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Fever Again!!!

Ethyl had a high fever yesterday afternoon. Temperature shot up to 38.9 degrees C.

I was really edgy and because the noon sun was scorching, we decided to bring her to the clinic just a few steps away. I really made a wrong choice!!! We went in and out of the clinic in mere 2 minutes (shorter than 2 minutes). He didn’t say much, just say we need to sponge her.


I got to know what kind of medications that was given to Ethyl until the nurse showed me. Ethyl was prescribed with Nurofen and augmentin. I asked if we can make do with nurofen or paracetemol rather than put Ethyl on augmentin. She said, doctor prescribed because Ethyl had high fever.

Never mind, gave Ethyl her meds and she drifted to slumberland. She’s really tired.

I brought her home as she’s clingy and I have no wish to upset my precious especially when she’s sick. She’s sleepy and kept telling me “Mommy, Ethyl’s so tired”, shut her eyes, and drifted to sleep again.

When the meds took effect, she’ll be up and back to her chatty self again. When the meds wear off, she’ll be tired and sleepy again. She threw up twice in the evening and both Hubby and I decided to bring her to her usual GP for a check. We have no faith in that doctor near us.


Doc prescribed us with paracetemol and we were told to alternate with nurofen every 4 hourly until her fever is in control. Till now, her forehead is still burning, but not as bad as yesterday.

We wanted suppositories from the doc, but he said it’s not necessary. He did comment on the precription of augmentin though. Since Ethyl has started, we can’t stop. Just got to let her finish the course.

I hope she’ll recover soon…she’s been falling sick since last december, on and off…hope she’ll have better immunity after this episode.


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Questioning Me?

Ethyl started asking questions many months back, but those were all simple questions like..what, why, where and how.

These days, she’ll ask more structured questions.

“Daddy, what happen? How come your face red red? What happened?

“Oh, that’s a pimple, Daddy ate too many oily stuff and bak kwa during CNY, that’s why got pimples. You cannot eat so many bak kwa, else you will also have pimples like Daddy”

“Orh, pimples…aiyo”

This is one classic example. Other than that, when she sees my bruises, she’ll ask me what happen (again), and at the same time ask “Is this painful?”.

When I ask her to do something, she’ll ask “Why” and when we wanted her to find something, she’ll ask “Where is it?” and when she found something we wanted, she’ll ask again, “Is this correct”

So many question marks from this little girl!

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Lion Dance & Chill Out

Another annual event, Lion Dance at Aunt’s stall. Ethyl met up with his young uncles (my cousins) once again and had lotsa fun mingling with the boys.


Ethyl loves to play with Uncle Jiaming! And of course, this boy is gentle and looks after her as well.


This little boy is Joel. Remember him? He’s now a cute little boy who loves to eat! Both kiddos are always jealous of each other. When aunt carries Ethyl, he’ll fight for attention and whine…likewise for my missy. She doesn’t whine, she cries…teardrops will just roll down her rosy cheeks.

Since missy is afraid of lion dance, Hubby carried her and they watched from afar. I was the videographer this time around, and was busying with capturing nice shots and moves.


After catching the stunt, I couldn’t find my darlings. They actually went to seek “refuge” in the car! Missy requested Brian to bring her far far away from the lion dance! To my surprise, Brian told me Ethyl said to him “Mommy so brave and bold, not scared of lion dance…Ethyl so scared”

When we got back in the car, I showed her what I had captured. She was thrilled! She even said the lion was nice and so clever, so cute, can even blink it’s eyes!

While waiting for Hubby in the car, we took a photo of ourselves. Hubby brought us to Maxwell market for porridge…YUMMY!!! One of my favourite!!! YUM YUM!!!


It rained as soon as we finished our lunch. Brian drove all of us to Vivo City hoping to catch a movie since missy was tired. Too bad, all the shows we wanted to catch were full. I suddenly felt tired and bloated, I suggested we head home for a nap. Brian was reluctant and we stayed on and went to Coffeebean for a chat.

Can’t really remember when was our last chill out like this…It was great to have some quiet times together, drinking hot chocolate, and enjoying cheesecake.


And yes, I am really not well (again!). We headed home as I was really too tired to carry on walking. Basically I was lying on the bed most times and whining to my man about how uncomfy I felt. Felt bloated, tired, and my head weighs a tonne!

I am really thankful to him for looking after Ethyl and let me rest. Probably because I casually mentioned to him that I am too tired and exhausted looking after our kid and since he’s not helping much, he can’t request for a second kid. I know at times missy is fussy and always rejects her Daddy, and insisted on wanting her Mommy to help her this, help her that.

