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Questions and Answers

She is really asking lots of questions these days. Some very sweet and cute conversations with us, I would like to make a note on some things that she had said.

As usual, watching her Chiken Little the n time.

Ethyl: Mommy, how come chicken little so sad? What happened to Chicken Little? Tell me…
Me: Cos his friends do not believe in what he said (I guessed, I never watch the VCD)
Ethyl: Why? How come friends don’t believe and make him so sad?
Me: They never believe what Chicken Little said will happen to them.
Ethyl: Why? Tell me…How come? How come they want to make Chicken Little so sad, Mommy…
Me: …. (really can’t answer her question)
Ethyl: Mommy, quick tell me…
Me: You are watching the show right? Mommy is watching my show right?
Ethyl: yes…
Me: So, why not you tell Mommy why is Chiken Little so sad!
Ethyl: Because his friends don’t believe (what) he said is true…blah blah blah
Me: So, you know! Bravo! You can carry on watching now, and I can carry on my show now?
Ethyl: YES! (with a satisfied grin on her cute face)
Daddy: Ethyl, are you pretty?
Ethyl: (nod her head)
Daddy: Is Mommy pretty?
Ethyl: (nod her head)
Daddy: Is Ethyl prettier or Mommy prettier?
Ethyl: (silence, I was not on the bed with them, but I was peeping through the bathroom door)
Daddy: So, who’s prettier? Ethyl or Mommy?
Ethyl: Mommy
Daddy: Mommy prettier? Ethyl not pretty?
Ethyl: Ethyl’s pretty, but Mommy prettier (this answer brought a grin to my face)
Daddy: Come Ethyl, off the lights.
Me: What off! It’s switch off the lights! Be careful with your words.
Daddy: Ok, Ethyl, switch off the lights and sleep.
Ethyl: Say switch off, not off ok…Daddy, say S-W-I-T-C-H O-F-F, come, say S-W-I-T-C-H O-F-F
Daddy: Alright, S-W-I-T-C-H O-F-F
Ethyl: Ok, good!
Daddy: I will be bullied by my 2 girls…sigh…
On our way home, while walking…

Ethyl: Mommy, come give me your cheek. Quick, come…(gesturing for me to go near her)
Me: Ok…
Ethyl: (gave me a big fat and wet kiss) I love you, Mommy!
Me: Oh! I love you too, my darling! (returning her kiss on her cheek)
Ethyl: Come Daddy, give me your cheek!
Daddy: Why? You want my cheek? (Thinking: So many nonsense, just give her your cheek lah! DUH!)
Ethyl: Yes, I want to kiss you!
Daddy: (Gladly offered the cheek to receive the big fat kiss)
Ethyl: Daddy, I love you too!
Daddy: Yah, I love you too!

Sometimes her little actions just makes our tiring day seems more worth it. We are enjoying her around more and more!


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Love (Maternal Side)

Not being bias, but I have so much to tell my beloved family how much I really appreciate each of them for loving my Ethyl unconditionally.

Ethyl is closer to maternal side cos Mom is looking after her, and of course, my sisters and Dad love her just as much.

For PoPo, I really gotta say she is a great caregiver, a person whom I can trust for Ethyl’s well-being, and also taking care of discipline for us when we are working. Brian and I have no worries when we were working. When we get really busy, Mom takes care of Ethyl for longer hours and I can tell you, eventhough Ethyl is quite a good girl at times., she can bombard lotsa questions that are “killers” most of the time; and those can really make you pull your hair.

My Dad, a stern-looking “black face” man, became a gentle and doting Gong Gong to Ethyl. If you ask me who is the one who spoilt her most, it is none other than this father of mine! He gives in to almost ALL her requests; when she is naughty, he will forbade us to cane her, or even use our hand to smack her. He was never like that. I can remember vividly that he is the one who doesn’t spare the rods on us. But it is really heartening to know that he loves Ethyl so much!

Ann, needless to say loves Ethyl like her own (before her little piggy arrives). Both herself and her Hubby Laurence loves Ethyl to bits and would miss her at times. Though this Ah Yi loves to tease and disturb Ethyl, Ethyl still adores them and will ask for them when she thinks of them. Ethyl seems to have a better affinity with Laurence, she loves to play with him, lingers around him and kept calling “Yi Zhang Yi Zhang”, this kinda makes the Yi Zhang feels good. 🙂

Being the youngest in the family, Gina’s love for Ethyl is no lesser than us. She is someone who hates people messing up her stuff, and my girl loves to mess up Gina’s stuff in her room. This Xiao Yi never once raise her voice at her, instead, patiently telling Ethyl that she can’t do this, can;’t do that…still, the cheeky niece will creep to her bed, messing up her stuff when she’s at work.

