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A Weekend Out

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Little girl is prepared to go shopping!!!

Hubby promised Ethyl to bring to Mac for breakfast (again). Hence we got off earlier, because we have an appointment at 1045hrs with Dr S. Ng for Ethyl’s pneumococcal jab.

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My vain vain girl 🙂

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still posing

I have in mind to get Ethyl some learning materials on Saturday while Hubby’s off. Since she’s doing pretty well for her school work, I thought using the progress chart as a guideline for me to teach her at home.

Her pre-writing skills were pretty impressive for her age, at least to me, thus I got her some books with pre-writing skills in mind. Somehow, I couldn’t find good chinese books.

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Got her 2 boxes of puzzles actualy, but I couldn’t seem to find the other box. Probably she brought it along with her to Mom’s this morning.

She is good with puzzles. After three rounds of teaching, she can actually put together the 3 and 4 piece puzzles without much help!

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Some pictures taken on that day…

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See the sticker on her top, it’s from Dr. S. Ng for her being so brave for not crying during the jab! And here she is, mimicking us when we place our order.

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Cutie is enjoying her cheesecake alot! When Hubby drove into Marina Square’s carpark, she suddenly said “Yeah!!! We go and eat cake!!!”. She remembered that we came to the same place for cake last weekend! 🙂 Good memory she has there! 😉


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I was always happy when weekends are approaching. It means, I get to spend good time with Big Boy and Little Girl, provided he’s not working.

Saturday seems fine, we were out (to be posted later), spend quality time together and went for dinner with my parents and sisters. All seems too good, and after dinner, I started feeling queasy. Felt bloated and yes, felt like puking.

My concerned sisters started asking “Oh, number 2?”, “Orh, number 2 and 3?”…how concern they are yah?

I felt lethargic all of a sudden, went back home, laid on the bed and Hubby had to remind me to take my bath before I snooze.

I thought by sleeping, I would feel better. Who knows I woke up at 12ish and started to be the merlion. On and off, at least once every half hourly. Gosh, Hubby was sleeping like a beauty, I was so upset and gave him a big, hard smack on his butt and woke him up.

He was nonchalant of what’s going on, and started to reprimand me for being so violent. 😦 When he finally sees how bad I was, he was a little concerned, but still, he laid on his bed most times. I know he can do nothing to make me feel better, but he could have at least woke up and sayang me….

Anyway, I puked till 7ish and little girl woke up. She’s such a dear! She sat beside me while I was “embracing” the toilet and patting my back. See, can you see the difference? After I stopped puking, Ethyl said “Mommy, let’s go room room, don’t vomit already (held my hands), come, Ethyl see whether got fever (places her palm on my forehead), Oh, got fever…come, we go doctor’s clinic and see doctor”.

Her little actions simply touched me.

Having said that, she was not as cooperative in the evening. She started to cling onto me and kept asking me to play with her. Though she knew that I am unwell, she’s still very persistent. Maybe I have been sleeping the whole day and neglected her. Cutie slept at 9pm, this gave me an excuse to sleep early too!

Thinking that I am fine and well, though body is aching and feeling giddy, I came to work. Now, I know I can’t be stubborn. I had better go and see the doctor again, and get my much needed rest!

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Neck Long Long

I am waiting for Brian to work with Ethyl for a Mother’s Day card for me…will I get it this year?

I know for sure, he’s gonna bring me out on Mother’s Day for some yummy Japanese food…Hope he can find a child-friendly environment like what he did on my birthday.

Should I see no card on Mother’s Day, he shall have no treat on Father’s Day!!! I will just give him a card! *evil laugh*

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Library Visits

I planned to bing Ethyl to the library at least twice a month. Having said that, I am unsure if we should borrow books back home. Little girl has her mini collection of books which she is never tired of (at least for now). So, for the time being, I just bring her to the library to read for an hour or so, and we left.

