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Little Notes

While I was in the kitchen chatting with Mom yesterday, we heard our little girls says “B-J”. As I played Barney for her, I told her, “that’s not BJ, that’s Barney.” She pointed to the TV and voila, it’s BJ and not Barney. She knows how to say that!

Mom says she has been recognising alot of things and saying alot of things recentlt, but when we asked her, she just gave a cheeky grin and walked away…

Last Sunday, she called Hubby by his name “Brian”. It was loud and clear and she kept repeating “B-lion”‘ “B-lion”…Hubby and I had a good time laughing. We do tell her that she can’t call her Daddy by the name as it is not polite to do so.

She was cheeky as usual and when she saw Dad dozing off while watching TV, he told Mom “shui Jiao” (meaning sleeping in Mandarin). She went on to call Dad, pinch his nose, pat his face, attempting to wake him up.

After the failed attempt, she went to the kitchen, took a bowl and told my Mom “wan” (meaning bowl in Mandarin). Mom had a little talk with her, telling her she should wash the bowl before using…etc. She replied and repeated after Mom.

Last night, I had a little chat with her when we reached home. I asked “Darling, do you miss Mommy when I’m at work?” She looked away and pointed to the phone. “Tell Mommy do you miss me?” She nodded her head and mumbled a soft “yees”. “Mommy worked late today because I had a meeting to resolve some issues. I will try my best to be home early for you ok?” She looked at me…nodded her head and open her arms, asking me to hug her. This is awfully sweet…

Another sweet thing that she does these days was…she would kiss me on my lips volunteerily when she wants milk from me. She would point to my breast and says “nei nei” or “milk”. I told her “Ethyl is a big girl now…she should stop asking milk from Mommy.” She said “no” and leaned towards me, giving me a kiss on my lips, gave me “see teeth no see eyes” grin and pointed to my breast again.

I repeated the same, and she kissed me again and again until her patience worn out. It was sweet…I love this kind of attention from her.

This cheeky monkey actually love to do this when I told her to sleep. She would lie on the bed, close her eyes and pretended to snore. She would go “zzz”…took a peek again…and continue to “zzz” if she sees me looking at her. So cheeky isn’t she?

I remembered that Hubby bathed her last weekend, don’t know what happened, she said “hai yah” very loudly. I stopped at the door and asked Hubby why is she saying “hai yah”, he simply shrugged his shoulders and continued to bathe Ethyl.

She’s really getting very chatty…sometimes she talks alot, be it sense or no-sense, her actions are funny enough to make us laugh. She always puts something on her head/hair, walk to the mirror and would say “ice” (meaning nice).

At the start of GSS on 26 May, Hubby and I met after work to Takashimaya to buy clothes for Ethyl (Taka card holders get additional 10% off). We were hopeless. we basked ourselves at the children’s department, trying to find nice clothes for Ethyl. In the end, only 3 pieces were chosen. And the 2 of us got nothing for ourselves.

I guess most parents are like that right? It’s always a pleasure seeing our little one grows…I got a remark from someone that makes me upset…I shall blog about this tomorrow!


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Feverish Girl

My pretty girl is now a “hot” babe. Her fever started to creep in on Sunday night. I told Hubby she’s feeling a little warm, but Hubby says it’s like that when she’s sleeping.

I can’t help, but to keep getting up to check on my little girl. Her temperature is definitely rising. And the thermometer is a great “help”, it broke down! Geez…

Anyway, we confirmed that she’s “hot” but she’s sleeping and not fretting, we left her alone. The next morning, Mom brought her to the GP. She had viral infection, but it was no cause for concern as she’s eating well, alert and active.

As usual, she was clingy, whiney and cranky when she’s unwell. I would still love her and dote her the way I usually do.

Yesterday, her fever subsided when I got home. Her eyes were red and swollen…Mom says she has been whiney and kept asking for “mee mee” the whole day. Mom was frustrated, but still sayang her as she knows her grandbaby is whiney as she’s unwell.

Last night, I slept very well as I was very very tired and sleepy…I slept before 10pm, and slept like a log…until Hubby tried to “transfer” Ethyl back to her bed and let me sleep properly trhat woke me up.

The blur me thought how come the night passes sooooo fast…

At around 3am, the fever came back. We woke Ethyl up to take her feed her paracetamol and coax her back to sleep. She refused to have her medication initially. She kept pushing us away and only when I told her “See, Barney says Ethyl is a clever girl who takes her medicine…” She gladly open her mouth and let me feed her.

When she refused to sleep, I used the same trick “Ethyl, Barney says he wants to sleep and Ethyl also has to sleep…” She hugged her Barney and closed her eyes, tossing and turning, trying to sleep again. It only took her 2 minutes to drift into slumberland.

The sleepy Mommy dozed off in a matter of seconds after she sleeps. I believe the Daddy keeps waking up to check on her. Really very rare of him to do so…

For now, I just hope the fever subside earlier…

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I had wanted to get a stroller for Ethyl long ago. But as time goes by, she walks, she runs and jumps, this matter is slowly fading in my wishlist.

