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My baby girl is not well. Since Monday noon, she had fever in school, I started to feel that this illness is going to be tricky.

Indeed, her fever developed and Mom pomptly brought her to the GP on Tuesday morning. The fever was mild and we hope that the fever will go off and she can get well really soon.

Came and gone, came and gone…yesterday, we thought she felt much better since the ear scan thermometer gave us good readings. Even the school’s theremometer gave us good readings. Mom and I thought she was well…yeah…that was what we thought, and defied the Daddies (Dad and Hubby) instructions to let her rest for one more day.

Her fever came back when Mom picked her up from school. She was really restless. Ethyl requested Hubby and Mom to bring her to the doctor again as she feels lousy. I was not with her, was having my annual Dinner and Dance. I didn’t enjoy of cause as I was worried about Ethyl.

Her fever went up higher, and this morning, I couldn’t help but to feel a little uneasy…Then…the phone rang. It bodes bad omen. Mom told me her fever went up to 38.7 deg. I cried…those were tears of worry. I blamed myself for not caring her on the previous night…

I applied for urgent leave, and called Hubby to inform him about Ethyl. He was just as worried and decided to apply for leave to chauffer us around.

Poor girl is having infection on both her throat and her nose. Pead was telling us that her fever lasted for so many days, no progress, and wanted us monitor her fever and see if there is any progress till sunday.

Little girl had been puking and was afraid to drink milk. She kept drinking water. Poor little one was restless most times.

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I hope she can get well soon!


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Lovely Start

Mommy, your breast still painful?

Nope, why?

I thought still painful…you don’t scratch it ok?


Mommy, your stomach still pain?

Yes, a little…

You back still pain?

Yah…always aching

Ok, I ask Daddy to massage you when he comes back from work. You have to lie down ok?

Ok πŸ™‚

This conversation took place barely 5 minutes she woke up from the bed. I was bathing, yes she was sitting and enjoying the big belly mommy in the shower. I felt so loved when she showed concern to me.

She remembered I complained about this backache, she remembered my tummy was not too well too! LOVELY!!!

When I asked her what christmas pressie she’d love this year, she said…

Mommy, I want a christmas tree at home

I’ll speak to Hubby about this, because he always objects to this idea 😦

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Ethylyn is a quiet and observant girl who has many friends. She is more open towards her peers and teachers now. Ethylyn is able to blend 3-letter phonetic with teachers’ guidance. For Math, she is able to put the correct quantity of spindles in the spindle box. Keep up the good work!

For her Mandarin class, she is considered one of the better students who is able to say proper sentences and without “rojak”. She is able to interact with her teacher about the weather, what she is doing and what she is on her little mind. Basically, she behaves and listens during lesson time. She knew when is her turn to talk, when is her turn to listen.

I am proud, though I do hope to hear some feedbacks that would allow me to help her improve. I see more “Excellent” this time round. Am glad that she is doing well in school.

Friday was Hubby’s birthday. It was not up to what I am expecting (blame me). However, we still took some nice pictures.

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I am a blessed Mom πŸ™‚

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posing for the camera

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she requested to have more pics taken

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waiting for Barney and Friends @ Marina Square

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finally…look at the number of fans!!

We were a little late, hence didn’t manage to get a good spot. Promised Ethyl to bring her back again to get a better spot and to take more pics.

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I’m Sorry!

Hubby’s birthday did not turn out well. I planned for Waraku’s cuisine, in the end, we were late due to the heavy traffic and we were unable to find a parking lot.

We settled for Azabu Sabo, the food is not as tempting for sure. Our food came, while Hubby waited for near 20 minutes before his arrived. Our (Ethyl and I were sharing dinner and dessert) dessert came, while he waited patiently for his to arrive.

If it was my birthday and such lousy planning, I would have exploded. He is nice and I kept saying sorry. I promised to make up for it on his lunar birthday instead. I hope I can do a better job than this.

This year, no birthday cake for him, but I will definitely make up for it…so sorry dear, I know you were pretty disappointed, but you assured me that our company is more important. So sorry…

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What’s Up Next?

Christmas festive is in the air!!! I always love christmas…it’d be more lovely if it snows in this Lion City.

Β Anyways, Ethyl has been excited to see the christmas decos everywhere! All the chocolates (her fave), toys and many things! This year, to give her a little fun, I will be packing some little things for her friends and cousins πŸ™‚ For this to be materialised, lotsa shopping needs to be done!

I need to start coming up with a list on what to buy and who to give…Hubby is gonna have a busy work schedule, most likely the shopping will be done without Daddy hindering us. Keke…

Supposed to hold a little christmas gathering at our house with my sisters and family…since we will be expecting our li’ nephew in another 2 to 3 weeks, we shall have to give it a miss this year. Nonetheless, I will plan for a wonderful christmas dinner for ourselves!

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Do Not Give Up!

Met a particular media person the other day while we were having photoshoot, we chatted over lunch about having babies.

Let’s call this person D is trying to conceive within 6 months, but so far, no news yet. She was anxious and asked if I could share any “tips” with her. To be frank, to conceive, besides having S.E.X., what else can we do?

To be frank, Hubby had a pre-marital check up on his fertility and the disgnosis came back pretty upsetting. He had very weak sperms and very low sperm count. I had back-flopping uterus, which would be quite difficult for us to conceive in medical view.

So, we were pretty upset. We decided to start trying for Ethyl much earlier than planned. BINGO! We conceived her in our first month! Unexpected…totally beyond expectation. So, the diagnosis might not be so accurate yah?

Anyway, came our second try…2 weeks of trying, my menses came…killjoy! Then the second month…menses decided to take a break! YIPPEE!!! We conceived!

Even my gynae commented that it’s amazing how we managed to conceive so easily because for myself, having back-flopping uterus makes conceiving really a challenge.

In our perspective, we feel that we should not be disheartened based on the facts. There are always miracles. Be it big or small…it always happens.

Do not give up if you are trying to conceive! Good luck to all parents wannabe πŸ™‚

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Another Birthday Planning

Brian’s birthday is this friday. I am unable to take off from work, but I will still have a nice dinner with him and get him a cake.

What have I planned for him??? A nice dinner at a nice place πŸ™‚ Ethyl is coming I hope…else it’ll be just the 2 of us, enjoying our dinner in PEACE…

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