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Look at this crying baby! Whenever she sees me, she would be cheery, if I don’t carry her, she would be in all tears! *laughs*

And my naughty Papa and sis just likes to make her cry!


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Another One

Another clip! I hope this works fine!

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MaMa, Mum Mum

Aiyo…my dearest darling is always saying “Mama” & “mum mum” these days.

When she sees me, she would shout “MAMA”! Laugh and jump waiting for me to carry her. If I’m around, she would be ‘Mama-ing’ all the time even when I carry her! If she hears the sound of door opening, she would know someone’s back, sometimes she would shout “Mama”!

It’s always so comforting to hear her calling for me. While busy washing up those pots and pans on sunday night, she was waiting for me to nurse her and kept crying and telling Hubby “Mama…woo…Mama…woo…Mama…woo…”. She can continue for so long and my Hubby just let her cry! Gosh! This is what her Daddy does! *slaps forehead*

Anyway, she knows when to ask for food now. When she’s hungry, she would go “mum mum ah, mum mum ah” non-stop till you shut her up by stuffing her mouth with glorious food! If you are slower, she would go ‘MUM MUM! MUM MUM!’ tapping on the table top in case you can’t hear her.

There was this time when we brought her out, she needs to nurse, she kept saying “Mama, mum mum ah, Mama, mum mum ah…” on and on…Oh dear! What a long winded baby!

She is not a glutton! When she’s full, she doesn’t ask for food. Even if you want to stuff her any glorious food, she would never open her mouth. Full means full and no more! That is the greatest part! 🙂

If she maintain this way, she would not be seen as a greedy baby, at the same time, maintain her weight steadily and most importantly, healthy. That is all I ask for her well being! And of course, stays cheery!

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Viral Attack

Another round of attack on Ethyl again. It’s flu again!!! Sigh!!

It is very bad to have those virus manifesting within my household! I’m down, Hubby’s down and now, our dear baobei is also down. Appetite affected and it also affected her mood…

Let’s hope the weather gets better and those virus please leave this planet!!! SHOO!!!

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Testing Video Clip

Jo gave me this webby and get me to load some clips for sweetie. Let me try try!

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