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No More War!!!YEAH!!

It has been really tough to get my girl to sit on the car seat for the first 2 weekends. Last Saturday, it was different, and her behaviour really caught me unaware.

When we got into the car, she pointed to the car seat, and told me “I want sit”. Alright, I was shocked, but I was more than glad to put her on that seat. After we harness her, she said “WAH!!” and clapped her hands. We, being encouraging parents told her we were proud of her and she was gleaming in our praises too!

I was never tough to get her on that seat on Sunday too. She gladly sat in, and we gave her a clap after that.

One thing I must mention here is how unhelpful the Daddy is initially. He didn’t even bother to extend his helping hands when I was struggling with a wriggly and wailing toddler. He simply hop onto the driver’s seat, start his engine and warm his engine up. He simply sat there, doing NOTHING to help me with the “battle”.

I was upset and enraged of course. I yelled at him for not helping and the least he could do is to help me secure the belts for Ethyl while I “pin” her down. After that yell, he woke up. He acted as though anything that happened behind the driver’s seat is not in his control.

He is of course helping with the no-more-struggling toddler, I let him be…else he will take things for granted again. Oh yes, she does allow me to take the front seat this time around…but for the time being, I will still sit with her at the rear seat…just in case! 🙂


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Arty Session

This is what I have prepared for our first official painting session. Paints and materials specially meant for kids. All these are from
Early Learning Centre.

She actually enjoyed herself quite a bit!

Later on, she decided to paint herself.

This is the final product! Ethyl’s very first masterpiece. I have decided to frame this piece of work for display in our living room.

The reason why I decided not to scrimp on the materials because I know my darling will definitely want to try out the taste of her new toys. Thus, I took no chance, I got all those non-toxic materials for our art session.

We sure had a great time painting, and washing! I simply gotta crack my brains a little more when Hubby is slogging at work.

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Hunting Time

It’s the start of school hunting for us. We are going for our very first visit to a montessori nearby.

I will still stick to my plan. Only flexi-care and maximum 3 hours a day.

Hope I have better luck this round. And yes, I am serious…gotta learn to let go now!

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Having Fun!

*backdated entry*

It was definitely another hot day. Hubby came back at mid noon and I decided to let our little girl have some water fun in this steaming hot noon.

She was elated of course, she had fun playing with the water, splashing them instead of helping with Daddy to “wash car car”.

I love to see her enjoying herself so much with us!

Yes, she’ll catch a cold if we are not “careful” because our cluster here is actually very windy.

The Daddy and young girl at work!

This young owner really “sayang” the car. Indeed, she caught a cold. Her nose has been leaking for the past few days, but she was much better today after taking the medicine.

Fun time while at “work”!

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Make Up

Alright, today is the day my course is going to start. I know very well that my time with Ethyl will be further discounted, I have some plans on hand, and will try to make up for the lost time. I really hate it…but I have no choice. It’s for me, and for her…practically for our future.

I also gotta grab some furnitures for our little princess. Buy her a table, some chairs and more craft materials so that we can have more creative activities together rather than letting her watch vcds when I need to get my house work done.

Well, Daddy is having a pretty high fever since last night, he’s on 2 days medical leave…Hopefully he can make good use of the extra time to bond with Ethyl.

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We Made it!

Going diaperless shopping with Ethyl was NEVER a thought. It happened “accidentally”.

I brought her to Bukit Panjang Plaza to shop for some stationery and got her some books PLUS another set of HI 5 vcd. Well, Mom doesn’t keep any diaper or pull-up pants, I am lazy to walk back home and get them, thus, I took the liberty of bringing Ethyl shopping in her cute pany and her pair of shorts.

Once we reached the mall, I brought her to the mall because she told me “Mi, pee pee“. After that we shopped around the bookstore, got her some books, my stationery and let her take a ride on the Barney kiddy ride.

We went to a bakery, got ourselves nice cakes, I packed my lunch and back we go! Fast right? As it was past her napping time and I can see that she’s tired because she refused to walk, and was dozing off in my arms.

She pee-ed again when we were back home! Good job dearie! 🙂

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It’s Been 20!

Yes, it’s Ethyl 20th month birthday today! In another 4 months, she’ll be blowing her second candle! Let’s see how far we have gone.

  1. I’m still breastfeeding her partially
  2. we are still very attached
  3. she loves Hi 5 and Barney shows
  4. she’s a great chocolate fan
  5. she loves ice-cream from Ben & Jerry’s
  6. she has watched 2 movies (Ice Age 2 & Over The Hedge)
  7. she calls Hubby Dad Dad
  8. she’s assertive and kinda independant
  9. definitely expressive
  10. she loves dancing & talking!

There were many more…but I guess, you will know from my frequent updates.

Good Day!

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