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Another Prediction

I was telling Mom of my worries…have been having this feeling that Baby would be out earlier.

Especially lately Ethyl has been telling me that baby will be 7 years old when he comes out. Does she mean the baby will be born in the 7th month of my pregnancy?

Mom said she had been thinking about the same lately too. Especially it was impossible for me not to carry heavy things (especially Ethyl). Also, I am having another round of emo-swing…somehow Hubby neglected me. I am also having pain in my tummy…not sure why, but gynae didn’t detect any form of abnormalities. I hope to pass through this period smoothly. I am halfway through my pregnancy.


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True Love

It is really a bliss to have a daughter so close to my heart. Both of us held each other close and of course, there are little things to prove it!

On Kenji’s baby shower, there was a karaoke session, and little came out and told me to go and sing her a song. She said she loves my singing!

Last night, Hubby raised his voice at me for doing something that he felt I shouldn’t have done, I pretended to be upset and pouted…Ethyl, was beside me, stroking my hair and said “Mommy, Daddy scold you right? Daddy say you naughty…never mind, I love you, good gal.” and gave me a super big hug! *bliss*

When my face turned green due to baby’s hard kicks…Ethyl came to me and asked with concern “Mommy, are you ok? Stomach pain?” I told her baby kicked too hard and hurt me, she pulled up my top and sternly…”You naughty, don’t kick Mommy so hard, so painful…you never behave I beat you!”.

You know, I really treasure the time we spent during this block leave….How I wish time could just stop here!

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A Day Out to Ikea

It was day 1 of my leave. I planned our time together well this time, albeit princess was too tired and overslept. Nevertheless, we still went ahead to Ikea as planned.

She was happily playing the hand puppet


busy trying out the stuff…


She promised me to be a good girl when I bring her out. Thus, I also allow her to play at the ball pool after we had sone our shopping. She had a short one, only for 20 minutes and we were off!


Supposed to eat at the Ikea restuarant and have some yummy but super unhealthy fried chicken wings, boy, it was too crowded that we decided to head to swensen’s for a nice meal and sinful sticky chewy chocolate instead.

this is the complimentary ice-cream

Ethyl took this ice-cream, and I had to beg her to share my sticky chewy chocolate!


She’s enjoying her single scoop soooo much!

We both had a great time together! Ethyl kept telling me she enjoyed the time when I do not have to work. I am really glad she enjoyed our time together!

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What Have We Been Doing?

Over the last week, Ethyl got viral infection thus leading to diarrhoea and vomitting. On and off, it never really got better. She is now well after seeing a doctor thrice. On saturday, Hubby caught the bug. At noon, he was pale and puking, I quickly sent them to the GP again, but it was alrady closed for the day. How unlucky!

Stubborn man thought he could take it, and suddenly, I puked too! Luckily mine was mild, I was restless. but still had to look after my old and little babies. I stole cat naps in between, trying to recharge myself.

Hubby’s condition got worse and I got Dad to send him to a 24 hour clinic at 2.30am as I had to look after my sleeping beauty. Funny guy he is! I told him a jab would help him get better fast, and me, having been through the same (a few months back), took 2 jabs and I was alive the next day! He, scared of pain, took meds from the doc and was as reliant on me as ever! GOSH!!! I was upset and irritated, I left him to fend for himself!

That’s how we spent our fully planned weekend nursing ourselves. Darn that stupid virus!!!

On the eve of christmas, I got home from work, all happy and refreshed, told Hubby I wanted to feed myself with a better meal than the past 2 days. We went, together with Mom to Cartel, a place nearest and most convenient for us (and also the traffic).

We enjoyed our dinner. For the past few days, Ethyl and Hubby (including myself) ate the most on this day!


Have a Happy and Abundant New Year!

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First Kicks

Hubby felt little tutti’s first kicks on my tummy last night. Though he is not as excited, I can still see that he is glad that he can have some form of “communication” through those knocks and kicks from my tummy.

Ethyl was unwell, and thus resting during the kicks. I let her rest…she’s been good, wanting to go christmas shopping with us despite unwell. She LOVES shopping just like me! Now I wish she gets well soon, and enjoy all the lovely biscuits, log cakes and chocolates on christmas!

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Our Little Buds

Ethyl is 37 months old plus one day. Little tutti is 19 weeks today. How fast time flies!

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Sensible Girl

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Mom with her 2 precious Grandbabies

We were initially worried that Ethyl might not be able to face the fact that there is another addition in our family that we will channel our attention towards, and of course, her Ah Yi and Yi Zhang loves her so much and now, they have their own baby. How can she cope? (more…)

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