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Stuff We Did

I was the one who picked Ethyl up from school last friday. As Mom has been taking LRT home with her, I did the same in order not to disappoint my little princess.

She kept herself occupied by playing with the harness, singing and counting. We really enjoyed this short trip back home! Unlike what Mom used to tell me, Ethyl was well-behaved on the LRT and didn’t fuss a wee bit when it’s time for us to alight!

We made full use of our 10 minutes’ stroll home. We sang, chatted and I also tell her what we saw on our way back. From road names to plants, grass, flowers, bus stops and cars! That was sheer enjoyment!

Brian drove us to Jurong Point for a walk cum dinner after he came back from work. I have been craving for Long John Silver since Monday! Yum yum…

While waiting for our food to arrive, Ethyl and I started singing and palying once again! I love the way she pouts her lips…so cute!

We planned for a dip today, but it was shelved since I have not recovered from my flu. We headed downtown for a walk since it’s also time to replenish Ethyl’s wardrobe. She has outgrown most of her clothes and I shouldn’t scrimp on her.

Our shopping trip begins from Kinokuniya. We got her 2 new books and spent some time reading there. She was thrilled to bask in those books!

Next, we went to Isetan Scotts and I came by this brand, Gingersnaps. They have very nice clothes…This cheeky girl has her own taste when it comes to buying clothes. I selected a halter bare-back top for her, she says it’s not nice. Instead, she picked out another top and told me “MiMi, this one nice…I like”. I was certain that she’ll say the one I have selected for her is nice too…but both father and daughter agreed that it’s not nice.

If you wondered did I buy the halter top, the answer is “no”. I respect her decision and bough the top that she has selected for herself. I added in my loot another pair of pants, and 2 tops. I can’t buy too much at one go…else Brian will start nagging again.


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婆婆:Ah B, 的胃口进来还是很差。
婆婆:我煮了这么多好吃的,她都不吃, 真的不知道她要吃什么!
我 :减肥!





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I am having flu, so took half day MC and came back to rest. I was just in time to bring Ethyl to school. Look at her posing in front of the camera. So adorable!

When we reached the school, she made herself comfy, got out of her stroller and I asked “You need Mommy’s help to place your shoe on the rack?” “No, I know where…think q (thank you)” she replied assertively.

Indeed, she found the right column, put it in, and requested me to pass her her school bag and wave us goodbye and walked into the assembly area.

A sudden gush of warm water filled my eyes and I was so glad that she has displayed great confidence and independence at this age.

On our way home, Mom was telling me that she now knows alot more things then I thought. I was glad and sad at the same time. Glad that she’s in good hands and care from Mom, sad that I can’t withness every single achievement she has attained everyday.

My girl is now a beautiful young girl.

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Small Talks

On the LRT on their way home.

Ethyl: PoPo, see, my friend
Mom: Where?
Ethyl: There…
Mom: Oh? So, she’s your friend?
Ethyl: Yish

At home…

Me: Darling, what did teacher call you?
Ethyl: Air-ling
Me: Oh? Your name is Ethylyn…read with Mommy…E-T-H-Y-L-Y-N
Ethyl: NO! (and walks away)

At night…

Ethyl: MiMi, I want pee pee
Me: Just pee, you are wearing diaper.
Ethyl: Nooooo….I want “sai sai” (poo)
Me: Oh? Don’t bluff Mommy ok?
Ethyl: MiMi, “sai sai”…

Guess what? She tricked me. Both Brian and myself fell for her tricks countless times…

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Weaned and Off!

Ethyl is considered toilet trained at this stage. She uses one diaper a day, i.e. before bed. I do not have the habit and am plain lazy to wake up and bring her to the toilet.

Amazingly, our little girl woke up on some nights requesting me to bring her to the toilet to pee. As usual, lazy me didn’t concede to her requests, and I told her “just pee, you are wearing diaper. Mommy needs to sleep, ok?” She continued to sleep after she pee-ed (I guess).

