie, do you know that Mommy misses you alot! It really wasn’t easy…wasn’t easy for me to start facing other people out there whom I call colleagues.

Baby, you were sweet…alsways so sweet whenever you see Mommy after comes back from work! Today, Yi Zhang came and fetch Mommy and we went to fetch you and PoPo from Gu Po’s house. You stretcheed your hands and wanted me to carry when you saw me at the doorstep! It was so warming!

Do you know that when Mommy carried Joel, you actually tried to ‘sa jiao’? It was so sweet and cute! I love that look on your face! You also missed dinning at Mommy! You would stick to me like chewing gum and wanted to seek comfort from Mommy!

You fell asleep sweetly after being latched on! However, you refused to let go even when you are in deep sleep! You might have missed Mommy too much I guess!

Do you know what Mommy did when I miss you? I took out your pictures that I took using my mobile and also looked through the video clips I took too! Can’t stop missing you!

Ladies and gentlemen, you might find my entries abit similar as I have been talking about how much I miss baby after I started working. But I guess all or most working Mommies will feel the same too!

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About Us

Here’s a little update about my Ethylyn, Hubby and myself ever since I started to work on Friday.

Pondering where to post this entry…in the end, I decided to post it here. Working hours for my new job wasn’t really long, but I still miss my young and old baby anyway!

This automotive company is actually very family-orientated and is able to allow me to express my milk during work and store my ebm in the fridge. I’m so happy because it means more Mommy’s milk for Ethylyn.

Today is Vesak Day and we went for our prayers last night. Because it rained, we can only pray and unable to do the 传灯 and 三步一拜. Ethylyn went for 传灯 while she was resting comfortably in my belly last year. Hubby promises to do the 三步一拜 this year and prays for both Ethylyn and myself.

Because it rained and baby was with us…we can only give it a miss this year and fulfil our promises next year.

Both my sweethearts are still sleeping. Ethylyn is sweet and Hubby is adorable. I am keeping myself busy with the laundry and blogging.

Ethylyn has become more ‘sticky’ ever since I started working. She kept looking for me and wanted me to carry her. I just love it! It meant to me that I am important to her and she needs me too! 🙂 I better enjoy it before she starts pleading with me to give her some freedom and space!

Ethylyn is growing well and really enjoys her porridge sessions. I hope I do not bother my Mom too much by calling her and insisted that I want to know what is Ethylyn doing because she’s so busy attending to 2 babies (Ethylyn and Joel).

That’s about it! Gotta do my housework before my 2 babies wake up! Will post the statistics of Ethylyn’s on weekends!

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Back to Light

Joel’s back to the light. Yes, his jaundice level went up again and he has to go under the light again. Thank goodness this time round he can do it at home instead of the very expensive Mount E.

Poor baby…Think he could have phobia when we tried to put in into the cot that was rented from the clinic. He would wail and cry so badly! It pains everyone around him especially his Mommy, my aunty. I know she blamed herself. Because the doctors and nurses told her it was her blood that causes the baby to suffer so badly. It could be something that she ate during her pregnancy that was unsuitable for the little bundle that causes this. She hated herself! She kept crying.

We tried to encourage her and her boy to carry on and fight with jaundice. They have to be brave! Especially so for Joel. Poor kiddy has to go through so much and he’s barely a week old.

Fight on Joel! We are here for you!

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Joel’s Back!

Folks! Baby Joel is back! He’s still alittle yellowish, but is out of danger!

Thanks for all your concern! I tried to upload his pics but was unsuccessful!

Will do it again when I’m free!

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