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I’m BACK!!!

All thanks to Sherry, now, I decided to come back earlier than I have planned!

Sherry is now in Melbourne, Australia and she is an Aunty who really dotes on Ethyl. She kept sms-ing and emailing me to STOP lazing around and update more of Ethyl!

Well, okay, I had enough of her and decided to come back!

And thank everyone for the concern…I’m perfectly fine…just that those disrupted nights and lack of sleep is mounting until I really need a good rest!

By the way, Agnes, I’m not preggy and I have NO wish to get preggy now…else it will foil my plan of going for a holiday in the Disney Resort next year! :p That is also a perfect excuse for Hubby to adjourn it further!

Here, the little improvements on Ethyl…

Ethyl is learning to walk now…she’s holding onto stools and pushing them around! That stool is aiding her in learning to walk!

I have also been flashing cards to Ethyl like many Moms does! Ethyl has a set of 32 cards and her attention span is getting longer.

She will be concentrating on the set of 32 cards featuring fruit and vegetable. She used to throw in the towel before I finish, but for the past few days, she sat there, waiting forher crazy Mommy to flash her those cards at lightning speed and also the “assessment time”.

Assessment time means, I will hold 2 cards on my hands and ask her which is which and get her to pick the cards for me.

She picked the right card most of the time and this amazes her Daddy! Sometimes, I would lay 6 cards out for her and ask her to point the cards that I named. You guessed it! She picked the right one most of the time! πŸ™‚

When Daddy saw this on saturday night, he felt that his wife was ingenius to lay such a wonderful foundation for his girl. Well, it wasn’t me! I learnt from parenting books actually! πŸ™‚

Next day, while shopping for her birthday suit, Daddy always MIA with my baby and of course, my handbag in tow.

The place where I found him was none other than stalls selling flash cards. He would come running to me and asking me…”Is this good?” “Will this be too easy for Ethyl?” “Is this big enough?” blah…blah…blah…

Next, Ethyl can follow simple instructions when I sing to her. “If you are happy and you know it…clap your hands” and she would draw her palms together and claps! Smartie! πŸ™‚

Oh yes! One major improvement is…Ethyl is officially calling me “Mommy”! Yay!!!

It has been 2 days and she’s calling me Mommy! Sometimes she’s still back at “Mi”, but most times, she calls me Mommy! Can imagine how thrilled I was?! *grins*

One bedtime book I got her, there’s a boy name Fred and a sheep sleeping together. I took up the book and pretended to place my face on the book and sleep…she does the same! And everytime, she would flip to the same page and and pretends to sleep! πŸ™‚

About getting Ethyl a birthday suit…it is still on our hunting list…I will still hunt for it as I can’t seem to lay my eyes on one yet! Shoes, I can’t find too!

Talking about this, yesterday we tried to fit a shoe from Collette for Ethyl, she pushed the sales staff away! I tried it on for her, she was fine, but after several tryings, she got a little impatient and pushed the sales staff away and shake her hand, looking at her seriously, as if telling her, “It’s enough!”

We had a good laugh and walked out of the shop!

It wasn’t a fruitless trip yesterday as we manage to get some birthday favours for her. We got her inivitation cards and party hats and some other stuff for the kids!

I have to go out hunting for her dress this weekend if Hubby is not working! πŸ™‚ I hate last minute shopping as I always regret at my purchases!


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folks…I am extremely tired and listless…please bear with me for a while…

I will try and update on Ethyl real fast!


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New Title

Ethyl used to call me “Ma ma” quite a bit. But these days, she would call “Mommy” (shich she seldom calls) or the same old “Ma ma” with another new word she learnt from us (my sis and me) “Mi“.

I always call my Mom “Mommy” or simply “Mi“. She learnt from us and she started calling me “Mi“.

I love it when she calls…it’s simply awesome! So sweet! πŸ™‚

Nowadays, her pet phrase is to say “美美” and “meh meh” (read as scold in Hokkien).

When you ask her who 美美, she would point to herself. She would sometimes tap on my chest and say “Ma ma 美美!” How happy can I be?!

Sometimes Ann will disturb her and say, “δ½ δΈηΎŽε•¦!” And Ethyl will say “ηΎŽε•Š!”

That was classified as hilarous for a 11 mo to answer this way!

We recorded something, but “im not sure whether is the sound clear. Have a look here!

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A Stare from Me

Ethyl is very smart I would say, she can pick up cues from my stare alone.

