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We snap and snap…the last photo was taken last Saturday evening while Hubby was in Bali and the series of pictures were taken on the Sunday without him.

Are you interested to see Ethyl’s passport photo taken many months back? You will be surprised. This little chubby face has been sitting on my work desk for many months.

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Small Talks

Scenerio 1

We walked into a retail shop selling kiddy stuff.

Ethyl: *took a 2 piece swim suit* Mi, I think this one quite nice. (this is so far the longest sentence she has formed)
Me: What?! You said you think this is quite nice??!! Yes, it’s nice, dear!
Ethyl: Yah…nice
Me: *turning to Hubby* She said this is quite nice…she said such a long sentence! (too ecstatic by her sudden “word attack”)
Ethyl: Mi, this is nice…

And almost everything in the shop is nice.

Scenerio 2

Me: Darling, do you think Mommy loves you too much?
Ethyl: *nods her head* Hmm…
Me: So, can Mommy love Daddy a little bit more also?
Ethyl: NOOOOOO….

Scenerio 3

Ethyl: Mommy, come
Me: Go where, dear?
Ethyl: goooo….
Me: Yah, where do you want Mommy to go?
Ethyl: Mi, come *asking me to bend down*
Me: *Squat down*
Ethyl: *gave me a kiss and a big big hug*

She’s simply loveable ain’t she? You can’t blame me for loving her so much, because she deserves it!

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Why Like That?

Hubby’s back! He fetched me back from work yesterday. I wasn’t feeling all excited upon seeing him, I wonder why…Maybe I’m just too tired.

That aside, the main reason for this entry is not totally about him anyway.

Our little one was behaving strangely after he came back. Here are some things that happened yesterday evening.

1. I was in Hubby’s arms and we were chatting.

Ethyl was playing and dancing in front of the mirror and quickly ran and asked me to carry her to the bed. She tucked herself between us and refused to let Hubby hug me.

2. While she’s having her milk, I asked if I could kiss Daddy.

She shook her head immediately and used her legs to push Daddy away. When I asked her if I could kiss her, she nodded her head almost immediately.

3. She wants to sleep with me!

We have been sleeping together, three on a bed. When we(hubby and I) needs “space”, we’ll transfer Ethyl to her cot when she’s asleep. Last night, she initiated to sleep on her cot, but changed her mind when she saw Hubby beside me.

She quickly got up and asked me to hug her. I hugged her, and she hugged me in return. She’ll keep turning her head over and make sure that Daddy isn’t hugging me. She refused to let Hubby touch her, scratch her back etc.

She was funny through the night! She fell asleep only when…I put her between us! She knows that with her in the middle, there’s no way Daddy can come near me!

But, why is she so possessive all of a sudden?

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(Second) Baby Talk

Many people has been asking when am I going to have a second baby. Those many people includes my Mom, Dad (indirectly), MIL, colleagues, friends and even my boss.

Ethyl loves baby of course, but she changed her mind after I told her she has to share her toys, books, and even Mommy’s milk.

I explained to her that if I really were to have a second child, she’ll have to stop comfort nursing for a while, and may not get to nurse as and when she feels like it.

Whenever I say this, she’ll liftt up my top, and plant her mouth on mine. She’s definitely not going to share Mommy’s milk. Nowadays, when we ask her you want baby, she’ll say “No” or “don’t want”. But if you ask her does she like babies, she’ll nod her head.

Actually, I am having second thoughts sometime ago. I feel that I no longer have any personal space, all my time are meant for work, family and studies (for now). If this goes on, I may not be able to hold on for very long.

Like I told Hubby, I need a break one day (very soon). I shall tell none of them, just spend one day to myself and do things I love.

He’s coming back tomorrow…kinda miss him already. He had to go for another longer trip to GuangZhou. Argh…I really have to sought help somewhere…exam are nearing!!

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Getting Us Ready

Ethyl’s trial session starts 4 September. We were getting ready for her and ourselves. Mom is also kinda excited as her grandbaby is starting school soon!

We have on our shopping list some stuff to get. Most of them are checked,
but I can’t get a suitable cardigan for her. I saw a knitted one at Zara, but the size was too big for her.

A water bottle from Tiger (S$55), a Hello Kitty haversack (S$49.90), a pair of Clarks shoe (S$48)

I got her this bottle because her school is fully air-conditioned and her water might turn too cold for her. I know I looked into too many details…but I’m just a Mommy. I saw this water bottle last week, but didn’t dare buy it because I was unsure if my lady would like it.

When I showed her the bottle, she was smiling as she was telling me “Mi, nice…wah…”.

Another 2 towels for her!

My labelling machine needs battery to work, hence her stuff will be labelled when I got the batteries tonight. As for the bag…I might steal this Mommy’s idea.

There is one more thing I need…courage. The courage the face the truth that my girl has grown up!

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Dad Dad has to go to Bali for work last minute and flew off on the very early morning on Friday. Mommy told 婆婆 that Dad Dad is going for only a day and will be back on Saturday.

Mommy called Dad Dad and put him on the speaker so that I can also have a chat with him. Mommy told me that Dad Dad is unsure when he’ll be back, most likely on Sunday. However, this morning when I called Dad Dad, he says he might only be back on Monday.

Needless to say, Mommy was a little disappointed because weekend is meant for us, even when Dad Dad needs to work. But my Mommy is so used to handling everything herself while Dad Dad slogs at work.

Mommy and I will be going shopping after she’s done her project. I will be good and stay with 婆婆 while Mommy writes her report. In another week, I will be starting school! Mommy wants to buy me a bag, a pair of shoes and a water bottle! I am so excited…really wonder who’ll cry more when I start school; will it be Mommy? Or will it be me?

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Birthday Planning

Ethyl’s turning 2yo in less than 3 months’ time.

I am not gonna reveal too much of what I wanted to do for her this year. Basically, there will be several small celebrations within my family and probably in her school (if she’s happy, and still there).

Cakes will be ordered from different places as we do not want to bore our princess. Oh, did I mention that she’s a cake lover? She loves cakes, nice cakes. Gourmet cake-eating is a great enjoyment for her especially. I knew exactly what I want and what I needed…

No elaborated celebration with the extended family memebers like last year. We will still have a family celebration just for the three of us, but it’ll be an outdoor trip unlike what we had last year.

The only tricky part is the Daddy’s leave application. Whether or not this day I requested him to be off and spend a good day together with little girl.

I love planning…you might already know. Especially so when I am actually planning for my loved ones.

Hubby’s birthday is 3 days after Ethyl’s. He’s is simpler…just find a restaurant and dine out will do.

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