Last Saturday, as we were afraid that she might be tired and sleepy due to the long hours out, we brought along the fiery red combi stroller just in case we need it’s help to ferry our 9kg around.

This ignited the buying-flame in me again! To get a better, more sturdy stroller for my little one. I have been targeting Maclaren for quite some time. Other Mommies that I have asked, they do recommend me Maclaren Volo, but our concern is…this can’t be reclined. If Ethyl sleeps, she might not be so comfy in that position.

Maclaren Quest Mod has caught my attention. I love the design and the colour!

Another one that I am drooling at is…Quinny Buzz. Very bulky and very costly…unless I am going to have 2 or more kids, else it would be such a waste!

Back to my question…Shall I, or shall I not get a new stroller?

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Another Weekend

This is another fun filled weekend for us! We always try to maximise our weekends with activities or just laze at home while I whip a simple meal for my dear ones. This weekend, we went out instead of lazing at home!

Ethyl’s all ready to “chiong” for the day!

As we have promised, we brought her to watch “Over The Hedge”. This is a nice movie.

She was well behaved even before the movie starts. While we were in the theatre, we got her milk ready…

She enjoyed her milk…and when the advertisements and trailers started, she was “concentrating” very hard. Until the bear appeared…she nursed on me, and fell asleep…We I placed her on the stroller and enjoyed the other minutes of the show with Hubby. That is our precious “stolen” time.

She’s all tired and ready to slumber…It was really cold in the theatre. Thank goodness I prepare for the “chill”.

Next, we went on for a walk…at DFS.Hubby wanted to get me a “labelled” bag actually…but I felt that this season’s design wasn’t really very nice ( some brands that I like) thus, we drop the idea(also to help save his pockets).

As all three of us were pretty tired, we head back to Bukit Panjang Plaza for our dinner.

Saturday sounded pretty short? Before the show, we had our lunch, shop around for about 2hrs before going in for our show.

The theathre seats we got were pretty good actually. We got 2 seats, and the 3rd seat was a space, I guess that is meant for the disabled. We actally park our stroller there so that Ethyl can enjoy the movie with us!

Came Sunday….

We dropped our initial plan for a movie to ourselves. Hubby needs to go back to MIL’s place and needed to attend his friend’s baby full moon…hence we decided to also bring Ethyl for the…BARNEY show at IMM.

We were the “Barney-chasers” all because of our little precious! Yes, it’s all beacuse of the love we have for her, else I wouldn’t sit there, waiting for the 3 dinos for an hour! Gosh!

While we were waiting, Ethyl saw many other kids around her with Barney-related toys, thus the doting Daddy and Mommy decided to let loose and get her one too! We don’t like Barney as we thought this purple Dino looks pretty awful. Daddy bought her the phone.

Before Barney goes off…Ethyl dances together with them…

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Hubby and I have kind of compromise on what to do for our anniversary…that is to spend quality time together. However, he read my blog yesterday, didn’t ask anything and I received the following sms from him this morning.

“Maybe we can go out on Saturday instead and bring her along”

I replied “Bring who?” “Bring bb along lor…that’s why we fo on Saturday.”

I was elated and gave him a call. I asked him how to bring Ethyl for the movie when he wanted to watch MI 3? I suggested we watch Over the Hedge with her and we will watch MI 3 together on Sunday. I told him, Sunday we shall watch MI 3 alone and we will be back for Ethyl while I prepare dinner for them.

I hear his smile over the the other end. He agreed. I think this is the best I can do for now…at least I try didn’t I? 🙂

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I think I am considered quite a doting Mommy…at least I try to be one. This time, I really had to apologise to my dearest Hubby for being an insensitive wife.

When we were in Genting, Hubby and I stole some time out for our thrilling rides, leaving Ethyl with Mom. In my mind, we will go back for Ethyl once we finish the rides. Needless to say, I pestered Hubby to go back to the hotel room once we were done with all our adventures.

Hubby said he wanted to shop around for a while as we did not have to have a toddler in tow, it’s easier to shop and spend some couple time together.

Well, he said he wanted to go to the sports shop and look at apparels, so, when we stepped out, I said “Let’s go back!”, he pulled me back and says, we shall go here…go there…I began to feel restless. Really restless as I was missing Ethyl like mad!

After going in and out of 2 or 3 shops, I started pestering him to go back again…this time, he appeared pretty pissed off and said “Why can’t we shop together? Why are you such a wet blanket?”

I was pretty affected by his words. I remained silent as he held me from shop to shop…”Are you done?” I asked in a weak voice as not to agitate him. He didn’t reply… I got emotional and told him that I really miss Ethyl and I was worried that she would be quite a handful for Mom. As I said, my eyes were teary…He looked at me and consoled me and told me that he really treasure our time spent together. As Ehtly is growing, it is less possible for us to have more privacy when Mom is not helping us. I nodded and said sorry.

