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Trip to Ikea

Brian got Ethyl her birthday pressies from Ikea.

This is her gift number 1. Our engineers at work!

My cheeky monkey posing for the camera.

Tired after work…

Brian also got her a table and two chairs.

Should I say more? Ethyl’s happy with her bed, and we stick some luminous Pooh Bear stickers for her. That made her even happier!


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Thank you, Mommy

I was awed when my little girl told me yesterday when I was busy changing her into her birthday attire yesterday. She looked at me and said “Thank you, Mommy!”…

I almost melted at that moment!

While I was updating her blog for her birthday, she blurted “happy birthday to you, Mommy!”. I looked at her, and told her it’s her birthday, not mine. I have done the minimal I can for her just to make her happy. She looked at me as though she really understood my words.

I am glad that she is such a sensible girl and is appreciative to whatever we have done for her. Some may say I am silly to spend on cakes, but I enjoy doing it especially when such gestures and cheer the little one. Of course, I will coach her the right way…it’s the heart that counts, not the value.

Her birthday is over, and Daddy’s is tomorrow…we have some plans…hopefully we can have lunch and karaoke still. I got a message from Hubby that his leave was revoked (geez). I hope he can bring me better news later!

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Celebration #1

I made a reservation at Country Manna for dinner with my darlings. See how happy little girl was!

Having dinner is sooo much fun! The food wasn’t too good, but the company was terrific! Ethyl is going 2, and she sure knows how to make every moment of waiting time fulfilling for her company. She is cheeky and makes both Brian and myself laugh non-stop.

After dinner, our little girl is still asking to have a cake. Since she likes crowds and have people singing birthday song for her, we decided to get a cake from Marina square and share our “achievements” as parents to our proud 2yo with Brian’s family.

Her cake number 1 from – Secret Recipe.

Celebration #2

Sunday, 19 November 2006, we celebrated Ethyl’s birthday the second time. This time, the cake is from Canele Patisserie Chocolaterie

This celebration is within my family. This little girl really loves cakes. She kept asking for, “Cake, Ethyl’s cake…MiMi, Ethyl wants cake”.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Her doting yiyis got her a 2 big fat hunny lover!

Celebration #3

Her third celebration is one of her happiest! She was so excited to celebrate her special occassion with her friends and teachers!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Cake #3 from Room for Dessert
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Our girl is 2!!!
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

This is a short video of her school celebration

I hope a simple celebration like this will make her happy! Since she likes crowds, I am actually thinking of what I can do for her on her third birthday! A little early…but it’ll give me ample to time to make changes to suit her as the time nears! 🙂

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Long Birthday Week

This is a week of cakes!

Ethyl and Hubby’s birthday celebration will start today. Since he had to work, we’ll have our dinner when he comes back. After that, we’ll take a stroll at the esplanade and enjoy the cool breeze under the stars.

My family is pretty excited about Ethyl turning 2. Since they want to celebrate with our baby, there is no reason I can reject. I’ll get the cake from Canele and have a short celebration and head off to Clementi and attend a full month party. This short celebration is for both Hubby and Ethyl. I’m not bias…

Monday will be the first time our darling will celebrate her birthday in school. She loves crowds and is always envious when her friends celebrated in school. This is now her turn, and little one is in her party mood!

Thursday is another day of celebration for Hubby. We’ll send Ethyl to school and have a twosome time together. We’ll pick Ethyl up from school, and go for a movie Happy Feet.

She enjoys movies like we do, and loves those lovely penguins very much when she sees the trailers.

Shy to say, I have not gotten any gift as pressies for them. I thought of getting Ethyl an easel stand from ELC for her to doodle and draw. I wished to get her something that will be put into good use rather than a white elephant.

I’ll be spontaneous and if Ethyl likes, I’ll buy! There’s also shopping to be done for christmas! Gosh…a season of “holey” pockets!

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When Is Mine?

Well, I am not able to keep my feelings any longer because there are so many blogging mamas who are preggy. Even Ivy is going to join in the league. I am soooo envious.

