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Party in School

I can only rey on my Mom and Hubby on updates on Ethyl’s development in school besides what is written in her communication book by the Teachers.

Teachers’ overall comment on Ethyl was good, she’s adapting and learning, got along with her peers etc. When she fell, they record too. Ethyl had a fall a couple of days back while playing at the playground, she picked herself up, didn’t cry and very soon, she was back to the playground.

There were friends in her class celebrating their 2nd birthdays and she loves the cakes, not to mention, she loves the toys too! 🙂 They are having a celebration in school today; and from what I know from Mom, she’s enjoying herself alot and they all get some gifts! So much fun isn’t it?

Children’s Day is on Sunday, Brian and I had plans to bring Ethyl out and enjoy ourselves as a family. Where are we going?? You will know if you read this blog next week!

As for me, exams are next week, projects handed up this week. I need to go on leave, thus have to clear my work as much as I could…but work can never be finished!! I am squeezing my bit of time blogging, reading (but I can’t leave comments). Pardon me for this period and I shall be back to blogsphere after my exams on Thursday!

Happy Children’s Day to ALL Daddy, Mommy, Kids!!!


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Friday, Saturday, Sunday!!!

Friday is Daddy’s off day. Mommy took this chance to get us all out to spend a quality evening together. Not sure, what Mommy meant actually…but I know it’s an evening for our family!

Daddy picked Mommy up from work, and we scooted off to Marina Square for dinner at Breeks Cafe. While waiting for our food, Mommy took out a camera (as usual) and started snapping. I squeezed a smile when Mommy snapped a picture of me!

I took some photos with my dearest Daddy and Mommy too! We had a snapping great fun!

As Daddy had to work over the weekends, our evening ended pretty early. We shopped
for a short while and call it a day.

Saturday is a day that Daddy says he has to go back to Grandma’s house. Evelyn jiejie was there, and I enjoyed her company.

Mommy is upset as she wanted to send Yiyi off to Austria for training. As she’s the “old baby” of the family, everybody is worried about her.

I Love going to the airport. It is spacious and I simply love running about!

Sunday is Daddy & Mommy’s 8th anniversary! Happy Anniversay, Daddy and Mommy!

Of course I was with them! They can’t leave me out of their celebration of course! We had Japanese food at Sushi Tei, and Mommy requested for present from Daddy. Can you make a guess what did she ask from Daddy?

She asked Daddy to buy toys! Not for her of course, but they were for her princess! Thank you, Mommy!

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A MRT Ride

We seldom take MRT. Since we seldom take MRT, which means Ethyl seldom take MRT too.

Ann and I brought her out shopping last Sunday, despite the three of us were not well. Ethyl’s excited, and is also happy on the trip!

This is her, with her doting yiyi…

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I Am Sorry

My precious, Mommy is sorry for…

not spending enough time with you on weekdays;
losing my temper when you were whiney;
not breastfeeding you like I used to anymore;
not being able to read you a proper story before bedtime;
not being able to pat you to sleep on most nights…

and lastly…

I am really guilty for letting you cry when you go to school.

You were fine before the bout of sickness. You even pleaded to go to school while you were sick. Why are you rejecting school now? Mommy felt bad as I want your schooling days to be a happy and memorable one.

I hope you know and understand that sending you to school is not a kiasu mindset on my part. I just want you to have friends, have fun and just to expose you to different learning environment. You are brave, my dear. I believe you can overcome this phase!

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Daddy’s Back!!

Ethyl is finally showing signs of recovery after I stopped giving her cough syrup three days ago. I remembered I was a “regular” for cough and taking cough syrup will only makes me feel worse, never better.

We stopped giving her all medication yesterday, and she’s showing signs of recovery!!! Phew…load off my mind!

She’ll be attending school from today. I think it isn’t too good if she were to stay away from school for too long. Anyway, she has no more fever, and is getting better already. The only way I console myself is, she’ll have better immunity after this episode. At least, this is how I think.

Brian is back. He fetched me straight from the airport in a cab. Nothing much happened, nothing special for me and Ethyl. It only goes to show that his understanding of me stopped many years ago.

Our 8th year anniversary is this Sunday, and he is working. I am not going to plan anything at all, not even for dinner. It’s up to him whether he wants to dine out or not. I have been planning most of the dates, grown tired and drained nowadays. If he remembers and is keen, he shall plan!

Some of you might be curious about the “challenge” I mentioned in the earlier post. I actually went for brazillian waxing. Not as painful as I thought it would be though. If you ask me to rate…it’s one out of five.

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This is how she looks like when her medication takes effect…

I’d rather be the one who’s sick, really. Seeing how badly she coughs, the constant “leaking” from her nostrils. The cough that leads to vomiting…hope she recovers soon!

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Updates on Ethyl

The fever is still hovering Ethyl and whenever she missed taking a feed of her medicine due to napping, the fever came back. She is a real darling; when I explained to her on the very night that we’ve seen a doctor that she has to take her medicine faithfully so that she’ll feel better and keep the away. She nodded and said “o-tay” (okay). Indeed, she took her medicine without fret and when I asked her “does this taste good?” She’ll reply by shaking her head and said “Not nice”.

Ever sice Ethyl started schooling, she dances more, sings short sentences and also show signs of independency. She can now distinguish “you”, “me”, “I”, sometimes she’ll also talk to us in short sentences using mandarin!

Teachers updated her progress in a communication book and all agreed that she loves to interact with her friends, and is a very participative student. I am glad and she surely miss her schooling for these two days!

She has not been going for her class since yesterday as she is still nursing her fever. She surely miss going to school! She kept bugging mom to bring her to school yesterday and insisted she didn’t want to stay at home!

Brian is coming back on Monday! I am definitely looking forward to his return as his existence will ease my burden at home. He is constantly SMS-ing me, checking on Ethyl’s condition and her progress in school. He got to read about Ethyl and on this blog as well!

Things seems to have gotten better…I am going to do something to challenge myself (my threshold for pain). I hope I won’t scare the people wanting to do the same…Hope it’s from…Ouch to Ahhhhh… 🙂

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