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Bubbly Bliss

This is a day whereby my precious woke up feeling very happy and blissful! She was full of smiles as soon as she opened her eyes and greeted us “good morning”! On most weekdays last week, When Mom is around, precious actually whined and cried saying “I want my Mommy” whenever she had to leave with Mom. I need to have some peace so that I can study. I can rarely touch my books when she’s with me.

We went to Bangkit with Mom for breakfast today. Mom used to go alone as all of us woke up pretty late (8.30am is considered late to my Mom). We had our breakie and had a shop around the stalls. They were already selling CNY stuff!


I got these ang baos at $2 for 3 packs! Call me kiasu, I bought these all because my little girl said “wow…so cute”!

For today, I planned some simple activities for our babe since Brian is around. I still would love to have her playing bubbles as her smiles are priceless whenever she’s enjoying herself! This time around, I have grown wiser, I poured an amount that would last us for about 15 to 20 minutes. And when the bubble solution is used up, she had to end the game. No abd experience this time! 🙂


We brought precious home and cleaned her before we brought her out for another round of fun!


We went on to get some groceries done after she had another round of fun. Got ourselves ready, and went on to Ikea at Tampines. Had our lunch there,


My purpose there was to get some ideas and see what kind of furniture I can get to do up a room that is beautiful yet cosy and comfy for our Ethyl. Yes, both Brian and I have in mind what we roughly wanted and we will start our shopping trip slightly later (after CNY). As we need to re-paint her room, and also think of how to settle her in her new room.


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I am elated at the fact that Hubby can FINALLY spend 3/4 of his day with us!!!

He has been working hard for the past 14 days; OT and even had to go back to work on his off days. Poor dear dear…

What shall we do tomorrow? I hope the weather’s breezy and cool for outdoors!

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What Is Daddy’s Name?

Brian do not like to idea of people calling him “Ah Heng”. THis is how his family calls him.

Mom has been teaching Ethyl our names. Since Mom is teaching her in chinese, I taught her our english names.

She got my name correct and remembers well! As for Daddy’s name…her most frequent reply was…”hot dog”!

Wonder how she got to link “hot dog” to Brian, anyway, I always laugh when she says Daddy’s name is “hot dog”. But there were also occassions that she remembers Daddy’s name is “Brian”, but “hot dog” pops out more often.

Maybe Daddy looks like her fave food…LOL

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Development Updates

Ethyl’s PTM was in 16 December 2006. I didn’t blog about it because there were certain feedbacks from teachers that I really couldn’t believe. I don’t doubt their words, but there were things that I never expected Ethyl to grasp in such a short timeframe.

She’s considerably new in the environment, and teachers loved her. Teacher Ann told me about what she can do and her teachers were surprised by her confidence and independence. Teacher Ann said many nice things…she was telling me to look at her work and I will understand what she meant.
This is Ethyl’s art work. She is afraid of the cat that she has made.

Her hand paintings.

Teacher Ann was sharing with me that Ethyl is able to complete tasks with instructions and guidance. I guess hand painting is part of that remark. She mentioned to me that they will be taught and showed how to complete their tasks and after that, they will do it on their own with a wee bit of teacher’s help.

Some colourings.

I can see that her colouring has improved a bit. The colours falls mostly on the picture than outside the picure. Though it is still not within the line, but I can see the improvements!

Another surprise for me was her language ability. Her montessori phonics was very very good! Teacher Ann, being her English teacher brought this up to me that she can remember the sounds of the alphabets and is also able to link the sounds to the pictures after being shown once. To be frank, I really am not sure if I should believe. So, I took her materials and tested her a little yesterday. She got them right!

On her motor skills, teachers also mentioned that she is able to do pasting without much help alone. Although it may not be perfect, but to them, being able to do it correctly is an achievement!


On her math, Teacher Ann mentioned that she can count from 1 to 5. I was baffled. Ethyl can count from 1 to 10 effortlessly in both english and mandarin. This brought out another point. Teacher Ann loves Ethyl and loves to talk to her. Ethyl simply refused to talk to her. Instead, she’ll talk to Teacher Ross, Teacher Grace and 陈老师. However, Ethyl reciprocates by giving hugs and kisses to Teacher Ann.

