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Feeling It?

I have heard from many Mommies around me that we can feel the baby move much earlier than our first pregnancy. In my 11th week, not to exaggerate, I ever felt some gentle flutterings in my belly.

The more obvious felt was last friday, and the second was yesterday. I told Hubby, but he asked if it’s too early. I thought so too actually…

ried reading up, and these movements I felt may actually be the gas rather than the little being in my belly. But somehow…my instincts told me, it’s little one that wriggling in me.

Frankly, I somehow neglected this pregnancy a little. Unlike with Ethyl, I am working this time around, and it happened to be quite a busy period for me. How unfortunate yah?

Reminded myself that I should try and be happy, more cheerful and enjoy my pregnate state…now, the best part is, I am spared from most of the household chores! 🙂

Baby, baby…how are you doing right now? Hope I am eating well enough for you! Popo has been cooking nice food and nice tonic, but I do not have much appetite. Hope it does not affect your growth too much yah? Love ya, Mommy 🙂


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Enrichment Classes

Met my aunt whom I think she is quite kiasu. She was trying to show us how her son fared from the enrichment classes from Speech and Drama, to chinese poetry (and san zi jing) classes to his piano classes etc.

I am not keen in the whole conversation at all. As far as I am concern, yes, I do like to teach poems and and the three characters to Ethyl, it’s more like our bonding activity. No pressure, no competition, no tests and examinations. The boy in this story is a K1 child.

Throughout the conversation, I am not paying attention. My aunt was telling her son to recite and sing, which all of us (Mom, Godma, another aunty, and my sis) were all not paying attention to the boy. Seriously, I was offended when she said something like I should let my gal go for such classes, which in actual fact, I enjoy doing the teachings myself.

She asked me to keep playing the CDs to her etc. I said, this will rob the precious bonding hours we get. To add, I told her, since I can do the job, I don’t think she needs so much lessons at such tender age. I just wanted to end the conversation there…

She added that Ethyl is turning 3 and should go for classes…it’s about time. I was like…HUH??? About time to give her so much stress? I never wish to kill her enthusiasm for learning.

Ethyl requested for drawing lessons. Speech and drama will be taken during school hours, thus I do not wish spend our weekends ferrying her to and fro from class to class.

If Ethyl’s really keen and requested to have some other classes, by all means. But for now, I am gonna take it easy. Can’t really understand why are the parents so kiasu these days! Poor kids….

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When He Does It….

I have always lamented that Hubby never really take care of Ethyl when he is home on weekends. I needed my rest, am unable to sleep well over the past few weeks, and now, am down with flu, cough and a persistent headache. Basically I am looking haggard and fatigue…where has the preggy blush and glow gone?!

Anyways, last saturday, Hubby helped send my Mom to the chinese physician for her old ailment. I woke up early for breakfast (even earlier than the weekdays) alone, my two beautiful babies are still in slumberland then. After breakfast, I read the magazines and switched on the telly to kill time.

In 15 minutes, the headache started to sink in, and I was coughing badly again. It was like 8ish, and I heard my bedroom door open. It was my lovely girl, coming out to say good morning to me and gave me a hug! SWEET!!! By then, the fatigue and headache was overwhelmed. I walked into the bedroom, told Hubby it is almost 9am, and that he should wake up and bathe, since he is meeting Mom at 10am.

He woke up promptly, something that rarely happens. I told him I was not well, and he asked me to rest in bed, while he bathed and changed Ethyl. What I was doing is just lying motionless on the bed and watching as the father and daughter interacts. It was a beautiful picture.

When they were almost done, I asked Hubby if he was confident that he can manage, and if he needs me to tag along. He assured me he is capable to handling Ethyl alone and asked me to rest well. Off they went to have some very special bonding time!!!

When I finally woke up feeling much better at 12ish, I called Hubby. They were shopping at Bugis area! How interesting! Hubby said that he would come and pick me up and we’ll bring Ethyl to the library near us.

So, what did they do together for the short few hours?

