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Hype Returned

Dear Mei read my post and called me about Ethyl’s birthday. She’s more excited than I am actually! 😡

She introduced a few bakeries and yes, my hype returned in no time! 🙂

I am still unsure which bakery I should go to. Maybe you all can give me some suggestions?

eCreative Cakes
Hot Fuchsia (recommended by Ann)
Lana Cakes (famous for it’s chocolate cake and yes, it’s yummy!)
Smiling Orchids
Angie the Choice
Bengawan Solo

Now I’m all excited about her birthday again! Not an elaborated celebration, but still I am excited about it.

What colur shall I dress her in?


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No More Hype

As you know, I am very excited of Ethyl’s coming birthday as I hope to make her very first birthday a very memorable one.

However, Hubby has to go for an operation on the growing muscle on his arm. This ‘extra’ muscle was diagnosed as fats by the stupid specialist at the hospital near Outram (AGAIN!!!) and suggested he do a small operation to remove it.

They scheduled the appointment and everything…that was about a year ago, before Ethyl came.

Half way through the operation, they realised that “Fats” they diagnosed earlier, wasn’t “Fats” but are muscles. And the muscles are growing on the veins hence if they were to remove, it might cause some consequences and long term ailment. Hence, they were stopped halfway, stuff that piece of “Fats” back onto Hubby’s arm and ask him to wait for further “advise” by the so-called specialist.

So they stuff the lump back into his arm and left an ugly scar on it. I wanted to get Hubby to sue that stupid specialist but he insisted not to!

He’s going for the operation again this Novemeber. it will be before Ethyl’s birthday and I really hope that everything will go smoothly for him this time around. See how unprofessional some of our “Specialists” are?

But that buldge has been Ethyl’s favourite…Ethyl used to suck on it when she’s younger, causing pain on her Dad and she smiles! Nowadays, she would pinch and smack on that little buldge that drove her Dad huffing and puffing in pain!

See how cheeky this little monkey is?

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Cheeky Monkey Acts I

Ethyl is getting more cheeky and knows how to make adults fall for her tricks! Some of the times, she would also make some funny faces and acts just to make us laugh! Look at her!

See my little monkey with that smiley yellow ball? She actually posed there after I finished taking the video so that I can take a snap shot for her as well!

And here’s the video!

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The Doting Gong Gong

Dad is the one who spoils Ethyl too much.

This Daddy of mine was as doting and caring as he is now as compared to those days when we were younger.

Mom always told Ethyl that she is very blessed to have her Gong Gong treating her like a Princess. He wasn’t as doting as he is now when we were young!

Mom complained about Dad never visited the polyclinic with her whenever we go for jabs and assessments. He never bother to coax us when we were fretting, instead, he would be rather annoyed by all those cries.

Eventhough Mom said so, which I believe from the understanding of how my Dad is; he is still a loving Daddy.

He ever told Ethyl she’s the Princess’ Princess because we are his Princess! He never said those words to any of us before! I was so happy when I heard that! Sometimes I do behave like a little girl and am so happy to know that my Dad loves me! 🙂

Ethyl is really a smart girl. She knows how to please Dad and makes him so happy!

She always makes cheeky faces that makes us laugh, would whine and wanted to follow Dad when he’s leaving for work, and wanted him to carry her whenever she sees him putting on his shirt!

To Dad, she can’t bear to see him leave. Every morning without fail, Mom will bring Ethyl down, together with Dad to the coffeeshop downstairs. Ethyl will go “Vroom….vroom…” mimicking the sound of starting a car. Whenever she does that, we know she wants to go shopping.

Even to the NTUC at our estate which is a mere 5 minutes stroll, Dad will drive her there and back. Mom always says it’s near and he doesn’t have to do this, but he insisted just to make this grandbaby of his happy.

Whenever I’m around, Ethyl will behave differently and Dad will always says “Mommy here you don’t want Gong Gong hor? Naughty!”

This is really a very different Dad I know. He gets jealous, extremely sweet and doting. He has to see his grandbaby every morning before he goes to work. Whenever he’s off, he would drive Ethyl and Mom out to the market in the morning.

He does bring Ethyl and Mom to IMM just because there’s free parking on most wednesday because he knows Ethyl likes to shop!

He is such a dear Gong Gong.

He actually went to the swimming pool with us on Ethyl’s first swim! He hasn’t been to the pool for more than a decade, ever since we mastered the basic swimming skills and are old enough to go by ourselves. Just because of the dear baby, he went in with us to help look after our stuff! 🙂

We planned for another swim on saturday and he happened not to work. Let’s see if he will tag along. 😉

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Surviving the Kicks

Our princess is getting more and more difficult to sleep with.

She would be giving kicks and punches to her Daddy and especially so for me. Daddy takes half the bed while Ethyl and I will share the other half.

Ethyl’s cot is just beside me and I would usually put her there when she has slept after being nursed. Of late, she will turn and toss and whine for us to carry her. Maybe she felt insecure.

I ever carried her to sleep with us. Soon after, she wanted to sleep with us every other night.

I tried hard not to let her have such a habit, but if she didn’t sleep well, I can’t sleep too! Friends advised against letting baby sleeping with parents. However tough it might be, it is better than having the little one affects our privacy.

This girl of mine is different. She will toss and turn only when I wanted to sleep. That is when I felt really sleepy. Very strange right? She seems to know when to react eventhough she’s in slumber.

Is there any ‘methods’ to stop those kicks and punches? I am having aches all over! I just wanted to have a good sleep…

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Rejects, Accident and Jerald

We went to Jessica, Hubby’s cousin’s 21st birthday celebration yesterday.

Many relatives saw Ethyl and wanted to carry her, but Ethyl rejected almost everyone of them! When they clapped and offer to carry her, she waves her hand and push theirs away! She is rather picky. Only Ivy and Angelia (elder BIL’s girlfriend) managed to paly with her! 🙂

She wasn’t on her best behaviour yesterday. She was rather fretful as she did not take a nap at noon cos her Ah Yis came to visit.

Ann, Gina, Hubby and myself were chatting and our darling Ethyl is “monkey-ing” around. Nowadays, she’s so cheeky. Always making funny faces and making everybody laughs!

Oh, forgot to mention that we nearly witness 2 accidents yesterday!

Both happen in a short 5 minutes.

A man was nearly knocked down by a car due to his reckless jay walking. He was rushing to catch a cab, but did not realise that there’s oncoming vehicle and nearly knocked onto him!

Second, while we were trying to cross the road, this van refused to give way to us and wanted to move to the main road. I was thinking in my mind “What an inconsiderate driver! Rushing to recarnate?” and I heard a loud “BANG”!

Both Hubby and I were shocked! But we gloated at his misfortune! 🙂 Very bad right? But if he were to give way to us, all these would have been avoided. So? Serves him right!

As the party was held at the void deck of a Mommy I got to know in the forum, we visited her together with Ivy and Ethyl.

Jerald was cute! So sweet! I just love babies! 🙂 Ethyl was curious when she saw Jerald on the bouncer and kept ‘disturbing’ him. I had to ‘jagar’ her in case she topples the bouncer and poor Jerald would ‘spring’ out of slumber!

It was a tiring day for the threesome, but we do enjoy such occassions! 🙂

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The Growth

The above is the recent swimming session Ethyl had with us. She had fun and is confident at the pool. She doesn’t fear and is happily kicking and and splashing water! Glad to know that my girl has grown! 🙂

This is her virgin dip at the pool. We went to the baby pool. She was calm and confident, but maybe because she’s young, the fun she had was not as abvious as the last dip.

We plan to bring her for another round of swimming this weekend if the weather is good! 🙂

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