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It’s UP!!!

I saw this button from Eileen’s blog and tried getting myself to be part of the clique.

I had a had time getting it up as I faced a problem – missing sidebar.

After playing with it…I finally got this thing up! 🙂

If you are interested…get the html codes here.


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She Used to Be…and Now…

I was having a chat over MSN with YL about 2 days ago and she told me Ethylyn has grown so much when she was bored one day and looked through the archives.

I hope to take every wonderful moment of my little one…but sometimes…when things happen, I just don’t have the digicam or my handphone within reach.

This is how our princess looks like about 13 months ago.

This is Ethyl when she’s about 8 weeks old.

This is the naughty little one having her hair shaved at 4mos.

After the shave…

At 5mos…

These are pictures taken when she’s older…

We are bringing her out today…If I’m not lazy…the photos will be loaded by …tomorrow! 🙂

Have a nice holiday! 🙂

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Moo Moo

Hubby’s worries are not unfounded. As of yesterday, I officially delclared a war with Ethyl and of course, it has to be weaning.

Ethyl seemed to be taking formula (FM) pretty well when I’m not around. However, Mom told me a few weeks back that she rejected FM many times and rather go without it.

So, whenever I pop by Mom’s place, Ethyl would cling on me, pull my shirt and wanted to be nursed.

Initially I thought it’s going to be an easy task as I do not have many relatives and friends around me who breastfeeds this long. And most of them seems to have a breeze when it comes to weaning.

I did not see any serious “withdrawal symptoms” in their kids, so I never thought weaning could be so tough.

When time is up, Ethyl would snuggle up on me, pulling my shirt, lean her head against my chest and open her mouth.

To me, that was a very sweet gesture. It really is, even till today.

Things weren’t as easy as I thought.

Whenever we were back home from Mom’s place in the evening, it would be nursing time for her. I would place her on the bed, switch on the aircon and she would go “huh-huh-huh” (asking milk).

Even when she had her dinner, less than an hours time, she would be “begging” me for milk. I know my supply can no longer be compared to the previous months. It has dwindled so much so that I feel like giving up.

Whenever it was about the time of the month, milk is like..maybe 2 oz, she would still cling on me and suckle for comfort.

With the sore nipples, this sucking is really hard to bear. However, I can’t bear to disappoint my little one, so I hang on…I bite my teeth and clenched my fists while she nursed.

Yesterday, when it’s time for her to go to bed, I purposely got out of the room and told Hubby to pat her to sleep. In less than 10 seconds, I can hear my princess crying for me. “I can’t give in!” I told myself.

As you have guess…I wasn’t persistent enough. I gave in…she nursed for a while and slumbered.


I am now working on how to stop her and wean her off my breast. From what I have heard from another Mommy…her friend took ONE year to totally wean her baby off! Hope I won’t take that long! 🙂

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Some Pictures

I received a complaint from a dear friend on MSN.

Bed of roses: Wah, your digi spoil or ur hp spoil?
Koala Mommy: No ar…y leh?
Bed of roses: you talk and talk in ur blog…I WANNA SEE your GIRL!!!
Koala Mommy: Aiyo…no time to load pictures lah…
Bed of roses: tolong lah…stop doing ur catalogue tingy and post pictures for me lah…I miz her wor
Koala Mommy: Okok…i post after our conversation.
Bed of roses: U HAD BETTER DO SO!!!!
Koala Mommy: ;p

So, as promised…

I included myself! ;p Want to see baby don’t want the Mommy? How can?

Lazing around…

Fooling around…

E: Hello, Daddy, what time are you coming back? Mommy is driving me crazy!!! She’s taking pictures of me non-stop!!! ARGH!!!

