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The Night Before

I managed to coax a whiney baby to slumber at Mom’s place. She seems to know that I will be leaving her there for the night. She kept crying and whining for me to bring her home.

I assured her and explained to her that Daddy will have to be at the hospital early for the operation, and I had to accompany him there, hence she will stay with her Grandma for the night.

After she slept, I went home…just when I started to drift into dreamland, the phone rang. Hubby picked up the call and said Ethyl is “mommy-ing” for me. Mom is unable to coax her and brought her over!

When she saw me, she beamed…I quickly hugged her into my arms and asked her why did she “misbehaved”. She was happily nursing and smiling…not long after, she’s in slumberland!

She seemed so uncomfy…when I shifted my sleeping position, she opened her eyes and took a peep, making sure I’m around…whenever she felt that I moved, she would do that…When I need to pee, I woke up, and walked off to the bathroom, she wailed for me again!

She just can’t sleep with ease…It makes me feel so important! πŸ™‚

In the end, the mother and daughter hugged ourselves to sleep…this is when she can sleep in peace…not fearing that her “naughty” Mommy will leave her again! πŸ™‚


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Outside the Pet Shop

Video of Ethyl outside a Pet shop!

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Trial Class

I signed Ethyl for a trial class at KinderMusik for next Friday.

She always responds to music of any kind…and loves to mix around with other children. This is a chance for her to make friends too! πŸ™‚

I have talked to Hubby about this…if she likes the class…we might sign her up and just let her have fun there! πŸ™‚

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Shopping, But Not For Me

Gina “flew us (Ethyl & me) kite” on this very day! We were supposed to bring Ethyl down town to get some shopping done…but…*sigh*

Anyway, Mom was nice and wanted to go out with Ethyl and myself to Lot 1.

I needed to get a new water bottle for Ethyl badly. She’s refusing to drink water from her Magic Cup eventhough I had changed her spout.

She is fond of drinking from straws these days, hence I wanted to get her a drinking cup with a straw spout.

If the Daddy were to continue reading this post, he would shake his head…because I ended up spending 70 over bucks on Ethyl-related stuff! :p

I got myself a nursing bib for some convenience reasons..because some places do not have nursing room.

Got Ethyl quite a few hair clips, one Winnie the Pooh’s water bottle, 2 insulated bottles (the other one is with Mom) and a nail cutter.

I had to get 2 bottles because it will save us the convenience of having to bring it here and there! πŸ™‚

I wanted to buy some board books…but Popular was too crowded! If not, this 1-hr trip would have cost me more than a hundred bucks! 😑

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You Said…

you can’t eat “outside” food…
you asked did we cater the food…
I told you CLEARLY that my mom cooked those…
you dare not eat anything…
you told my Godma you do not intend to come initially…
you said you love our kids fairly…
you said you weren’t bias…
you said girls are better than boys…
you said you came because someone insisted you come…


My girl has many people to dote on besides you!
Please do not think that you are Sooooooo very important in our lives!
The more things you pretend to do, the more it puts me off!
Before and after she was born, the treatment was never better!
Just get out of my life!
As much as I wanted peace…I can’t; because you deliberately say and do something that makes me irritated…
I tried to love you, but see…it wasn’t reciprocated, and in the end, I cried my eyes out the whole night!
What have I done to deserve this?

I just want to visit you…have a peaceful time and please DON’T use my girl as a “toy” to make your grandson jealous!!!!

Kids should NEVER be taught this way!!!

Words you ever told us:


Okay! So close ones, the crying overnight incident is still hovering somewhere in me…it refused to leave and every word she says now…I’m quite sensitive!

She pushed me to the edge, but I will still try and put on my best “behaviour” and respect!

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What can be better when your little one comes and hug you volunteerily? You will be on cloud nine and felt so pampered right? All your hard work paid off isn’t it?

I have been telling Ethyl “Come baby, Mommy loves you! Hug hug!”. And I went on to give her a big hug, as though I’m going to squeeze her dry!

Yesterday, I looked at her playing on our bed. I just look at her without saying anything…We can only hear her filling the room with her baby talk and the sound made by her toys.

Thinking to myself…“I can’t believe you are growing up Ethyl! That’s so fast!”

She suddenly stopped playing and looked at me…there was a second of silence and she opened her arms and hugged me! Can you imagine I just sat there…startled by her sudden move? I didn’t move an inch until she let go of me after several seconds. She looked up and said “Ma! Ma!”.

I couldn’t believe it! When I “regained” my senses, I carried her in my arms and hugged her tightly. She doesn’t usually like it when we do this and will struggle her way out. She didn’t struggle at all when I did that yesterday!

I hugged her tight…stole a sniff on her hair…and said “Mommy loves you too, Ethyl! I love you!”

She stayed in my arms and rested her head on my shoulder…I was so touched and felt my eyes moisten! This feeling is so fabulous! She has never hugged me all of a sudden! This is the first time!

While writing this entry…tears trickled without much control. I can’t deny that motherhood has changed me so much! Ethyl is so expressive and the wonderful part of it is she’s reciprocating!

I simply love her too much (which Mommy won’t?)!

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Best Picture of the Month!

Like Father, Like Daughter! Thank goodness I managed to capture this very moment! πŸ™‚

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