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My year started with me rushing to the toilet! Hahah…What a start!

I had diarrhoea, another bout of stomach flu, plus high fever at late noon.

We had to leave Ethyl with my Mom, while I head back home and rest, another “good” news came…Hubby had to return to work and will be back only on the 2nd day of CNY!

Seeing me shivering even under the blanket, Hubby insisted that I visit the Doctor. It was really expensive man! It was 65 bucks for both consultation and medication. Well, it’s a public holiday and my fever, vomitting and runs were making me whiney like a young child.

Having said the above, we still had a great day! Let me share some photos here. πŸ˜‰

This is her CNY day 1’s attire.

Ethyl loves to play with Declan’s Fisherprice’s walk-and-stride. I’m thinking of getting her one since she like it so much; however, Hubby says Ethyl seldom likes to play toys, and it’s a waste of money spending on one such toy.

I’m still thinking of the coupe I saw at Jurong point…Since Ethyl loves to “drive” so much! I’m only waiting for the nod from Hubby.

There’s another “car” that she “drives” at my Godma’s place. I was amazed that she could “drive” pretty well. No pictures to share for this as I was feeling extrememly lousy at that time. :p

I will take more pictures and share over here!


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Tag 4 Me and…

Well, I was double tagged by Agnes and YL 😑 Better get this done and give the face before the Chinese New Year begins!

4 jobs you’ve had in your life:
* Computer-aided Teacher (in a church kindy…a wonderful temp job during my school hols)
* Regional Sales Rep (It’s a call centre environment handling hotel reservations for our chain. I man HK market and Taiwan mkt + a bit of Korea and China. Get to travel in this job! Wonderful…except the middle age boss whose not married)
* Events Marketing Specialist (The name spells it all! A very interesting job though)
* ……..coming up soon…real soon!

4 movies you could watch over and over:
* Mary Poppins!!!! (I got to watch this on Disney Channel yesterday! Hubs says i’m so childish)
* Cinderella (I watched this near a hundred times?)
* ζ€δΊΊθœ‚ (a taiwan film, a real story of a teacher who scarificed himself for his students. prepare more tissues if you watch this)
* Beauty and the Beast (Pai seh, gotta be animated film again. I’m an overgrown girl)

4 TV shows you love(d) to watch:
* erm…

Really nothing special leh :p

4 places you’ve lived:
* Jalan Bukit Merah
* Henderson
* Jurong West
* Bukit Panjang

4 places you’ve been on vacation to:
* Beijing (travelled for both biz and hols when I was 21)
* Shanghai (same as above)
* Malaysia (KL, PJ, JB, Malacca, Penang etc)
* Bintan

4 places you would rather be:
* Disney Resort!!! (it’s been a dream)
* A place that snows
* Any place emntioned above with my dearest Hubs and Ethyl!!!
* In never-ending-money-to-spend land? LOL

4 of your favourite foods:
* Sweet & Sour Pork
* Mee Hoon Kuay
* Mommy’s nourishing soup
* sinful….chocolates!!!

4 of your favourite beverages (this is added on):
* Ice-blended Caramel from Coffeebean
* Earl grey
* TEA!!!!
* Teh tarik from a stall at Little India!!! Yummy-licious!!!

4 (or more) websites you visit daily:
* Blogs
* Baby Centre
* Bayb supplies Forum
* Shopping sites *shh*

I end here and not tag anyone for the New Year! πŸ™‚

Remember I mentioned I will be going for the interview at the Jap MNC? I actually went for 2 interviews, both jap companies.

First company, I was disappointed when I stepped in. Looks so messy!!! No mood for the interview, but to be gracious, I answered their questions and asked some relevant questions.

Second company, a building to themselves (giants are like that)! Impressive!!! Went to the recept and realised that their office is really big!! And the environment looks comfy to work at too. At least, it looks less cluttered.

After these 2, I went shopping. My phone rang half way through and I answered. The agent told me, the first company wants to offer me, but they can only offer me at $200 lower than my expected.

Since I do not like, I told her directly that I feel that the director who interviewed me at the 2nd company looks keen; and I am keen in that post too. Immediately, she said she will call him and sound him out.

20 minutes later…

Phone rang and she said “Good News, Fannie”! I knew that was in my net!!! Hahahah…

So, I went into a company and got a post that I desired!!! Furthermore, the remuneration package was so much better as compared to the first company! πŸ™‚

I thought I won’t get the job before I actually went for the interview. Alas…something off my mind!!! πŸ™‚


万事如意, εΏƒζƒ³δΊ‹ζˆ

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Small Updates

Yah Ling was kind to remember and ask me how was Ethyl’s “purple moustache” and infected toes (something that I did not blog about).

Ethyl’s moustache is better now. The bruise is no longer as obvious as before.

