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New Bloggers

Hi folks, I have 2 new Mamas in the loop!

Do visit Mama Eileen and her boy, Damien at her newly set up – Our Love, Our Life, Our Moment.

Also, Mrs Sim, a new Mommy at herMama Sim.

Their links is on the RHS of my blog…Do check them out…

Cheers to all Mommies out there who took a wee bit of time to do abit of update on their lovely kiddos…


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Brave Girl

It’s no big deal, I know…But I’m really glad to know from Mom that Ethylyn had her Hep B jab today without whining! *grins*

I’m jubilant when I heard that! Brave girl ain’t she?

The fact that she did not cry it’s because they didn’t wait too long for her turn. Ethylyn had her fill before reaching there and wasn’t sleepy like the previous jabs. Probably she’s in very good mood as today is Friday and she knows both Daddy and Mommy will spend their day with her soon!

Sweetie, Mommy is so proud of you!

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