Hubby was nice and knew that I really can’t shop without Ethyl any longer, he held my hand and we walked back to the hotel. We don’t see Mom and Ethyl in the room! I panicked as I had no idea where they had gone to!

Goodness! We saw Mom carrying a sleeping Ethyl in her arms and quickly ran over and carried my darling in my arms. “There, I told you she’ll be fine.” I looked at Hubby and gave him smile.

Just last week, he asked if we could catch a movie with him on this weekend. Without even thinking, I asked “Can I bring Ethyl along?”. He replied with an awkard expression “MI 3 she don’t watch lah! Can’t we go alone?” “You wanted to go on Sunday what…We can bring her along.” He shrugged and the conversation ended.

Two days later, he popped the same question. My reply was the standard and the same was asked another few days later.

I was curious and asked him why has it to be specifically for the 2 of us. He said, it’s 28 May this weekend. Finally, I see light! It’s our wedding anniversary and I forgot clean about it! I agreed to go for the movie and lunch, but on one condition…be back for Ethyl early. We compromised! Ethyl shall be left with Mom on Sunday while we catch a movie and a peaceful lunch.

Hubby is usally a man who doesn’t plan for any occassion. This time around, he must have thought I was testing him as I didn’t tell and ask him anything about the upcoming wedding anniversary. I clean forgotten about it actually!

He had begun to complain about me showering him with less attention…it’s quite tough to strike a balance isn’t it?

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20 May 2006

Saturday was a busy day for us. It’s Anne’s wedding and we were all so excited about it.

I set the alarm the night before and planned to wake up, bathe, make up and get ready for my dear sis’ wedding at 4+. Well, I woke up before my alarm went off, and I thought how come I slept so long and it’s still not 4am. I waited and rested longer….dozed off and woke up and the alarm is still “sleeping”. I sensed something is not right and quickly checked the little clock on the headboard. It reads “6.05am”! Alamak, my alarm did not deliver it’s task!

I quickly got up, brushed my teeth and didn’t even have time to bathe, doll up and dress well, I left the house with my clingy gluey baby and my still sleepy hubby in tow. Ethyl thought I was going for work and clinged onto me like a Koala.

She’s still sleepy, but she’s just as excited as all of us!

After the passing through the obstacles, Laurence finally held Anne’s hands and left to his place. I was overwhelmed with emotions and nearly cried.

I brought Ethyl home to change and had our breakfast while waiting for them to return for the tea-ceremony.

She is the youngest “jie mei” for the day!

Ain’t she pretty? Well, she’s cute and pretty, but she was super clingy and whiney…She just kept asking for me…

I settled Ethyl down and coaxed her for her noon nap so that I ca sneak ot for my hairdo and makeup. In the end, Hubby told me, she slept for less than an hour, and was hard to pacify her when she don’t see me around.

*drum roll* The “end-product”…

This little girl…

The three beauties…

I left even before the food was served because Ethyl was extremely clingy. She was crying for me and refused to stop her nonsense even when I carried her.

Before the start of the event, I got so irritated and I yelled at her and told her to “shout up”. Immediately after that rash move, I felt so guilty when she cried bitterly. I tried to coax her and tried distracting her abit…someone even came to me asked if I was preggy as she was super clingy. I told him firmly and said “NO” straight in his face and walked away.

I was supposedly to be the emcee for the night together with Gina, but I had to pass the baton to my cousin the last minute because Ethyl just won’t let me walk away even for a second. Really got to thank Terese for taking over.

I decided that we go home as Ethyl was a handful and I do not wish to affect all the others who attended this joyous occassion.

Anne and Laurence were waiting at the door for the first march in ans was shocked when I told them we are leaving as Ethyl was too difficult to manage. I was sad, because it’s my sister’s wedding, yet I can’t attend the dinner.

I scolded Ethyl and raised my voice as I was really irritated as she had been crying almost non-stop for more than an hour. I spanked her butt, pushed her to Hubby eventhough she didn’t want to. I refused to look at her, talk to her and was angry with her for misbehaving.

When we reached the bus stop, I carried her over and and gave her a hug and said “sorry”. I knew I was silly to get upset with an 18 month-old, but I was disappointed too. Disappointed by her behaviour and also for not being able to attend Anne’s wedding.

She stopped fussing when I “sayang” her. Immediately, I asked “Do you want to go back?” She shook her head. “Do you want to go back there or do you want to go home?” She replied “go home” and pointed at the cab.

While we were on the cab, I apologised and explained to Ethyl why I blew up with her. Hubby blamed me for leaving her alone with him and made her feel insecure at the ballroom. I had to help out in the ushering and entertaining of our guests. He understands, still he sort of reprimanded me for neglecting Ethyl.

Today, Mom and Dad also thought Ethyl was super clingy and “gluey”, they felt that a little sibling is on it’s way, as I was like that when Mom was about to get preggy with the second baby. Eventhough I do wish to have one, but I can’t now…Let’s just hope it’s a phase for her and that she’ll be alright tonight.

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