As for the infected toes, it was caused by some allergy. seems like it has spread a little to the fingers. I have decided to bring her to a specialist after CNY.

The protective barrier was already being “eaten” off by the infection. It bleeds once, and I rushed her to the PD. After the consultation and bringing home a cream and a moisturiser, things seems to improve, but never recover.

As for CNY preparations…I bought myself yet another denim skirt and a racer back from Mango (again!). I will be going to Zara tomorrow and get Ethyl a denim dress. πŸ™‚ I will really stop after tomorrow! 😑

The vanity hormones in me are acting up again! I got myself some other lip colours from MAC. They were nice…I never tell Hubby and he will only know when he reads this! :p In addition, I got myself 2 belts…BIG belts thats so trendy these days! πŸ™‚

What else have I not done? Ang pow wrapping! ARGH!!! I used to love to see and kay poh whenever my grandparents or Mom is doing it, now i just hate it!!! It’s a lot of money!!! 😑

Our little family wishes everyone a very Happy Lunar New Year!!

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Plannings for 2006

I have been contemplating whether shall I go back to work for full time.

Working full time gives me a better fixed income and at the same time, I can continue moonlighting whatever I am doing.

Since Ethyl displayed great interest in music related stuff, I signed her up for Kindmusik for her to have fun there, and at the same time, mingle around kids of about the same age. This class will take place on weekend, so what am I going to do for her on weekdays?

I have been asking around some whom I have known about where I can send Ethyl to when she turns 18mos for her to learn some stuff and expose her to a more “exposed” environment rather than “keeping” her at home.

Sabina has done lots and asked lots when her baby K reaches an age whereby she needs to go out and “learn”. So, my first target was to ask her. From Eton House, to MMIs, Pat’s Schoolhouse etc. So called more “prestigious” pre-schools that guarantees “better” teachers.

At the end of the day, Sabby told me, what’s more important is, we have to feel comfortable with the school environment, teachers and principal. Brand or no brand, it’s secondary.

Baby K opted for one just five minutes away from her apartment.

For me, brand or no brand matters a little. I will NEVER let Ethyl go to so NT** childcare or some messy-donkey childcare centres.

I have one that was just next to Mom’s block. The way the teachers speaks English…duh…you will wonder whether are they chinese trained to speak english or or they trained in a special school that teaches “fun-lish”. Even my Mom can speak more proper english as compared.

I believe their teachers were not trained. The assistant teacher is an old lady who seems to be in her late 50s, always listless and liveless, the pool of about 20 kids were guided by only 3 teachers! GOSH!!!

The ideal centre that I am looking for shall focus more on crafts, games, motor skills, languages and simple manners and safety curriculum. If a centre that teaches a third language it’s plus.

As I only wanted Ethyl to go for a few hours everyday or even alternate days, I am not so worried about the meals they provide or whatsoever.

Mom is encouraging em to send Ethyl for some classes for a few hours a day, and the other hours, she can teach her herself from home.

One worry is…I can’t seem to let lose my apron strings. What if she crys? What if she was bullied? What if she bullied others? What if teacher pushed her like what Damien encounted? What if the teachers scold her for something she didn’t do?

I know I’m a worry freak, tell me about it. I just can’t help worrying so much.

I told Hubby if I can find a workplace that has a childcare centre nearby, I would just put here there. Going to and off work with her, having her with me for lunch etc.

I read that Declan is also going for school. Wonder how did he cope and how did Ivy cope??

Like I have menioned earlier, we are planning to get a car this year. It is even more tempting that the COE prices has been dipping so much!

A second child, a car, Ethyl going to school, all these will only add on to our monthly expenses, how can I not work harder?!

I have been to some interviews, either the job scope isn’t something that I’m looking at, or the pay doesn’t look good enough for me. Grrr…I have a pleasant surprise today though. A company that I loved to work at called me! It was in fact their Deputy Director who shortlisted me for the interview! Wow…so flattered! Having said that, he would also be the interviewer for me…makes me really wonder why he picked me?

The job scope that was mentioned wasn’t relevant to what I have done previously, still, I send in my CV just because this particular MNC is well-known for it’s good benefits.

Let me go for their interview and hopefully that will end my job hunting days! πŸ™‚

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My Old Navy has finally arrived after 2 weeks! πŸ™‚

This is the box that contained my “loot”!

Ethyl’s “loot”. A lilac hoodie, a lilac layered foldover skirt, a long sleeve top.

This is what I have gotten for myself! πŸ™‚

The skirt is a little too loose. I got the size I used to wear…don’t tell me I have lost some of those love handles! :p

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Rachele and I went shopping last Wednesday and we came across something we both really like. It was nice, handmade and only one piece in that shop. I knew that her birthday is coming in end February and thought that might be a perfect gift for her! πŸ™‚

To give her a surprise, I did not buy on the spot and insisted the sales staff to get us another one of the same and we will get both together. In fact, there’s a plan brewing in my mind and I’m sure she’ll be surprised by the gift.