There was once, she was feeling naughty and took my mobile phone by the head board and started meddling around it though she knew that that is one thing that she’s not supposed to play with.

Hubby came in, she lean against him smiling and I said nothing, looked at her and gave her a cold stare.


She leaned against her Daddy, with two rolls of tears trickling down her cheeks. She looked at me, I looked at her, not saying a word, she wailed even louder!

She wanted to come to me, but I sat there motionlessly, (still) looking at her.

Daddy consoles her, but still to no avail…she kept on wailing and it’s getting louder and louder.

I leaned forward, anchored her to my lap and told her to hush down. She softens, but extended her arms to me, wanting me to hug her.

To stop her from wailing, I hugged her and kissed her. I told her, I did not even scold her, how come she crys until like that?

After explaining to her on the part whereby she took my mobile phone and the reason why I forbade her to do so, she seems to be calming down.

After this episode, she slept in a matter of seconds! I bet those cryings must have made her so tired!

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Different Methods

If you have been following here, you should know that I have a baby cousin a few moths back and is about 5 mths younger than Ethyl.

I saw Joel yesterday and found that his fine motor skills and gross motor skills were not very developed and my aunt seems not a wee bit worried. I know kids have their own pace and we shouldn’t be too worried about it…But seeing how ignorant my aunt is, I went up to her and told her how to train Joel on his motor skills.

“Aiyah…so troublesome for what? My two elder boys also grow up like that what! So kiasu…”

“No, it’s to help him develop his skills, not a matter of kiasu-ism…Look at him, he can’t even hold his pacifier properly and he keeps bending down. If you spend sometime on this, he will be able to do much more! He is not very expressive as well for his age! Only look at you blur blur or just smile.”

“Never mind lah! I have no time to teach him and I don’t know how to lor! Just let him be! He will learn when he’s older!”

She was rather upset about me suggesting her to teach Joel on certain skills. I am just concern. At the same age, Ethyl is capable of much more as compared and why is she depriving Joel from learning? I am not comparing, but I just felt that the poor boy knows nothing much besides eating, sleeping and crying.

Well, Mom had the same sentiments and told me let it be if she doesn’t want to teach her boy. We can’t force her right? I know the fact, I just can’t help feeling sad.

After I said all those to her, she was saying she had no time, a friend came by and ask her whether she’s free for a game of mahjong and without hesitation, she agreed to it!

See how she spends her time? She leave her boy very much to the maid to look after, the two older boys to the maid as well!

Shall I say, we have different perspectives in parenting? I take bonding as a very important part and feels that every cuddle, every kiss and every touch makes such a big difference to our little bundle of joy!

Maybe I shall go and play with Joel every weekend and teach him something…but Ethyl? We want to sped our time as a family on our precious weekends! I will work out something….

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Before Bedtime

Finally, there are improvements on Ethyl! She can sit in front of me, look at me seriously while I flashed the 32 cards in front of her!

She would also look at her books and when I ask her ” Baby, where is the sheep?” She would happily point the sheep to me! πŸ™‚

Sometimes when she’s distracted, I do not read to her…Instead, we played games, had a singing session, or just read some nursery rhymes to her.

Yesterday, she was in a learning mood, hence I flashed 2 sets of cards (64 cards), sang three songs and played a game with her before she sleeps.

We were singing “If You are Happy” and she claps her hands, pulls her ears, jump, dance, claps her feet, pinch her nose and stroke her hair! This is also to teach her on some facial features on our face! πŸ™‚ She had great fun and was chuckling away! πŸ™‚ It was really such a wonderful moment for the both of us! πŸ™‚

When I am nursing her to sleep, (sometimes) I do not sing for her as I felt alittle too tired, she would be looking at me, opening and closing her palm, indicating to me that she wants me to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars! I sang to her and my own created Brahms Lullaby and make her sleep.

Nearly forgot…Yesterday, I massage for my princess and she was enjoying so much so that she DROOLS…*laughs* She drools and when I teased her about it, she was shy and buried her face on my chest! πŸ™‚ That was so funny! πŸ™‚

I used to play those Mozart Effects CD for her nightly, but now, she prefers having me singing to her instead. Maybe she feels more secure and closer this way.

After she slumbers, I will transfer her to her cot most of the times so that Hubby and I can have a chat. But before I turn in, I will transfer her back to our bed because, I can’t sleep without her by my side! 😑

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Click on this to see the video of my little birdie talking. πŸ™‚

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