For me, I borrowed for myself, because I know I will keep it in good condition and will never tear the books. For her, I am uncertain. She knew tearing is not allowed. When she accidentally tore her books when she was younger, she’d feel bad, and remembered till now (some tearings happened like a year ago).

Two days ago, a colleague asked me whether does Ethyl has a library card. The answer is “NO”. Because I feel that there is no such a need for that now. But having thought about it after she bombed me the question, I started to think, “Shall I get her a library card, and start her habit in borrowing books?”

No conclusion yet, though I wished she can borrow books and read them at home.

No chance to talk to Brian about this yet, the last time our Man stepped into the library was…during my last trimester days. He read magazines, while I read parenting books.

We wanted to cultivate good reading habits for Ethyl. And also, encouraging her to read more since she loves reading. My plan is also going to drag Hubby along on our trips to the library. Thus, one of the trips will be on the say when he is not working. Another will be a girls’ outing for us! 🙂

Ethyl’s going for her much procrastionated pneumococcal jab tomorrow. I wish she’ll be well and no side effects, so that she can enjoy her school and also our weekends together! 🙂

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Sensible Girl

She has been very cooperative, especially so lately. Mom was under the weather, and little girl did not bother Mom much, just entertained herself, kept herself occuppied, and let Mom have her well deserved rest.

Mom was so happy and glad that this little girl she once carried in her arms is growing to be so sensible and independent. Indeed, we all know it is our blessing to have this little girl being such a gem.

Last Sunday, Hubby had to work, and so, little one and I stayed at home. Had planned to finish the housework before we head down for a meal. Cute girl told me she will be good, so that I can finish my chores on hand. True enough, no nonsense, she sat on her bed, read, watch Barney and had a bottle of milk, while I busied myself with the housework.

When I finish my chores, she came to me, looking concerned “Mommy, finish already? Tired? Want to rest?” She always likes to ask lots of questions, all at a time. 🙂

Having her around is really different. Hubby and I chatted on one of those days when we were on our way back, and imagined what life would have been if we do not have a kid.

Life may still be about working, earning money, but we are carefree, and can go travelling anytime. We will have more cash on hands and of course, we may get a better car. However, we concluded that we’d rather give up some holidays, getting a better car, and we prefer to have Ethyl with us!

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Progress Report Time

Nursery 1, Term 1

Teachers’ Note: Ethylyn is an enthusiastic learner who loves to explore and learn new things. She enjoys story telling, and has good pre-writing skills. She is able to recognize and verbalize most of the single letter sounds, and is able to count and identify numerals from 1-10. Very good and keep it up!

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Full of Food!!

I planned to go on a diet. However, my office are filled with people who loves food, and are so generous that I can hardly diet.

When one of my Operations colleague saw me munching on my wholemeal bread, she’ll go “Aiyo, you eat loti everyday? Not bored? I buy nice breakfast for you tomorrow.”

Indeed, next morening she’ll come with packets of kway teow, sometimes dim sum, sometimes pancakes etc.

Another colleague, also from Operations will buy Lontong and stuff. An admin colleague will always buy nice yummy curry puffs, make bread, kuniyako, or even buy bread from sun moulin at Isetan for tea breaks.

The other one from Service Centre will buy nonya kueh and stuff for tea breaks.

Main contributor is our CEO, always buying chocolates from Switzerland for us!!! How to resist temptations? If I don’t eat, I feel bad because they bought my share.

I was sharing with Hubby and he says, “You are lucky to have people to buy you food!” but, I also have to buy them in return! I don’t want to keep eating people’s stuff and just eat and eat…it’s not so nice.

Breakfast, I can’t contribute, cos the coffeeshop at my place doesn’t sell fantastic food. Maybe I shall give them a surprise and order the chicken pies from here.

Oh, my plan to eat fruits-only lunch is foiled…healthy breakfast will not be on a daily basis, and I don’t take tea breaks….now I have to quickly grab before they ask me to finish everything…haiz…food, glorious food!!!

Think I better put on my shoes again!

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