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Fever Fear

Parents do panic when baby falls sick. Ethylyn is down with fever again! Her fever attacks on Friday morning and it was made known to me only when Hubby gave me a call in the office before he went to work.

I lost all interest in work and was terribly worried about baby. Thank goo ness Mommy is her caregiver. She knows exactly what I wanted. Without further delay, she rought her to a GP clinic nearby. Her temperature rose to 38.2 deg C.

Mommy gave baby the prescribed medication religiously and thank goodness a colleague of mine gave me a ride so that I can reach home early to see my baby! I am so worried throughout the day!

She’s fine an alert when I see her! Doesn’t seem listless or sickly at all! At least it’s not too bad.

We pasted that KoolFever moisten gel on her head and never dare remove it.

Night came and she refused to turn in. I nursed her and trying to sing her lullaby to make her sleep.

Hours by hours passed and it was three hours later that she dozed off! Poor baby!

Temperature rose further in the middle of the night. Hubby and I did not have a good sleep as baby is very fretful. She keeps whining and tossing in discomfort. Both of us were at a loss! We waited till the next moring and her temperature rose further. I smsed my boss and told him that I will not be able to go into the office for that Saturday as my baby is sick and we need to bring her to the PD.

Understanding boss and father like him sure knows the worrisome Mommy will definitely love to be around her dearest baby at this time!

Off we went to the PD. It wasn’t too long a wait. Baby soon fell asleep. Well, as usual, her name will be called whenever she’s sleeping. Oh, I almost forgot! Her temperature was 39.5 deg C. So high and it worries me till I tear in the clinic! What a shame! *blush*

The PD gave sweetheart a through check from head to toe. There wasn’t any significant sign that cause such high fever in her! ” She looks very alert and sound! Which is a very good sign!” the ever soft spoken Dr Simon assured us. Yes, those words were soothing!

PD recommended a urine test for sweetheart as there isn’t significant signs that cause such high fever in her. We abided and waited anxiously for sweetheart to pee. It wasn’t too long a wait.

We follwed the PD’s instructions and monitored sweetie closely.

Mommy used the traditional method of rubbing baby’s body with a hard boiled egg. I guess it works, after that rub, baby seems alot more better! Her temperature wasn’t high and steadily decreasing.

Hubby and I can finally heave a sigh of relieve. The two of us has been rostering in the night to look after our dear girl as fever in infant is no joke and have to be on our vigilance.

Today, a sunday, she had diarrhea. Poor baby! She isn’t as keen as before whenever we tried giving her cereals but kept whining for comfort from me. I kept BF her till I’m sore!

I just pray for her to recover soon and hope her incisor grow our faster as the older people kept telling me it’s teething that causes her illness.

“Tooth fairy, Tooth fairy,
please let Ethylyn tide through this period without too much pain”


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