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Heart Of A Mommy

Ever since the arrival of Ethyl, I have been a huge fusspot. I fuss over the cloths she wears, things she uses, food she eats, snacks we give, language spoken to her and behaviour in front of her.

I believe there are also many other Mommies out there like me, I know I am not alone!

Under the influence of Mom, I am always very careful of the food I introduce her and the food she takes especially before she blew her first candle.

I always bring a thermo flask with her porridge with me wherever I go. Even to MIL’s place, I still bring it with me.

This is to ensure that she gets proper feedings even when we were not at home. These days, feeding is so much easier as she eats, and prefers to chew adult food like rice, meat and pasta. In every meal, I try to give her something more balanced, but no veggies from outside food, except home cooked.

Ethyl seems to know and understand where we are coming from. She knows she can’t snack before meals, and this is to ensure that she eats more rice and also to refrain her from cultivating a bad habit of snacking before meals.

I know I may sound very domineering as to wanting my girl to follow what we deem is good. We have been trying our best to loosen our apron string. It wasn’t easy, but we are trying.

Ethyl enjoys and is used to having soup with her meals, so do I! It’s because Mom always boil soup for us.

When we know that she wasn’t feeling well, we would refrain her from “dangerous” food that will worsen her ailment. Thank goodness I am still breastfeeding Ethyl, it helps to build her body constitution.

I have not been expressing any breast milk, Ethyl takes direct from the source. I find that it works better this way. At least the milk wasn’t chilled and there are no other equipments involved to “assist” in breeding bacteria.

Now, she is a little girl, no longer a baby. I know it is a cliche to say this, but…time really flies!

She even ask Dad to bring her shopping this morning! And for the whole day, she has been telling everyone “go shopping”! *slaps forehead*

Time spent with her seems so little these days because I started working. However, I do treasure every second I get to spend with her.

All Mommies just love to see our little one flourish isn’t it?


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I Have Not Gotten Over It

After the slapping incident, I have been very vigilant when I bring Ethyl out. Especially when there were boys (sorry, no means of gender discrimination) running near her.

We had an encounter yesterday at IMM that got us so edgy. The first was at IMM, a girl went up to Ethyl after smiling and telling her Mom that Ethyl’s cute, she walked up to us and stroke Ethyl’s cheeks. Heng ah, she didn’t slap her.

Second incident was when we were walking home. Another girl came up, and stroke her hair, saying…”Baby very cute”.

Thank goodness, none of them use any form of violence on her.

But I still am very protective whenever there are kids near her.

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The Weekend


Hubby has to work on both Saturday and Sunday, thus we can only go out on Saturday evening after his work.

We have no idea where to go, but I know town is out because we have been there almost every week!

In the end, we decided to go to IMM. We headed straight to the food court because both Ethyl and I need to fill our stomachs.

After the meal, we shopped around and got her some PJs.

Here are some pictures taken.

Sexy showing off her shoulder.

Walking by herself.

It is good that she walks by herself, but doesn’t roam about. She always makes sure that we are within her sight.

We rented this coupe for her so that we can shop with more peace.

Starting the engine.

Maneuver the wheels with one hand.

Checking the traffic before turning.

I used to think it’s a waste of money to rent this little buggy at IMM, but after having my own, I feel that this can come in as a great help to make the little ones sit down without much wrestling.

When we wanted to return the “vehicle”, Ethyl whined a bit. I told Hubby to ask her “Do you want to come down and walk, or do you in want to sit in there and drive?” Immediately, she walk out of the “car” without looking back.


Ann and Laurence wanted to go for breakfast and they invited us to join them. We agreed to go for breakfast at Cartel. Together with us, we have Mom and Gina. What a spoil sport when Hubbys has to work even on a Sunday!

Ethyl wanted to walk by herself…so, it gives me an opportunity to take some pictures of her! 🙂 The second picture is quite “blur” because she’s running!

This is her breakfast. She finished almost 85% of the omelette. Quite a record I think, because she had her milk before this. And not forgetting the bread!

After the breakfast, we went on to NTUC to shop for some groceries and stuff. Ethyl’s holding Ann’s bag and was happily walking here and there like an auntie shopping for stuff!

After the heavy breakfast and near 2 hours of shopping, Ethyl is now in slumberland as I post this entry! She must have been so tired!

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Nitty Gritty

How and what shall I begin with? … … *pondering*

These days, we are having so much fun with her! She welcomes me home every evening with her ever “see teeth don’t see eyes smile”, her excited expression and loving hugs and kisses.

She’s walking alot, talking alot, laughing alot, reading alot and playing alot!

She has been moo-ing to Mom when she sees cows. It was actually taught by me (who else?)! I was reading to her and I told her, “cows moo”. Well, can I say she has good memory and learns fast? 🙂

Next are words like…pear, pig, dog, bird, shoes etc.

She is getting more assertive too. Due to her infection, we got her a pair of open-toed sandals from Colettee. That was of course not as nice and girly like the clarks she had. She held onto her Clarks shoes and was telling me “want…shoo…wear..” the other words between the sentence I really had a hard time figuring out.

She wears more skirts and dresses. And whenever we clad her into one, she would walk to the mirror and touch her body and turns to another adult nearby for them to praise her and tells her she’s pretty. The same happens when we tie her hair!

She has really grown up a lot! She can tell us when she wants to pee and when she needs to poo. Mom gets the credit for potty training her. This is not early…being able to poo in a potty is so much more cleaner and hygienic as compared to the “task” being done in the diapers!

