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Safe In My Arms

I woke up this morning and heard my baby snoring (due to the blocked nose and phelgm) in her cot, sleeping on her tummy and looked so angelic as ever.

I quickly got up to bathe and change before she decided to wake up and cling onto me.

Well, I guess she knows when I will be getting up and move away from her. She woke up, cried and wanted me to hug her. She was still sleepy and when I carried her in my arms, she continued to sleep.

Slowly…gently…I tried to put her back on the bed. She whined and pulled my shirt. She wanted me to lie down. She climbed on top of me, and rested on my body. She felt so secure and comfy like that…I hate to wake her up, but if she doesn’t get up, I will be late!

Hence I coaxed her into playing with a toy that I kept for so long…She was happy and played with it.

I heard her playing and talking to Mom while I was bathing. It was sweet. At least it makes her happy and that she doesn’t cry.

When I stepped out of the bathroom, I called “Ethyl, where are you?” She came running into the room and hugged my legs.

It was such a sweet little move…She walked with me around the room, I asked her “Is Mommy’s skirt nice?” She said “ice”. Hahaha…

I really am so glad to have such a sweet little thing…she’s just like my heart, I can’t function without her!


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Backdated Entry

I am supposed to be resting at home, but I thought I can make good use of the time updating some stuff here…I miss blogging so much!

I have been looking very actively for schools when I started working about 2 months ago. Now, the flame has tamed, I am still looking around for opportunities and schools…but it is no longer in such a hurry.

Mom is really very very he;pful. She’s worried about Ethyl not getting wholesome meals when we put her in childcare, she actually taught Ethyl to read, learn and play during the day.

I bought some educational VCDs for Mom to play for her ONCE in a day. Amazingly, she mamaged to pick up those words and actions in just 2 days! Of course, we do keep repeating those words and actions for her too.

Seeing Mom’s concerns and unbearable signs, I bought more books and educational toys to improve her intellectual growth & gross motor skills.

I always loved and believed that speech and drama will help a kid so much in the early days. ACTphabets is one of the centres I looked at. They have trial classes for 18mo and after discussing with Hubby, he agreed that we should bring her to the trial class for a try.

Today, I came across a Montessori centre just 2 LRT stations away from us, Seedlings Patch. Ethyl was with me and she was very happy in that centre. There was this boy about 3yo walked up to Ethyl and tried to hold her hand. I find that very sweet as the boy tried to bring Ethyl around the school.

They also have a trial class there, Hubby and I will be going to when we are back from our trip.

I have decided to put Ethyl in flexi-care or just go for weekend classes instead of half-day or full-day program. My purpose is to let Ethyl mingle around and socialise with other beings near her age.

For weekend classes, I have also looked at Playworkz besides ACTphabets. One of my colleague’s boy went there and he loves the classes. I might also drop by there and have a look when Hubby is free.

Mom is of course glad when I am actually looking at the classes at the Montessori near our estate. For 3hrs in the noon, she will have time to run errands, do shopping and don’t have to worry about Ethyl not having wholesome meals. She even planned to let her have her lunch before she goes to school, have longer nap in the moring so that she wouldn’t feel tired and fretful during the session.

How are you Mommies or Daddies coping with putting your little ones in the childcare or enrichment centres? Maybe you might want to share some experiences.

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You Are My Superwoman

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My sleepy princess on Saturday.

Little one enjoying herself at a furniture store on Sunday.

I caught the flu bug from Ethyl. It has gone one big round, from Hubby, to Mom and Ethyl to me…*sigh*

One thing is…my darling never cry when she woke up this morning, instead she hugged me and smile at me.

Another thing is…our Genting trip is confirmed!!! We are going for a short holiday for the FIRST time! Both Hubby and I were so excited!!!

I have started on a list of things to bring along for the trip in case I forgot…espeically things for the little one.

This trip is organised by my aunt and I was surprised that Hubby agreed to go on this trip! 🙂 We hope to plan for another one at the end of the year. Australia trip might be postponed again because both of us were unable to take long leave…:(

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Sticky “Gum”

Ethyl’s down with a super drippy nose on Friday morning till now. Her appetite’s good, everything is fine and well except her nose leaks a little too much.

Doc says she’s mostly having an infection at the throat as well…

Anyway, as long as she’s alert, eating and active, there shouldn’t be much concerns.

Whenever I had her with me during the weekends, she would eat lesser, but ask for milk more. She would cling onto me, pulling my top, wrestling with me and whinng for milk. I guess she needs alot of comfort from me in that sense. Especially so when she’s unwell.

Last night, something funny happened.

Ethyl was drowsy and sleepy after the medications, but she refused to sleep. She wanted to sleep in her bed for one moment, tossed and turned, sat up and wanted to sleep beside me. After that, she point to her bed again…

I was busy shuttling her from her cot, to my bed, to her cot, to my bed…This goes on for many minutes. After that, she decided that she wanted to be nursed and clung onto me again.

This time around, she slept…she was hugging me tightly. I suddenly felt that she’s simply feeling insecure because it will be Monday the next day, and I have to work. This feeling is very very strong and overwhelming.

This morning, I woke her up because she refused to “let go” of me when it’s already time for me to bathe and get ready to work. She was awake, but she kept her eyes shut and refused to let go of me.

I talked to her nicely and explained that I will be back from work in the evening. She shook her head…she whined when she heard Mom’s voice. I had to coax her without Mom in her sight.

It is almost 2 months since I started working, but she doesn’t seem to be coping well again. How I wish she can wave and kiss me goodbye like she did before.

She’s even more clingy now…Many also advised me to stop breasfeeding and prepare myself for number 2. I don’t and can’t bear to stop because this is one of the way that both Ethyl and I loves to bond.

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Cheeky Ethyl

When she knocked herself by accident

She covered her nose and walked round the room as if she’s in pain and wanted everyone to sayang her and hug her.

When Daddy kissed Mommy in front of Ethyl

She came up to me and kissed my cheeks too! 🙂

When she did something undesirable

She would pretend that nothing happen and gave a (guilty) smile and hug the adults near her.

This is something very classic…

Mom was having a bad throat the past few days and was unable to sing for her. Halfway through the song, Mom went “dumb” and Ethyl sniggers in her pillow.

She is getting very cheeky nowadays. She kept making funny faces and expressions just to make us laugh.

She knows her ears, nose, mouth, hair, legs, hands and we had names for her books and plushies. She recognises every single one and even hugs them when we came back.

Such a sweetie isn’t she? But she can be quite a handful when she’s throwing her tantrum though. I guess most kids are the same. 🙂

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Yah Ling told me over MSN that she misses Ethyl more now that I blog lesser. I am now making it a point to blog more and of course, with more of her pictures. Enjoy!

Not forgetting my promise to upload the clip. 🙂

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