Initially I thought Ethyl wasn’t ready to accept a new member in the family, and so, I wasn’t as keen. Now, she is requesting for didi and meimei and she told me on Saturday that she wants TWO (didi and meimei) and is more than glad to share her Mommy; I know she’s more than ready.

Yesterday, I brought up this topic to Brian again. This time, he said “We’ll start after you have changed a job and settled down”. Ethyl heard our conversations and went…”I want baby…I want THREE…”; “I want didi, didi, meimei…”; “I want TWO to THREE!”

Her Daddy heard her loud and clear this time. “So, what do you think if we were to have twins the next round?” I asked. “I don’t dare to think!” he replied.

Colleagues around me are also preggy, friends also preggy…even blogsphere is so productive…hope my turn will come soon…

Here are some pictures of Ethyl taken recently.

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Loving Her His Way

Brian is a very reserve man. Unlike me, he doesn’t feel very comfy with expressing his love and care so readily. However, he loves Ethyl his own way. Very little words, but lotsa actions.

Last Saturday, we were on our way home from Bugis and Hubby asked Ethyl “Do you want to see beautiful lightings?” Needless to say, Ethyl was happy and Brian drove us to Orchard. From Bugis to Orchard, we need to make a detour and the traffic was pretty heavy. “There’s a jam and we need to make a detour so that she can see the lights.” I said. His reply touched me…for that was his way of loving Ethyl in a simple way. “Making a detour is a small issue. I will make sure she sees the lights.”

Ethyl wasn’t really thrilled that day. She was tired and sleepy by the time we reach Orchard. Nevertheless, Daddy promised Ethyl to bring her down another day so that we can all take some photos as memory (and also for blogging).

Yesterday, we went shopping for Ethyl’s coming birthday celebration in school. It was scorching and so Daddy suggested we go for a dip. It started to rain by the time we reached home and the usual thing that Daddy will do is…CANCEL the swimming session.

To my surprise, he didn’t! Instead, he said “We have the time, we can wait. Even if it’s 5pm, we’ll wait.”.

The rain wasn’t heavy at 4pm and we set off to Clementi for a dip. Thank goodness it wasn’t raining there. We Ethyl enjoyed herself so much there! From the short session, I can see that Brian is still as protective to our little girl but the difference is…he’s so proud her too!

She’s brave and courageous enoough to just use her arm floats and keep head above the water. Even when she dunked, she’ll kick her legs and once again, she’ll start to “swim”. Whenever Hubby goes near her, she’ll tell him “DeeDee, I swim”, or “Ethyl swim”, or “DeeDee, no hands (meaning hands off)”.

Brian promised to bring her swimming more frequently after yesterday’s session. I really hope that he’ll materialise his promise this time around!

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3 Little Things

I have been pretty busy lately and am unable to update and read that frequently. I promise, once I am less busy, I will be back with more photos and I will start leaving comments.

Here is a little something that I haven’t been blogging about Ethyl…Something that we have done in the past one or two months.

Making Butterfly Bread

I got this idea from one of her Hi 5 Party VCD.

See how happy she is making her fairy bread! It’s kinda messy, but as long as Ethyl enjoys, I don’t mind the cleaning up! Best part of all…she licks the chocolate and candy rice rather than eating her bread. I simply love everything she does! Staying at home can be fun too!

Shopping @ Vivo City

We have been there several times. I didn’t really like the place though. Too big without proper signages, the sound were all entrapped in the mall making it very noisy and my patience leaned whenever I’m there. Nevertheless, it is a one-stop shopping mall for US (Ethyl & me)!

I do love their outdoor playground. It is big, but there were too many kids playing there, thus I didn’t let Ethyl play there.

Look at my girl! She’s sitting in such an un-demure posture!

Last Saturday
We went out as a family last Saturday. This top that she’s wearing is the one that she has choosen herself. Nice on her isn’t it?
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
The picture below is taken while we were waiting for our food at Ajisen, Takashimaya.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Little girl is turning 2 in another 9 days. I have noticed a leap in her development lately. Needless to say, she’s a real darling…she’s generous with her hugs and kisses! How can I not adore her like that?

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