She tells Mom she needs to pee. She has been “complaining” when we wear diapers for her.

She went pointing to her butt because it’s already 9pm and I wanted to bring her home. To save the lazy me myself from trouble, it would be better for me to wear diapers for her.

Of course she was upset, she was yakking away, pointing to her butt, angry with Mom and walking in circles “complaining” loudly. We found her so funny like that and we concluded that she was upset because we wore diapers on her.

Mom saved me alot on diapers. Pampers premium doesn’t come cheap, and for the 2 packets, I have used up one and a half, and it lasted me for 2 months! See the difference?

Let me get some snaps of her today and post it by tomorrow! 🙂

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Letter for my 15 Month-Old


You are 15mos now. You started walking and running about, started to tell people you want to wear your shoes and go for a walk/stroll etc.

Mommy started work in February and we had such a hard time getting used to the new regime. You were a little tough to handle initially. You wailed and cried for Mommy. It was such a dreadful start of the day for me. I had to hold back my tears and bid you goodbye and will only be back in another 9 hours’ time.

Mommy is not ditching you just to bring back my fair share of income. Work has made me more confident and it greatly boosts my self-esteem! I sense that Daddy loves the change in me, though I really wished for more time with you at the same time!

Weekends were more treasured. Daddy and Mommy will bring you to more intersting places like the Zoo (somewhere that I had always wanted to introduce you to), the beach, the park, the pool etc.

We always make it a point to bond with you after work and before you sleep.

Believe me, it is also very tough for me when I started to work full time too. Mommy is not neglecting you, but I am trying to have more space for my own. I hurts much more to see you cry and wail. It is even worse when I had to hold back my tears and swallow them down my stomach everytime I see you cry, trying to appear as a brave Mommy so that you will be brave too!

We are getting better, you are a brave girl! Though you still whine and cry when you don’t see me, but you no longer wake up so often in the morning before I left for work.

Dearie, let us work hard together ok? Daddy and Mommy is working so that you will have a more secured future. Saving for your expenses, studies and dowry *LOL*.

Girl, I know it wasn’t easy for you to understand me fully at this stage, but I just want to tell you, even if Mommy works full time, I still love you as much, if not more.

Mommy and Daddy still made it a point to fetch you home and look after you despite being worn out and drained at work. I hope you don’t blame Mommy for going back to workforce. At least I entrust you with a person whom I know will love you, care for you and making sure you eat well, sleep well and dress well. This person is non other than your maternal grandma.

Ethyl, I’m waiting for the day to bring you out shopping…:) I can’t wait to see you flourish!


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Our Saturday

Saturday is always the most wonderful day for working Mommies. Our little family woke up early and get ourselves ready to get some banking done. On our way out, below our block, there’s this Mommy with 2 boys in tow walking towards our direction.

The younger boy walked near us and raised his hand and slapped Ethyl on her face. I was so upset and angry. I gave the Mom and brat boy piercing stares. I checked if Ethyl was alright and continued staring at the duo. The Mom didn’t really apologise to us or Ethyl, she just told her boy, he can’t do this. I almost walked up to the boy and Mom and demanded that they apologise to Ethyl. But I didn’t…It was so unlike me.

Having said that, this is also the first time I saw such darting stares from Hubby’s eyes. He was upset, but being the higher EQ man, he told me, since Ethyl didn’t cry, we shouldn’t pursue. Can you imagine how flames lighted up inside me? What would you do if you were me?

We waited for the feeder bus at the bus-stop and Ethyl told me “bus”. I assume she’s trying to ask are we waiting for a bus.

We had our breakfast at Macdonald’s. While waiting for Hubby to return with our food, this little girl is keeping herself busy with that wet wipes of hers and scanning her surroundings.

Later on, we moved on to settle some banking. At the bank, I met a good friend’s ex-boyfriend. He walked up to me and chatted. That man is one of the lousiest on earth! It really spoilt my day rotten having to meet him there!!!

After that we went to a temple at Magazine road because Hubby wanted to give his “returns” because he struck 4D.

Finally…we were in town!!! My stomach was growling and Hubby brought us to Cartel (again!!).

Our little diner going through the menu.

Trying some monkey acts to entertain her bored parents.
Mommy, may I kiss you?

Of course, my dear!!! The sweetest moment! 🙂

Ehtyl’s shopping with Hubby holding her.

She finally got tired of our grips and roams by herself! She was so afraid that Hubby would hold her again and ran off…in the end…she fell and “kissed” the floor of Ngee Ann City. That made her wail so loudly and caught other shoppers’ attention.

In the end…she shagged out. Hubby and I can finally relax and shop without having to look after her! 🙂

When we reached home, she wanted to bath.

And of course, she’s brushing her teeth with her Oral B toothbrush. 🙂

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This is my work station! I get to see Ethyl and Hubby during my working hours!

Ethyl still loves her walking Pooh very much! She’s holding her Pooh, walking here and there…mimicking how this fat bear walks etc…

This messy hair girl is now getting used to play and laze in her cot. She would point to her cot everytime she wants to play in it.

She always points at the cot and smiles at me, trying to tell me she wants to go down and play. I would ask her “Want to go down and play?” “Yessss”, she replied.

I really treasure the time spent with her on weekends. I really love spending time together with Hubby and Ethyl! 🙂

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