When we bring her out (with pull-ups), she’ll insist that we bring her to the toilet and pee or poo. Gish! Both Brian and I got to search for toilets as she doesn’t want to relieve in her pull-ups. If we know we are going to places that are more kiddy friendly, we don’t mind letting her leave home without her pull-ups.

As of now, both of us are learning to go out without pull-ups. It can be pretty frustrating having to queue up if she really needs to pee urgently. What if she wets herself? Worse, wets me too!

Mom brought her to Sentosa with my aunts and cousins about 3 months back WITHOUT diaper at all! For the whole day, she didn’t have “spills”. I was really amazed back then. Mom’s advise was, I have to give my baby moral support since she didn’t want to wear diapers. True enough, she ever requested Brian and myself not to wear for her, but we inisisted as we want to save “trouble and mess”. We are autocratic parents afterall ain’t we?

In my bid to wean Ethyl off me, I have been reminding her that Mommy do not have enough for her and that she has to take bottled milk. She obliged, eventhough she does plead with me for milk occassionally. I gave in last Sunday after 2 weeks of persistence. She latched on me, and refused to “detach”. This goes on for an hour! After that I asked her, “Do you know that Mommy has no more milk for you?”, she replied “got a bit”. “You like Mommy’s milk?” “Yish” (yes). I explained to her once again and she seems to understand that she has grown up and she can’t feed on me forever.

To me, she’s officially weaned, comfort sucking once in a while should be the last time since the Sunday that has just passed.

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It’s a gift from above that you came to us. In my pregnancy, I was the Queen of the family. Everyone gave in to me though I may be unreasonable at times; especially so for Daddy. He’s forever so gentle towards me then.

Daddy has been asking if I still remembered how it felt to be preggy back then recently. To be frank, I can’t really remember, but I know it’s a wonderful start for our parenthood. I remembered that you loved “Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars” while you were in me. Do you know that you made Mommy cried while I was in the labour suite? You were cheeky, and you poo-ed inside my belly. Thank goodness you were fine and healthy.

Do you know that you have changed our lives significantly eversince you arrived? The moment you came, you have become part of us; we breathe you, sleep you, talk you and drink you. You are important to Daddy and Mommy. There was never a time that we regretted having you, not now, not ever.

As an infant, you were considered a very easy to look after child. You slept most of the time, gave Mommy very little problems in breastfeeding and latching. You slept through the nights since you were about 2mos. You made our lives fulfilled and we are living in pride, because we have you!

As you were older, our bond flourished and that sort of tied us so close that I couldn’t leave you out of my sight for a mere second. Everything of you is unique and we simply couldn’t get enough of you! Nonetheless, you made our lives more interesting with your laughter!

You made changes in Daddy and Mommy’s relationship. We are now more mature in handling situations and you made me mellow down quite a bit. Things were never the same again! It’s not true if I say we never complained. We did, because we have really very limited time spent together as a couple. Having said that, we’d rather give up that couple time and spent our time together as a family! We both enjoyed it, really!

Now, you are almost 2yos, you started to make Mommy and Daddy upset with all the nonsensical tantrums, and some unreasonable requests. Though I do scold and sometimes smack your thigh, it pains Mommy more than you. Whenever I beat you with my bare hand, my palm hurts and my heart was pierced a trillion times. When I sometimes says “you are naughty, Mommy don’t want you” you got angry, fold your arms and pot your lips for a short while. Soon after, you came to me, trying to cajole me with your pitiful look. That was awfully cute!

I love the way you are, baby! In my eyes, you are the most beautiful girl on earth! Daddy and Mommy will continue to love you and guide you till you are old enough to navigate your life.

Remember darling, in this earth, there will be someone out there who won’t like you, and don’t love you. Just bear in mind, Mommy’s arm is always open for you! I love you, Ethylyn!

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Singing Clip

I took this about 2 weeks back. Pardon me as I need to prompt little one to sing.

Please click here for the video

Little one isn’t with me and I felt pretty uncomfy about it. She’s asleep and we didn’t want to wake her up…but I really miss her alot!!! Boohoohoo!!!

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