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E – Ethyl; B – Brian; F – Fannie; M – Mom

*sitting in the room, the duo were playing with toys and “talking” to each other*

E: Orh…
B: Oh…you drop your book
E: orh-book
B: Pick up your book
E: O-tay
B: Good girl
E: YAY!!! *claps her hands*

*Ethyl in her cot, I’m on my bed*

E: Ma!!
F: Yes, dear!
E: nah…book
F: Mommy don’t want…you read yourself
E: *insistingly* MA!!! Book!
F: Why?
E: BOOK!!!
F: You want Mommy to read to you?
E: *smiles and nods her head* Orh

*At Mom’s place, looking at a deco on the wall with fishes*

E: *points to the fish*
F: Fish…
E: *looks at how my mouth moved*
F: F-I-S-H
E: YAY!!! *claps her hands*
F: Baby, say F-I-S-H
E: *turn over to the fish* -ish
E: *claps her hands*

*Anytime when we see some pets or animals*

F: Baby, catch bird bird
E: *stretch out her hands; opening & closing her palms* ch…
F: Catch
E: *claps her hands*

*This took place yesterday*

M: You “ng-ng” (poo) first
E: *stretches herself, trying to “break-free” from the potty*
M: Ok, we “ng-ng” later
E: *looks at Mom teasingly* “ng-ng”
M: you want to “ng-ng”? *puts her back to the potty*
E: *stretches herself, trying to “break-free” from the potty again*
M: Ok lah, we “ng-ng” later
E: *looks at Mom teasingly again* ng-ng

She was cheeky, but that made Mom so happy!

Sometimes we she would “communicate” with us using her baby talk. Which we were clueless what she’s talking about. However, we do not ignore her; we reply her all the same and our “coversation” continues.

Did you realise she loves to clap her hands? We always do that as an encouragement for her to do things and whenever she did something.

That is our way of encouragement.

I love to see her smile and am so glad that I have the time to bond with her. 🙂

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I Hope We Did…

  1. Photo taking

We didn’t take pictures at Orchard this year because when we wanted, Ethyl fell asleep. Anyway…Christmas is not about photos.

2. Christmas Party

Nobody planned for a christmas party celebration this year because we were too busy shopping! Anyway, we had a dinner (pizza & KFC) plus a christmas carrot cake. That should make up a part of the missing celebration.

3. This is for me…Christmas Pressie

Though I did mention something like I don’t need any pressie…but that doesn’t mean he take me so seriously. Anyway…my wish is to get that Tiffany bracelet…You hear me??;)

2006 is nearing…getting ready? What are your new year resolutions?

Mine are…

Wish everyone health and wealth!!!

Should my Ethyl flourish in love and tender care! 🙂


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Our Christmas

This is Ethyl’s second christmas. However, there wasn’t much celebration for this occassion because Hubby had to work and we were not really in the mood.

There are still pressies for my two wonderful darlings though.

I got a polo tee from Polo for both Hubby and Ethyl, a pair of foldover socks for Ethyl and 2 key chains (one for me and one for Hubby).

Ethyl got a pair of pants from Polo as a christmas gift from her Yiyi. And Xiao Yi got her this as her christmas pressie.

All apparels we had will be kept till CNY. And I also got her some others from Old Navy (they are having 50% end season sales).

Hubby and I promised another “no-gift-exchange” christmas because he doesn’t want me to waste mony and time searching and buying…but I know I will not keep by it. ;p

Ethyl had other pressies from Angelia (elder BIL’s girlfriend), Mama Bunz, my dear friend Sherry and lots of blessings!

Hubby came back from work only the christmas day itself, so he spent most of his time catching some sleep and I looked after Ethyl myself.

At 5ish, he decided to make a trip down town and wanted to get me a similiar polo tee from Polo. The purpose is to wear that as a family suit! *roll eyes*

We were there, but I didn’t buy any. As I really can’t bear thinking of spending 100 bucks on a polo tee for myself! Thus, I told him, they don’t have the red that I like.

For the same amount of money, I am able to get myself a set of decent clothes from Mango (they are having sales up to 50%).

For our celebration, we had a simple buffet dinner at Royal Plaza on Scotts‘ Vienna Cafe. Ethyl ate quite a bit there. She had rice, fish, cakes, pudding, chocolates, fruits and lots of water! All I can say is…she was relatively well-behaved.

When she got a little upset after being cooped up in the seat for too long, I unfasten the buckle and see (above), she’s trying very hard to harness herself back on the seat. This little act let me free my hands for another few minutes.

We went shopping at Isetan, but got nothing in the end. Ethyl was sleepy by 9ish and we took a cab back before she decided to tear the whole of Orchard into bits and pieces.

Though short, but it was a wonderful time spent (for me) basking in the company of my 2 darlings! 🙂

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