Ethyl is a blessed girl. She is surrounded by love from everyone around her. I have no complaints about them loving her, though I do grumble at Dad for spoiling her too much, still I think it is so nice to be loved by grands.

Ethyl, if you read this in future, remember to love everyone around you and love whoever that needs and deserves your love. Being able to love and be loved is a blessing! Treasure it! 🙂

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Growing Girl

She can tell time? I really am not sure if she can tell. I didn’t teach her time yet, just numbers, but so far, I think it’s coincidence that she manage to tell the right time. On one occassion with Mom, at our abode, she told Mom, it’s 5 o’clock. Mom took a peek, and indeed, it is 5pm.

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Let’s Eat Health!

Mom has been really a great help to us when it comes to looking after little girl. Or shall I say, Ethyl is really blessed to be in Mom’s care?! Either way, it is our blessings. Mom is helping us making sure that Ethyl has wholesome meals and of course, inculcating good eating habits and most importantly, enjoys eating fruits.

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What did we do over the weekend? I have been looking forward when Hubby told me that he will be taking his well-deserved off day on Saturday. Though he is supposed to be off on Sunday, due to work committments, he had to be back. Most likely the full day. I have no complaints, I will learn to be a supportive wife when the man is working hard carving for his career (which also means, our future).

After Ethyl’s PTM, we went ahead with our plan to catch Surf’s Up. Ethyl has been asking to watch this eversince we saw the trailer when we watched Spiderman 3.

Really got to thank Gina for helping us get the tickets on Friday, so that we can get a good seat 🙂 2 tickets for 3 seats! Bravo!

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Hubby was under the weather, and thus, we went back after catching the movie. Ethyl enjoyed herself, and she really stayed to her seat and watched the whole movie. Good job!

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Before we head home, we had a stroll around the mall. We went to the Young Parents’ fair in hope to be able to get some educational materials for Ethyl. Too bad, we did not manage to get anything in the end.

After taking a 2-hour nap , all of us were energized and we decided to head down to IMM for dinner.

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We had our dinner at the WanChai eatery (can’t remember the name of the restaurant). The food were good for the price. I love especially the mango pudding topped with ice-cream.

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see how she enjoys the pudding and you’ll know 🙂

On sunday, Hubby was supposed to work till very late. However, he was not well, thus he went to the doc, and came back early for a rest.

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In the evening, we went to the library to return some books and let took a short walk in the mall. I can’t seem to be able to get the oven that I had wanted, and the mall is too crowded, hence Hubby suggested going to the stretch at Bukit Timah for some Boon Tong Kee chicken rice.

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Little girl seems to like the food there. she managed to take in quite a bit of the rice. 🙂 After our dinner, brought little girl to MIL’s place and let her play with Declan. Oh my, when the 2 tots get together, they’ll tear down the whole block of flats! They had enormous fun! I am glad she and her cousin gets along well.

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The school calls this a PTC, and I shall also call it this way.

23 June 2007, the PTC was held in school. I always look forward to such an opportunity to be able to meet up with Ethyl’s teachers in school, to talk about her progress etc. The last meeting, Hubby was unable to join us, and so, Ethyl and I went to school alone. As I always like to have him to be more involved in Ethyl’s stuff, it was really great when he is able to join us for this meeting.

We met up with both Teacher Grace and her chinese teacher, An Lao Shi. I am really glad to know that Ethyl has a group of good friends, consisting of both boys and girls (and this little group is a chatty bunch!). Teachers were telling me she is considered one of the better students in the class, though she is the 2nd youngest. She is able to understand instructions, able to tell the teachers her needs and wants, no problems in toileting, independent, and of course, very participative in all class activities, especially singing and dancing.

For her chinese teacher, she told us Ethyl has made a vast improvement using mandarin to communicate. I also noticed that at home, she is able to speak better mandarin, though we still have to reinforce the learning at home.

Hubby and I were satisfied with this review. We were glad that Ethyl has good friends, and I also manage to spot some of Ethyl’s friends and tell Hubby who they are. Am now looking forward to Ethyl’s next meeting….most probably it’ll be in December.

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It’s Friday!!!

Already in the mood for weekends! Hubby is supposed to be off on both days, but he has to go back to work on Sunday (what’s new anyway?!); glad that he is taking Saturday off to spend some time with his two girls! 😉

We have plans for our family day, hoping that all of us, especially our little one will enjoy it! We love such moments together.

Talking about fun, I am going for some during lunch…meeting my sis to shop at MNG’s sales!!! Will buy a little bit (if I can find anything), and wait for the better deals in time to come. ARGH!!! The good and bad of working in Orchard!!! Gets updates on sales going on in town, but pocket will always be emptied before pay day! SIGH SIGH SIGH!!!

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