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My Good Darling

She is now at a stage where I felt helpless and challenged sometimes. She is an angel in the mornings, and became a rebellious babe in the evening. She’d be threading on my nerves and making me angry.

I tried very very hard…I lost my temper all the times with her in the evenings. She is clingy, but she is lovely…I still love you heaps my girl. Be good an make me angery lesser ok? You always tell Mommy that you will not make me angry the next day before sleeping…you were good when we were together in the morning, but you are a changed girl when in the evenings. What went wrong? I love you, and do not wish to raise my voice at you all the time. Be good dearie. I love you!



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What I Need to Do

It’s nnow at the end of February, time flies. I gave myself time to rest till this month and my homeschooling activity starts on the very first Monday in March.

I am making use of this opportunity to start homeschooling on weekdays with her. Our story telling sessions are still going on and I can say we are progressing well. It benefits both Ethyl and Brayden. As this is a bedtime routine, I need to come up with something more constructive for the day. I believe we will enjoy the sessions.

Have planned to use four weekdays as normal lessons, Friday will be free and easy. It can be crafts, role play, baking, cooking or even NOTHING but singing and dancing! Since she is having her daily classes, I shall not overstretch her interest to learn.

Chinese literacy is important to me. I am really glad that her mandarin is catching up and her ability to recognise chinese words are pretty strong. I hope this remains and I shall reinforce the learning at home. My only problem is….there seemed to be very little materials available in the market for such young kids. The materials I wanted are usually very difficult to find.

You may think I am so kiasu. This is not as I am giving myself sufficient time to prepare Ethyl for K1 next year and subsequently, her primary school journey.

To help me better prepare myself, I have also been reading up on the net for info, and at the same time, reading from books that I have borrowed from the library. Reading some of the homeschooling blogs inspired me too. I am not good in my craft work, but I do not mind learning together with Ethyl. Am sure she’ll love doing things together with me!

I hope this few months will strengthen our bond further and hope she’ll enjoy her sessions with me.

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Pregnancy and Labour

I had an emergency c-sec while having Ethyl as she passed motion in wombsville. This time, I really hope to be able to go through the whole process of going into labour, birthing and have the joy of latching Brayden on me once he comes to our family of love. (more…)

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Been very lazy tired lately due to insomnia. Though lazy, I have been doing housework daily and meeting friends for lunch occassionally and making myself look as if I am so busy! Haha… Brayden’s been moving alot these days till both Daddy and Jiejie “warned” him not to be overly active at night so that I could rest. Frankly, I am enjoying those kicks and punches alot! These are the last few moments of pregnancy that I enjoy the most. Truly, I hope to capture him moving in my belly before he’s out!

So, what have we been up to the past weekend?

On Saturday, we brought Ethyl out for a dip. The weather’s been scorching and I guess the best way to “fight” the heat is to be in the water! Lleroy joined us as well! He too had a dip for a short while too!


see how much she’s enjoying herself!

see how tired they are!

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Half Day to Ourselves

Our usual routine was, Ethyl would sleep till she wakes up at around 10.30am. Either I’ll bathe her, and meet Mom for breakie at the coffeeshop, or she’ll want to bathe at Mom’s after coming back from coffeeshop. We’ll then go to Mom’s, she’ll have her lunch there, while I’ll stay till it’s time for them to go to school.

Mom needs to visit the doctor today, and I told her she take “half-day” off and I’ll take charge of my daughter. Mom being Mom, she’s worried that Ethyl might want me to carry and wears me out. I assured her we’ll be fine, she can just go ahead to get her check up done. I will send Ethyl to school when it’s time.

Excitedly, I started planning yesterday what we can do at home. Time is precious and I need to make the most out of the morning we had. I have been feeling much better, except my tummy feels heavier and my pelvic muscles ache quite a bit causing me some uncomfort. Nevertheless, I was not dampen by these little things and went on to plan our precious half day.

Unexpectedly, Ethyl woke up at 9am today! I was having a sleepless night, hence am feeling too lazy to wake up…still, I dragged myself out of the bed, and start the day with my precious darling.


Helpful girl heard my complaints about the father and daughter littering their things everywhere in the house, helped to tidy up her VCDs and DVDs when she woke up. After that she even wanted me to take a picture of her with her “baby”! I obliged!


After a while, I bathed her and made her breakfast. She is not a breakfast person. Her only food in the morning is either her milk or milo. Today, I told her I am going to make her bread and she was so excited! She took a bottle of glucose before bathing and she was happily hopping around her breakfast and her cup-filled fresh milk.


Since it is already 10ish, I made her a small amount for breakfast. I am also cooking her porridge with 淮山,wolfberry, fish and broccolli. I boiled the porridge for around 2 hours in the slow cooker so that I can get other housework done.

An easily satisfied gal came to me and said, “Mommy, the bread you made is sooooo nice to eat!”. I did nothing except using the moulds to press out the shapes she requested.

Time really passes too fast. My girl is no longer a helpless infant, but a toddler who has a mind of her own and she is really getting independent.

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Preparations for Brayden

Yes, name has been decided and finalised by Hubby and approved by Ethyl. We will name little guy Brayden.

There was not much preparations done thus far. Frankly, I do not know what needs to be prepared as he will be using Ethyl’s cot, he will inherit hand me downs from Lleroy, Rachele gave me a bag of baby clothes from her sis last weekend and maybe I just need to get new milk bottles and teats for him will do.

Seriously, I have been feeling bad and guilty about not being very involved in the preps. I was so busy when I had Ethyl. Shopping for stuff, furniture, clothes etc. So, last saturday after our dinner at Spizza, we went to GAP and we bought 2 rompers for Brayden.


It ain’t easy shopping for boys. I saw many newborn clothes that were nice and pretty, but they were meant for girls. So, after searching and discussing with both my sis, we decided to get Brayden only 2 suits. I hope he will like them.

I am now waiting for Taka’s baby fair. I need to get milk bottles, maybe a new breast pump as well. Am hesitating because Ann used my old pump that I used for 22 months and told me, “Jie, your pump works much better than the new one I had.”. Truly, I am having second thoughts whether to use my old faithful manual or get a new one. Am also cntemplating to get an electric or just stick to manual.

We are going to get Brayden a new stroller. A stroller from Peg Perego (Pliko 3). It is bulky and heavy, but it also fits Ethyl perfectly! I need one that is heavy duty to fit both my darlings. I used to think I should get a tandem stroller, but Hubby is against it. Anyway, Ethyl will sit in the stroller only when she needs to sleep. We can get a carrier, maybe a baby bjorn to carry Brayden when jiejie uses the stroller.

What else have I missed out in the preps? I really have no idea. I think we will have to buy some PJs, daily clothes and maybe daily necessities like wet wipes, diaper cream during the baby fair. I hope I don’t buy on impulse by then…am reminding myself to be wiser with my expenditure since we now have 2 babies to bring up.

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She’s Irritating


Eversince I taught her the word “irritating”, she had been using it aptly. The first time she used it was when she saw an aunt staying near us. She is not a figure we all liked and she loved to tease Ethyl. When she walked pass us one day, Ethyl suddenly said, “Mommy, she’s irritating right?”.

 Haha…she really learned fast. Though yes, she is a really irritating person, but I still tell Ethyl she has to be respectful as that aunt is an elder and she has to respect her. Innocently my darling replied, “Ok, but she is still irritating right?”. I really couldn’t contain my laughter when I heard this.

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