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This evening Hubby is sweet to pick me up from work and went to my auntie’s place to fetch Ethylyn.

Ethylyn smiled and responded with a loud “ah…” when she saw me. She’s always so lovely! “Baby, Mommy has to was my hands and feet before I can carry you ok?” I marched to the toilet. In only a matter of 3 seconds, I heard my aunt and Mom says..”Oh, she’s crying…” I quickly walked out of the bathroom and saw my baby crying for me! Of course I was glad! It means so much to me! She did not reject me after long hours of separation!

It has been quite some time since I visit my aunt and I have not been seeing baby Joel for quite sometime. When I reached out for Joel, Ethylyn started whining and crying. My aunt and Mom tried rotating and test her reaction. She only cries when I carry Joel. She used to respond and cry when I’m not around and Mom was carrying Joel. This time, with me around, she couldn’t care less! The same goes for Hubby. Ethylyn’s reaction broke his heart!

He complained to me when we came back…but, what can I say? Baby refused to react the way he wants! I can’t do anything!

Really wonder how am I going to cope should I have a second baby…*scratch head*


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Look at sweetie…Does she look like that Pooh bear beside her?

They do resemble in certain aspects if sweetie is smiling happily!

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