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Photoshoot for Motherhood

As the title suggest, this is about her first photoshoot experience for Motherhood.


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Bugged by the shopping bugs again…and got a bagful of clothes for Ethyl from both GAP and Zara with one of my colleagues. We both gave up lunch for shopping…and consoled ourselves that we were dieting…more likely that we are dieting our wallets.

Better snip off the price tags before Hubby starts nagging (again)!!

Ethyl’s going for a photoshoot tomorrow. I am unable to join, though I would love to…Hope everything goes well!

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Ethyl Wants To Work…

While shopping over the weekend, I saw some bags and shoes that I would really love to bag in. Hubby was of course my Controller and upon seeing how disappointed I was when I walked out of the shop, Ethyl’s innocent talk really perks me up.

Ethyl: Mommy, you don’t want to buy? You like?
Me: yah, Daddy will tie my fingers together if I were to shop like nobody’s business again.
Ethyl: Mommy, later I go work work, I buy for you ok?
Me: you want to work?
Ethyl: YES!!!
Me: You want to work and earn money at this young age?
Ethyl: Yes….work work let Mommy buy many bags! I love you so much!

Awww….how not to love her when she’s such a darling!

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Daddy’s Little Girl

Ethyl had her shower with me, and I was shouting for Daddy to quickly come with the towel and bring her out of the bathroom, so that I can continue with my shower.

Shout ince, shout twice and the third time…

Ethyl: How come my Daddy take so long? *brows knitted*
Me: Daddy’s coming…Mommy wrap you in my towel first.
Ethyl: It’s so cold you know?
Me: Yah, I know…Daddy’s coming…

Daddy walked in and Ethyl was pouting.

Me: What took you so long?
Daddy: Sorry! Sorry!
Ethyl: So cold you know? I so cold! I so angry with you already! Ethyl so angry with Daddy!

She pouted and made an angry face. We couldn’t contain our laughter when we saw how comical she looked with that angry face of hers. Hubby commented that she really can’t stand the way she talks…she doesn’t talk her age. But how shoud a 30mo talk?

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Breastfeed Again?

A funny conversation took place at a not-so-right place…bathroom.

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I received an email from a Mommy asking me whether does Ethyl has any problems kids at such age usually has. Things like fussy about food, refused to sleep, rebellious etc. Maybe I can share something here, it might be too lengthy, but this is how we go about things right.

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He Deserves A Muaks!

Brian usually needs lotsa sleep. He would try to catch a wink of 30 seconds if time permits. That is so him, and I got used to it after spending almost 9 years with him.

Last night, I was sharing with him that I might need to borrow his EZ-link card as I forgot to top up mine (since I rarely pass by the top-up machine these days), and it has negative value in there. I went on grumbling like an 80 year-old Ah Mah…

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