 The duo went to Mac for breakfast, Ethyl ate quite a lot, about 3/4 of her meal. The duo went shopping for little girl’s shoes, Ethyl didn’t fancy any, in the end, never buy anything. They went to the Bugis Village stretch and got some VCDs and DVDs. Ethyl bought Barney’s. Before that, they also went to the small-scale arcade at Parco and Ethyl had a ball of time!

Soon after, Ethyl requested to go back home and the doting Daddy obliged.

This is their first time out. Daddy agreed that she was easy to handle and I hope there can be more of such trips for the duo. At least, I get to rest a little…hehe…

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Watch Out for December

Motherhood approached us again to shoot Ethyl. I thought it’ll be alright for her to participate in the december issue, since they say the shoot will be shoot at Mom’s place.

This time around, Gina is around to coordinate. This time, Ethyl had an additional friend to participate in the shoot. The little boy is Gina’s colleague’s boy, I can’t remember how old is the boy, but they made friends and the little boy wanted to invite Ethyl to his house and play! Also heard that the boy quite like her 🙂

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Do they look like a beautiful couple 😉

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she looks like a pro…

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
happily enjoying her fave (also my fave)…

Lastly….I love this pic!!!

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Showing Affection

I always enjoy telling Ethyl and Hubby that I love them. Before we had Ethyl, I would always tell Hubby that I love him, and pop him kisses when he least expected. We could be on the bus, on the streets, between meals, before bed etc. To me, love has to be made known through both words and actions. I am not those who goes by feelings…and I hate it when he says “You should already know that I love you…do I have to tell you so frequently?”.

Eversince Ethyl came along, I have been telling her everyday without fail that I love her alot. When I am back home, she’ll naturally come to me instead of Hubby to tell me that she misses me, and that she loves me. She does occassionally tell Hubby she loves him, not as frequent as mine. Mine was a daily affair. I guess this is the effort I put in everyday to tell her how important she is to me. She also tells people around her, like my sisters, my parents that she loves them. It simply brightens up their day, especially so to the pair of grands.

Once, Hubby complained about Ethyl loving me more. I explained that I made known to her through both words and actions that I love her. Kisses were never lesser as time goes by, hugs and cuddles were never discounted etc. He nodded in silence…from then on, I can see that he feels awkard telling Ethyl he loves her. When he got used to it, I can also see improvements in their relationship. At least Ethyl does hug and “love” him more.

I personally feel that this is a very good practice we have at home. This serves as a gentle reminder that people in the household loves one another, and that everybody makes an effort to make everyone happy.

This practice shall carry on to our new addition, he/she shall not have lesser love from Daddy, Mommy and the doting sister. In my time, my grandma is the one who receives all my kisses and “love you”, now that she is no longer around me, Ethyl receives more than Hubby does!

Oh…am missing my dear daughter again….

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I am beaming whenever I recalled the teachers’ comments. Ethyl had improved tremendously from the last report. I can see “Excellent” in some columns, I can also see lotsa “VG” in most columns, from “Prg” (progressing) the last to “G” (good).

What makes my eyes lit up in disbelief is….Teachers commented that Ethyl is a soft-spoken girl??!!! Haha…She can be pretty loud and tough sometimes yah!

Anyway, I have noted that she is doing extremely well in her social skills, coordinaton skills, Mandarin improved tremedously, she is getting more expressive in using English and lastly, her phonics and Math are really getting on track. To me, it’s a big deal! 🙂

We have noted that teachers mentioned she has lots of friends, which I am not surprised. She is likeable by the teachers and friends around her. I knew that. If you remember she has a boy classmate, a good pal of hers, Jovan Hong. Whenever he doesn’t see Ethyl or when Ethyl gets upset with him, he’d cry! 🙂 Kids are kids afterall…

It is the shapes that she is still working hard on. She can now tell cylinder from sphere, maybe I should make something with her using all different shapes to help enhance her learning!

Good job Ethyl baby…

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