Social wise, she’s getting along very well with her friends and even had friends that she likes to be with. The 2 Jovans are her best friends, 2 Amos were good friends to her and Alyssa is another friends whom she likes to play with. Teachers observed that she is a very observant girl and attentive when teachers gave instructions to them.

Music and Dance is something that she enjoys. She picked up alot of songs and movements from the school. Though some songs she only knows a bit here and there, she can actually remember the rhythm.

Her chinese teacher, 陈老师 is on leave at that time when PTM was held, thus I am unable to know more about her chinese language development. However, Teacher Ann mentioned to me that she ever communicate to 陈老师 using mandarin and 陈老师 understands what she was trying to say. I guess that’s considered not too bad.

Teacher Veron who is a K2 teacher also observed that Ethyl is able to pay very good attention during lesson time. For her age, her overall development was considered good and I am pleased. However, I did not praise her much, just in case she gets big-headed. When I told her her colouring is not very nice and needs improvements, she went “Oh…not so nice…Ethyl colour not nice”. When I told her she has done a very good job in her phonics and counting, she’ll be so happy!

It’s too early to tell if she’s good or not. Anyway, people do change. I will reinforce what she has learnt in school from home and not forgetting the good habit of reading!

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For 2007, I Hope To…

1. Bring Ethyl to the Zoo before the Polars are back to where they are supposed to be

2. Bring Ethyl to Sentosa before my 27th birthday

3. Bring Ethyl for a holiday at Aussie and catch a Hi 5 concert

4. Move Ethyl to her own room

5. Bring Ethyl to Wild Wild Wet!!!

Anything else? There were more in my list though…I wish we could start something on voluntary work.

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Baby Names

Brian initiated a talk on this subject a little while ago. He asked what baby names do I intend to pick our next baby. Needless to say, those motherly lava overflowed with excitement once again and I talked non-stop on baby names.

Ethylyn was choosen by me. I came chanced upon a baby names book at Times bookstore, and selected this name for her. For our second child…I also went to Times bookstore and browse through some baby naming books. I also like Ethelena, Elysis and Elena. If the next one is a girl, Ethelena is my likely choice.

If the baby is going to be a boy…I really don’t have much ideas. When I was carrying Ethyl, I picked Xavier as my choice. For now, since I have used “E”, I will stick by it. I can only think of…Ethan. I actually to Brian that if it’s a boy, I’ll just name him Brian Junior and he wasn’t into this idea.

He asked me to think of one more name for the boy…In case Ethyl’s predictions of having two didi came true, at least I am prepared (duh). I have been thinking very hard…if it’s another name…what shall it be?

I really can’t think of any for the time being. This time, his request is simple. It has to be a name that can be easily pronounced unlike Ethylyn’s. It’s not that tough either right? It’s just that people can’t pronounce it properly, it has got nothing to do with the name.

Having said that, I am glad that he has (for more than once) initiated on the topic for a second baby. He has been nagging at me to take my Yomieshu, take more healthy food and build up my body and get ready for a second baby. I shall do so (hopefully) soon!

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Worrying Appetite

Looking after a sick baby made me lose 3kgs (which is very good news!) Woahaha…

What’s worrying me now is the decreasing appetite of precious. Eversince she was sick, we got to consistently remind her to take her milk. She can take only 2 bottles of milk (half finished) and last her till 6pm. Nothing else, except water and milk.

I thought her appetite will change for the better after she recovers; seems like I have to worry a little longer. She still refused to eat much. She doesn’t ask for milk when she wakes up in the morning. Instead, I got to keep telling her that she needs to drink milk to get well…blah blah blah. As she does vomit sometimes, I was afraid that her gastric will feel uncomfy if she doesn’t eat.

We pleaded with her to drink her milk. Situation has since improved a little. From half finished milk, she can finish up her bottle of milk. Mom said it could be the meds that made her lose her appetite. Since her nose has cleared, I stopped her cough syrup as she’s not shown improvement after taking it. It helps alot when I stopped the cough syrup. She no longer cough that much!

We even attempted to bring her to her fave place for food “Macnonald”. She can usually eat about 2 to 3 pieces of nuggets. The other day, she only took a bite, ate one fry and finished up a pack of fresh milk, and that’s her dinner!

We tried to cook for her, simple dishes, plain porridge etc, but she simply took 2 to 3 feeds and stopped.

Any idea how to improve her appetite? I am really at a lost as to how to make her eat more.

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