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My Thoughts

I never regretted being a Mommy. Though in the beginning we had sleepless nights, no clubbing, partying and very little time to ourselves, I never looked back at my decision to have a kid.

Hubby and I would sometimes think…if we do not have kid(s), we would be leading a much better lifestyle. A better ride, more holidays, more money to spend, more clothes, shoes and bags for me…more IT gadgets for both of us, more soccer games for himself etc. To us, all the above do not give us the satisfaction parenting brings about.


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Was feeling super tired this week. No strength and energy for more things, the gas and bloatedness are acting up already. I remembered with Ethyl, I puked the whole day, from the moment I opened my eyes till the moment I slumber.

This time around, the bloated feeling is terrible, but at least…I did not merlion (touchwood!) as yet. I jope it doesn’t though. Taking buses is a real torture for me. That is also why Brian has been trying his best to pick me up from work everyday.

The FUN part came. Initially I hated people to speculate the gender of the baby, but for this one, I somehow don’t mind as much and started to “gather feedbacks” from people around me. Brian and I had a guessing game too last night!

While I had Ethyl, Brian couldn’t tell or guess the gender, cos he says he has no connection with Ethyl then. Now, it’s my turn! Haha! Nonetheless, we still guessed the baby’s gender. I say it’s a little girl, while he feels very strongly that this is a boy. Our Ethyl girl wanted a Didi.

Dad guessed it’s a boy, the Xiao yi-to-be said before she felt that it’s a boy…Mom has no opinion in this. I checked the calendar that my cousin forwarded me, it’s a boy if that calendar is correct. So, what’s your guess? A pity…no prize for the correct answer tho’

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Mid Autumn Party

Wow…this year’s mid autumn is quite happening for my little girl. She really enjoyed playing with paper lanterns, she played with “stepping bomb” (if that’s how I say it), close encounter with the fireworks etc.

Pretty lazy to type in more words…let the pictures do the talking 🙂

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my favourite picture…beautiful eyes…

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The moon of the night…
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Quiet 9th Anniversary

In the past, we took leave, or at least dine out and had a mini celebration. This year, as the subject suggests, it is quiet…really quiet.

Supposed to have a getaway this weekend, but Hubby told me, if I am preggy, all travelling plans will be adjourned to next year, after the birth of number 2. So, no travelling for me. Sigh…

I digressed, back to the anniversary. We both worked late yesterday, I rushed to the nearest bakery to pick up a mini cake while Hubby was on his way to pick me up.

We had Mommy’s yummy dinner which I am craving for every evening, Ethyl decided to stay for the night at Mom’s which only Hubby and myself savoured the chocolate cake. The cake was nice, I could have finished it all by myself. Took less than 5 bites this time because somehow chocolate doesn’t taste too right in my mouth.

Anyway, there is nothing much. I even had to complain and complain, nag and nag for the anniversary wished from Hubby and also a kiss from him. See, the difference after being married! Sigh…

I sms-ed him and wish him a happy aniversary, blah blah blah…I was hoping to see a longer and more proper reply, he texted me “same 2 u 🙂 ” DUH!!! What a killjoy and insensitive fellow!

He did NOTHING and was happily gobbling down the chocolate cake that my taste buds does not appreciate and told me it was very yummy and looking fulfilled while I got myself ready to turn in. He lie down beside me, still owing me an anniversary wish…I gumbled and grumbled. He FINALLY got the message and said “Happy Anniversary”. SIGH SIGH SIGH….MEN!!!

I couldn’t be bothered, got him to massage my back and I dozed off! I was hoping that he would suggest we go for dinner this weekend to make up for it, in the end, he said, “Since we are expecting number 2, it’s time we save more money…”. See what I mean?

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We took her out for a walk around our estate with her lantern. Forgot my digicam, so I took pictures with my mobile phone instead. Quality and resolution is not as ideal…but…I have no choice.

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The happy girl is holding her paper lantern from Popo. She likes the paper lantern better than the battery operated one from Gong Gong.

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The only three pictures that I have for this year. She has a party to attend to this Tuesday at my Aunty’s neighbourhood. She was invited and the doting pair of grandies already had plans for her for the evening. I will try and take more pictures of her and update here.

