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I worked and though my Boss was kind enough to get me a air-coniditioned training for me to ‘moo’, I have not been doing it at work.

I brought my pump, ice bricks, insulated carrier…but when I need to excuse myself for about 20 minutes, work came in. By the time I finish, it would be around knock off time, if not it is last minute meeting. *sigh*

My supply has dwindled from a pump that gives me 260ml, it became a pump at 200ml. 60ml’s difference!

My Mom suggest that I give baby formula and can stop breastfeeding as my initial plan for breastfeeding for 6 months is over. I know it’s over, but I can’t bear to give it up. How to stop when I know my baby still needs my milk? It’s so hard for me to succumb to cow’s milk.

This evening, while having dinner with Mom, I told her if there isn’t enough breastmilk for baby, she will replace one of her feeds with cereals. She brought up the subject of giving baby formula again.

I am not saying NO to formula, but baby doesn’t really like them! Whenever we gave her formula, she will never finish them! If it’s breastmilk, she would savour till the last drop! See her preference?

Mom and I came to an agreement whereby she would take some EBM to mix with her cereals for her late morning meal and keep 180-200ml for her mid-noon feed. Since sweetie displayed a clear preference and liking for porridge, we stick to giving her two porridge feeds per day. Baby would dine at me when I’m back from work till the next morning.

I’m not sure if this is the best solution, do mommies out there have better suggestions? My next target was to feed her till 9 months and if I succeeded, I will move to her 12 month and I shall increase every quarterly till the very last drip of BM I’m left with!

One thing…Baby loves to bite me! She bites more before I started working. Now she doesn’t bite me as much, probably because she knows that Mommy’s working and she can’t have her milk as and when she feels like it! 🙂 Sometimes I blame teething and I don’t scold my baby. I just tell her that it’s very painful and the effect of it is, I will unlatch her from me. SHe would look at me, smile and let go! How do I stop that bite? It’s so painful (eventhough she’s toothless)!


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