Yesterday, Hubby applied for leave just to accompany me to shop around and get some CNY goodies for our nest. We went to the shop again and I was so surprised when the sales girl said “Your friend came on saturday night and paid for one of the item.” My jaw dropped. ALAMAK!!! How did she know the thing has arrived? I advised the sales staff not to call her!!! ARGH!!!

Anyhow, it has been paid, no wonder I received a sms from her the other day saying she’s giving me my birthday pressie earlier this year and it’s going to be a pleasant surprise! Gosh!!

Since it has been paid for, I paid for the other one meant for her. I sms-ed her and act “blur” that I do not know anything. Our sms-es ended with “Great minds think alike”! And we have an understanding that we got each other something we loved!

As it is man-made and the design on the foil is different, I have decided to give her the one we first saw! That’s so much nicer! πŸ™‚

To Rachele: Dear friend, we have known each other for…13 years already. This is one friendship that I really treasure because from understanding, we moved to misunderstandings and back to understanding. Our friendship tide through and it shall sail through till we turn grey and wrinkled. Best of luck to you in whatever you do! πŸ™‚

Since young, Mommy always get us new PJs for CNY. This practice has been going on for me after I got married and of course, Ethyl and Hubby will also get new PJs to wear too!

I hoped to get our little family matching PJs. Having said that, it isn’t easy. Let you see what I have gotten!

Ethyl and I had the same colour, pink. Hubby got himself a blue. it would look hilarious if he is wearing the same pink PJ as me. Maybe Ethyl might go to the wrong person for milk in the middle of the night!

I shall sing a little praise of dear Hubby here. As most women have men who doesn’t really have the patience to shop for stuff. My Hubby is really a patient man when it comes to this. I fancy no other PJs because I couldn’t get one that fits Ethyl and one that is matching. I kept looking and searching around Chinatown until we chanced upon a stall that can help me realise my little wish.

Our day started at 2pm and ended at 9pm. He sis not utter a word of discontentment; whereas I was edgy and grumpy because I couldn’t find what I wanted after so many hours. He, as usual, is cool headed and even pacified my by showing things I loved. He even suggested I get more shoes to match my clothes. Being an understanding better half, I rejected him saying “I spent alot for these 2 months. One pair of shoe is more than enough”.

I wore a pair of heels out because I had to go for a discussion. After an hour of shopping at Orchard, my feet were killing me. The sweet him brought me to Charles and Keith and insisted I get a pair of walking shoes before we moved on further.

This little gesture really touched my heart millions! πŸ™‚ Old folks said that we cannot buy shoes for our partners else they would run away with someone else. Believe me, most of my shoes were paid by him. Even the most expensive pair I had, our wedding shoes etc, were all paid by him. Sometimes he would joke and say “Please pay me $2 for the shoes I have bought you”, but I never cared!

Hubby got himself a pair of slippers for CNY. This pair of Jeep slippers was choosen by me! πŸ™‚
He was worried that it looks too “easy” when he goes house visiting during CNY. Well, who cares what he wears on his feet anyway! :p

What else have I gotten myself? 3 pairs of earrings, each at $6.90 (buy 2 get one free), it’s a steal! πŸ™‚

Bought myself a liquid foundation that comes with a concealer and a two-tone blush for my apples. I never tried to put on blusher before except on my wedding because I’m blessed with a natural glow in my cheeks that flush most of the time! πŸ™‚ Natural hint of pink! πŸ™‚

I inherited this “beauty” from my Granny and Ethyl inherited from me! πŸ™‚

I also got myself a Red Wine Mask. I have heard many good reviews on this mask and since it is so popular in Taiwan, Japan and Korea, it must have it’s benefits and selling points. Let me try and see how my skin will turn more “beautifuller”. πŸ™‚

*whispers* Hubby says I have spent too much in December and January. I hope this is really the last round of shopping! πŸ™‚

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E: I overheard Daddy and Mommy’s conversation yesterday over News. One is excited, the other one worried! 😑

M: *excitedly* Oh, FJ Benjamin is bringing Gap over to Singapore! I don’t have to buy online anymore! *smiling away*

D: Must be very expensive then. *shake head*

M: Their clothes are nice you know? Especially those for kids. I always love their designs.

D: Meaning? You can go and buy again lah? Another good place to shop at? *looking at Mommy*
M: Eh…they are opening one by this year and there’s also Banana Republic…but that’s quite pricey for me. I just buy at Gap for Ethyl. I really don’t like the exaggerated designs that Kiddy palace has!

D: *shake head*

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