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Just for U

Ah Yi, this is still piping hot as this was taken by Mommy this morning!

You just take this pix okies? I am happily sleeping now cos Mommy and Popo says if I sleep long long they are going to bring me out shopping. You don’t disturb me ok?

You go and settle your own dinner tonight! Popo cooked papaya soup for Mommy (for me) and I bet you know why! You good ah Yi ok, go and work, don’t keep thinking of me!

See you tonight!


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Mommy, Carry me!!!

Daddy, quick! I need to pee!

Mommy and Xiao Yi Singing.

Mommy, will you stop singing and carry me? I’m hungry!

Oh NO!!!! Mommy! Stop singing!!!

Finally, it’s time for biscuits! I’m starving!

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New Pram

Okay, to ease ah Yi’s misses for Ethyl, I shall fulfil her request by posting some pics for her!

This is a new pram we bought for Ethyl about a month ago! I love this bright red colour! Does it complement her rosy cheeks?


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Good News!

Breastfeeding Mommies out there, I have a piece of good news for all!

This is on the News and I’m really excited by the new-found benefit of breastfeeding!

Breastfed kids are less prone to myopia! Is this good news to you? Does this piece of piping hot news advocate breastfeeding in new mommies?

How wonderful it is if your kid doesn’t have to be wearing that heavy pair of glasses sitting on that nose bridge?

Yeah! It will help me persist further in breastfeeding! And yes! I LOVE breastfeeding!

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Bottle Feeding

Bottle holding is a skill that has been ’embedded’ into Ethyl’s complex brain system.

She holds her bottle ONLY when she’s being given EBM. Other then EBM, she would not even want to touch her bottle!

Cheeky? Naughty? Mischievous? No, she just picks her likings!

Oh, forgotten to mention that she holds her bottle only when the person carrying her is not me! Hahahah…Bully me hor?

Nevertheless, I love that cuddling and hugging and holding her bottles. All these doesn’t last bery long. Once she grows independant and is able to feed herself, there would be lesser cuddling and I will definitely miss it!

Anyway, back to the same old saying…they are only baby once and I should enjoy myself being a much needed Mommy rather than a Mommy who keeps wanting to my baby to ‘fend’ for herself.

I will still train her to be independant, but I will not rush into things and shall enjoy being needed than wanted! 🙂

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Lousy Mommy

That’s me! This post came alittle late, but I just want to let Ethyl know that I’m not that wonderful a Mommy I yearn to be.

What did I do? I actually shouted at her in the middle of the night when she’s so fussy and cranky all because she was sick. This has been happening almost all the time during last week and I really do not have enough rest.

Ethyl kept whining and tossing…I was fuming…”Won’t you just sleep if you are tired? Mommy has to work tomorrow! I don’t want you!” And I left her crying in Hubby’s arms.

Amazingly, Ethyl seems to understand! She cried even louder when I ‘threw’ her to Hubby. Looking at a helpless baby, tired Hubby and a fuming Mommy, I can’t imagine I actually told her “I don’t want you!”

Ethyl kept extending her arms and wanted me to carry her. I hugged her with remorse. I felt terrible! I’m lousy, a lousy Mommy. How can I do this to her?

She hugged me when I had her in my arms and I apologise to her softly. I’m guilty! She’s not feeling well and can’t bring her message across and here I am, her pillar, actually shouted at her like a mad woman! *sigh*

Hubby saw this scene and he did not say a word. He knows that I felt guilty.

He woke up early the next day, did some housework (at 4+ in the morning) so that I do not have to wake up so early and catch some beauty sleep.

He’s sweet ain’t he? And now, I’m being ‘upgraded’ from a lousy Mommy to a lousy wife.

I did not switch off my mobile and received an sms from Hubby at about 0600hrs saying “Dear, I have done most of the things. You do not have to wake up so early. Love u”.

Deep in my heart, I really thank the almighty above us for sending such a wonderful and thoughtful Hubby. He’s in the morning shift and yet, he did not utter a word of discontentment bdue to lack of sleep. And here I am, shouting and railing like nobody’s business because I’m tired. *bash myself*

After this incident, I dare not shout at baby for no rhyme no reason. I do not want my baby coming to me saying “Mommy, why do you scold me for no reason! I hate you!” If she does, my heart will definitely shatter!

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After being a conductor, Ethyl has also showed some interest in Gear Changing.

See how she holds she meddles with that gear stick (pardon me, I really can’t think of a right name for that stick) while Dad is driving?

We were all travelling and chatting in the car this morning and all of a sudden, Ethyl let out a loud cry and Dad was went “Oh, why? Gong Gong has to change gear you know?”

Mom and I stopped to look at the duo…Ethyl was busy shoving away Dad’s hands while he’s changing gear and when Dad let go, she would move towards the stick ethusiastically!

I was having her when I’m having my driving lessons…could this be the effect of pre-natal teaching? *glees*

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