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It is now 2142hrs on my laptop. I am now blogging from KKH…Ethyl was admiitted today, and she is under observation.

What exactly happened? The initial diagnosis is gastritis, accompanied by a very stubborn virus that caused her stomach flu and diarrhea.

It all started from 2ish in the morning. She started vomitting on and off. We decided to bring her to the GP (24hrs clinic) to get some medical help. We were given oral meds as the locum doc feels that her condition is very mild (it is a very wrong disgnosis), but I requested for suppository for back up…just in case the worst happens. I guess a Mommy’s instinct is never wrong.

She puked her oral meds in 2 mins after the feed. We struggled and wrestle with her to insert the suppository in her. After much resistance, she was finally calmed and dozed off…Hubby and I were dead tired, but I couldn’t sleep.

Hours after hours…I thought everything should have been fine and at around 7, she said she wanted to vomit! Oh my goodness!!! This spells bad…she puked and after that, she told me…”Mommy, my panty is wet…” She lost control of her motion and they ran like tap…it happened several times and by 9ish, I could no longer see her in agony. Mom called in time to ask about her, and popped by to help me look after her while I bathed and prepare to bring her to KKH. No second thoughts as I felt her case was more serious than we thought.

She could no longer take in fluid. All I could do is make her glucose and let her take sip by sip to help hydrate her, it just won’t help! The more I feed, the more she puked!

Dad sent us to KKH, Hubby left work and met us at A & E. Seeing how weak and lethargic our precious is, our hearts simply aches million.

What happened was fast…she had her check, seen the doc, and was told she needs to be admitted. Poor baby…


Upon admission, we were seen by 2 docs, they decided to put Ethyl on drip because she is unable to stomach anything that goes in through her mouth. No choice, I knew she hate it, but for her good, we had to make such a decision. Look at her hand….


She was brought to the treatment room to get this done. Oh…I do not have the courage to follow, Daddy brought her in and was told we had to wait outside. We were about 4meters apart…I hear her pleas and cries…OUCH! OUCH! OUCH!!! I told myself I had to be brave and not to shed a tear in front of her. Till now, my heart simply melts…I shed lotsa tears, in front and behind her.

When we were at the observatory ward, we saw 3 nurses trying to pin down the boy and put the drip on him. Ethyl said, “Mommy, the boy until like that…so poor thing…”. I replied and told her no matter what she has to be brave and she nodded saying, “Mommy, I don’t want injection and put meds in my backside ok?”. I nodded and told her, I will try my best to tell the doc, but if the doc feels she needs them, she had to take it bravely.

To brighten up my gal, we had nice balloons! One from me, one from her Ah Yi, one from her young uncle. Thanks so much for the thoughts! SIL (Hubby’s sis) came and brought her a piglet cushion and she loves it too! Thanks so much!


I also thank whoever visits us and send their regards. Ethyl will be on drip for day 1, they’ll try and feed her fluid tomorrow and see how she reacts. Hope she’ll be cleared and go home on Monday. I didn’t wink since 2ish….till now, I still can’t sleep! Hubby will be here early as I insisted I wanted to stay with Ethyl for the night. I hope she’ll be fine…Get well soon, my darling!!!


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