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Simply Sweet!




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Thank you all for the comments.

We certainly felt better, and to make things clear, changing an environment for Ethyl is not in my action list.

All of us were comfortable with her current school, her environment as well as her teachers (except one). Sending her to school is a common decision my family concluded so that Ethyl can socialise with other kids, adults and of course, learn in a more vibrant environment.

We also try to be as participative as we are not the kind of parent who wash our hands off once she goes to school.

DtheD is right, Ivy is also right. No one place is perfect, I made my objectives clear to her teachers that my main purpose in sending Ethyl to school, and we will work hand in hand. I do not want to create an impression on her that she was being “forced” to school. And of course, the last thing I wanted was to make Ethyl loathe the idea of schooling.

I did not mention any names in the discussion, as I do not want to jump to conclusion base on my own observations and jeopordise someone’s livelihood.

For all I can say now is, she still crys, and I have also started explaining to her that she gets the privildge of going for a 3-hour session instead of a full day program. We also assure her that going to school is a fun experience and she can be with her friends.

I hope this episode will end soon, and I get to see my girl trotting happily to school once again!

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My Girl, My Friend

Hubby is away for reservist. He will not be able to return till Friday, and has to be back in-camp for the weekend.

It was also hard for me to turn in without him. Ethyl knew that Daddy’s not around and she was very well-behaved last night. We chatted and I asked her about her friends and talked about our planned holiday for this year. We were both excited and looking forward.

All of a sudden, she wrapped her arms around me and said “Mommy, Ethyl’s here…Ethyl sayang Mommy”. Aww….Awfully sweet and adorable yah?

Ethyl also mentioned about going shopping with me, and of course, we talked a little abouyt clothes and toys. Can you guess what she requested me to buy for her? She requested a bag and a pair of beautiful shoes! “Mommy carry bag go shopping, Ethyl no bag. Mommy buy for Ethyl and go shopping”. “Ethyl cry when Mommy don’t buy shoe. Cannot cry, Mommy buy shoe for Ethyl ok?”

She remembered she cried when the pair of shoes we tried at GAP wasn’t her fit. Just like her, I love the pair of pumps, but we had to let go because size 6 she can’t wear, and size 7 is too big for her.

Think she understand the fun of shopping, and I hope she’ll really be my companion when she’s older!

We both miss our man! He misses us too! He kept calling me and chat with me! 🙂

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Felt very lousy whenever I think of Ethyl’s plea about not going to school. Decided to wait no-more, I trotted down 30 minutes earlier than the dismissal time to have a talk with the Teachers and also to monitor her in class.

Teacher HuiHui and Jasmine (Administrator) had been observing Ethyl’s unusual behaviour for the past weeks. It is good that I get to know more and trying to help, because we all wanted Ethyl to enjoy going to school, especially at this tender age.

They were having a ball of time! My little pumpkin is also having fun at the playground! She’s such a happy child! I did not mention about the Teacher though. However, it was very obvious to me that of all the 4 teachers, Ethyl didn’t chose to interact with her.

The nursery group was splited into 2 groups for play. Two teachers to a group. Ethyl was with the teachers whom she mentioned she likes, and 陈老师 was with the teacher whom Ethyl didn’t mention to me at all.

Before we left, Ethyl went to 陈老师, squatted infront of her and told her in her accented-mandarin that she’s leaving and made a very cute face. She waved bye bye to the other teachers and we left.

That teacher always had a frumpy face, doesn’t smile and I didn’t see her interacting well with the kids. Probably that is why she isn’t popular.

Anyway, after talking to the teachers, and made my own observation (though it was short), I have realised that Ethyl loves being in the environment. Can you believe she refused to leave with me after my discussion? When I told her, “it’s time to go, darling”, she’ll say “not yet”.

We shall monitor her, together with the teachers’ effort and hope Ethyl will start enjoying school again!

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Early Greetings!

Find this video very cute, thus decided to share this video earlier! 🙂

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School/Teacher(s) Issue

Ethyl was promoted to N1 since last year, and my first interaction with her playgroup (PG) teachers proved that she is adapting well to her new class.

Beginning of this year, she started to tell us she doesn’t want to go to school. I have seen her N1 teachers, had some interactions with them during our outing, and didn’t have very positive feelings of this particular Teacher.

Ethyl is a person, somewhat like me. She’ll tell you who she likes and dislikes, her facial expressions and body language will also indicate her preference. I am 100% pleased with her PG teachers. They were loving and caring towards the kids in the class. I witnessed some very sweet incidents myself.

Like I have mentioned, Ethyl kept telling me she likes Teacher Ann (PG), Teacher Ross (PG), Teacher Mona (Mohana, N1), Teacher Indra (N1), and 陈老师 (PG, N1). She has never told me she liked the other Teacher.

Mom brought up the same concern to me few days back. She mentioned about her feel on one of the teachers that she don’t feel comfortable with. She described halfway, and I continued. Immediately, we knew we were talking about the same person.

I love the school, from the office staff to the Teachers…Ethyl gained alot of knowledge from the environment too. I somehow need to make a decision to help Ethyl blend into the environment again (she doesn’t cry when Teacher Ann came out to bring her into the class). Briefly discussed with Brian my thoughts of wanting to request to go to the school and talk with the teachers, but he said it is not so nice. Told Mom I wanted to go and just monitor for a day, she said with my presence the teachers will not be their usual self. So, what do I do?

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Conversation Fun

Daddy: I need to go for a haircut later
Mommy: Alright then….we’ll wait for you

*when we reached the barber shop, and saw a long queue*

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