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The Sick and The Growing

Little girl puked 3 times last night within 2 hours. She is coughing, but her puke were not those stick slimy phelgm-like, but it smells sourish and my motherly instinct told me it has to be stomach flu.

We rushed her to our nearby 24-hours clinic to seek GP’s consultation. It was after 1230hrs, but the clinic still has some patients, mostly young kids.

Doctor gave her suppository, and boy, she wailed and resisted so badly then! We had to hold her down and assure her she will be fine. Doctor gave her 2 gummies and little girl is happy once again. By the time we reached home, it was 1ish and all three of us were tired. We quickly clear the dirty laundry and get our well-deserved rest.

Today, we were all tired. Poor Hubby still has to work today and I believe he will be very tired. I felt much better after Ethyl ate a full bowl of my mee sua and kept asking for more. Am glad that she is able to stomach in so much food. At least I know she is getting better now.

Now, time for tutti’s update. It is growing very well. It has grown a good 11.2mm from the my last visit, which was 5 days ago. It has to grow well of course, it has been making me eat sooo much! Haha…kept feeling hungry and was craving for more food! Somehow I no longer like my fave chocolates and ice cream. I love chips! But I do not binge on chips. Just a little bit to ease my crave I’m satisfied.

Eventhough I felt bloated, I still have to take a full meal. I am always hungry! I can also tell that this pregnancy, my tummy will show much sooner than I had Ethyl. In Ethyl’s time, my tummy showed only when I was in my fifth month, I guess, my tummy will not be able to “hide” that much this time.

The much asked question during pregnancy is the gender of tutti. Hubby asked me this question last evening, which I didn’t know how to answer. Every Mommy deserves a girl at least. I do not really mind now because at least I  have Ethyl. In this pregnancy, I am more “heck care”, not because it’s not important to me, but somehow the feeling is so different from the last. Hmm…how shall I describe it?

I told Hubby when I had Ethyl, I looked good in my first and second trimester, but this, I will be a fat dumpling soon if it still eats so much! But…But…it’s health and development is more important 🙂

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34 Month-Old Ethyl

My Dearest Sunshine Girl…

You will be celebrating your birthday in school very soon! Mommy has plans for you. Initially I wanted a big celebration, inviting friends and relatives and wanted Daddy to book chalet etc. We changed our minds because there were too many work and at the end of the day, we might be too tired after the whole thing to really enjoy ourselves. So my darling, we will save this celebration till you turn 5yo; an age we believe you will enjoy better.

Mommy is trying to learn more skills on baking, so as to bake yummy cakes during your birthday. You said you wanted Hi 5 cake, but I have no idea what to do as yet. Will try and see if I can custom made some icing pictures for our cupcakes and I’ll be using their theme colors on the cakes to make it look very Hi 5.

There is something that I really need to tell you here, you are the sweetest happening in my life! You always love running to me and says you love me very much. I was really over the moon whenever you said such things.

People around loves you no lesser. Though you like to be cheeky and bickers with Xiao yi, she still loves you dearly. Ah Yi and Yi Zhang still adores you as much, but the attention will be divided when little cousin arrives. I believe you will love your baby cousin, and be a doting jiejie.

Nowadays, you are very whiney and clingy. I do not like it, but I believe the phase will pass in a dash. Remember, you are a lovely little girl; a lovely girl will not make people around her upset.

At this age, you have some good friends from school. Jovan Hong, the little boy who likes you so much is really afraid of you sometimes. Haha…you are quite a tough girl. When Jovan accidentally missed a step and slipped, you chided him for crying. You looked at him with a fierce look and raised your voice, “Stop, crying! I say cannot cry! I don’t like you!” This made the poor little boy wailed even louder! I can’t help but to laugh when I heard this from Popo.

Lantern festival is coming, and Gong Gong bought you 2 lanterns so far. We had not bought you any yet, because I can’t find nice looking ones. Shall we try and make one over the weekend? Baby, my dearest baby..Mommy is missing you from the office! I will be home to hug you soon!

Ciao ciao!


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