Whatever it is, I can see his improvement and from what Veronica shared about her lost child, I will take every kid as a blessing!

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Lou Hei

This is really fun! This year, Ethyl is old enough to join us in our annual Lou Hei on the seventh day of the lunar month commonly known as δΊΊζ—₯, everybody’s birthday.

We had steamboat for dinner, and after the yummy dinner, we had our lead of the day presented…YU SHENG!!!!



Mom used abalone instead of salmon. Personally, I do prefer salmon to abalone. Anyway, it’s a really fun thing to have our family gathered together for the same purpose, eat and gamble!!! This is also Ethyl’s first time using a pair of chopsticks to toss yu sheng. She’s doing pretty well! πŸ™‚


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His Change

Yesterday we went to Hubby’s aunt house for a CNY gathering and Ethyl was so excited to see a pair of 4mo twins.

Upon seeing how excited his girl is over the babies, Hubby asked a question that he seldom asked and had always tried to avoid.

“Ethyl, you like babies? Ask Mommy to give you a baby you want?”

I was astonished by his words. Really too stunned to react. I brushed off by saying…

“Ok, Mommy will try later, not now ok?”

Later on, SIL came to me and said

“Meimei loves babies hor? See, she kept looking at them. I think if she will love the younger sibling if she has one.”

“Yah lor, but very strange, she kept asking for one, until I told her she must share everything with the baby and she stopped asking. Now, she sees babies and she knows how to sayang babies with gentle strokes etc”

Best of all, SIL kept telling Ethyl to ask me for babies…gosh, I am not a baby churning machine!

The Mom of the twins chatted with me

“It’s almost time to plan for a second child. Else the age gap will be too wide and it’s tiring”

“I know, but somehow…I won’t know how to manage 2 kids. Ethly is sensitive, and I have channelled all my attention on her since she was our first born. If the second one comes along, I don’t know how to manage her feelings.”

“Yah, I can see that she is your darling…somehow you will manage”

I really pray to get all the wisdom in nurturing child(ren) who will share and love each other.

Back to Hubby’s change…I kept thinking about what he mentioned to Ethyl and asked him on our way back home.

“Dear, how come you tell Ethyl to ask me give her a baby since she likes so much?”

*he paused* “I think we can have babies, but I know not now”

“Yah, when I get a job and settle down, we’ll plan”

I can see from his rear mirror’s reflection that he is sincere in his words. Though it really baffles me (he seldom express himself well) on the words he told Ethyl in my presence, I am glad at the same time.

Now, the one who’s not ready is me! Hahah…I actually told him I am afraid of looking after a newborn now. Ethyl’s beginning to get less dependent on me, and since he’s unable to help much, it’ll be exhausting for me, especially if I work, preggy, and after that looking after 2 kids.

ARGH!!! What am I doing?!! We can plan, but may not always have…so, let’s just pray that I get all the wisdom and energy to be a super mommy when time comes!

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Missy’s Excuses

I am surprised by EThyl’s ability to find excuses for not wanting to do/go something/somewhere.

She missed her school for the whole of last week because of her diarrhea, missed school on Wednesday and was back to school yesterday. There were struggles and pleadings, but something different took place at the same time.

Mom recounted what happened to me when she brought missy to school.

“PoPo, Ethyl hungry…I want eat rice rice” (foodcourt is just next to her school)

“You have eaten, now it’s time for school”

“No, PoPo, I hungry again…I want eat something”

Mom did not give in of course. Today, she said something different to me when Hubby and I brought her to school.

“Mommy, I want go supermarket buy things…don’t want go school. School close already, no teachers”

“Darling, school is opened and it’s time for school”

“Mommy, I don’t want go school please…I want go supermarket buy things. I hungry want eat rice rice can?”

“I’m afraid not. It’s time for school, and we’ll do all other things after your class ended ok? Be a good girl, you are Mommy’s brave girl girl.”

See…so young and can find lotsa excuses…headache!

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Itsy Bitsy

What Pauline (Cousin-in-law) said to me, kept playing back in my head.

“It’s time for a second kid…take every child as a blessing, gender is not a matter…”

I love kids, no doubts about this. If I can get a placement soon, most likely we’ll plan for a kid late this year. πŸ™‚ We have come to terms and decided to be the best parents we can be to our kid(s).

I still hope for a girl girl though…Look at Ethyl’s clothes and shoes, how can I bear to part with them…

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