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Home Sweet Home

After 4 days 3 nights of stay at KKH, we were discharged last evening!

What happened this time around is a special phase in our lifes. A phase where we, the four of us were pillars of support to one another and walking through a tough time.

Day one was a start of Ethyl’s horrifying experience at the hospital. She was put on drip, I guess one of the deepest impression she had upon her admission. Outside the treatment room, her doring Daddy and Mommy heard her…


I was pacing outside…Hubby was standing there, his eyes were red. Mine…was tear-streaked. She didn’t dare move or let us touch her left hand after that. She told me she saw blood, and I cried in front of her. I can’t hold back my tears. Till now, when I think of it, my heart still aches. Poor girl had to go through such an experience.

What followed were normal…the checks, the recommended treatment and the possible symptoms we might see the next few days.

We were fragile at a point like this. Visits and consoles from people around are really comforting and encouraging. Gina and Ken came to visit. They were the first visitors we had. Upon seeing the niece who loves to bicker with her suffering, I saw her nose red and eyes watery. Yes, anyone who saw the kids there would react the same.

Ethyl was lethargic and could not even greet anyone. We chatted and they left not too long as they had something on. Next, the doting PoPo came. Mom’s heart was pierced when she saw the drip on her lovely grandbaby…my young cousins came to visit her as well. She was happy to see kids around her. That is also when Hubby and I made a trip home to get soem stuff, preparing my stay for the “chalet”.

Ann and Laurence came too. They had Lleroy with them, thus they took turns to visit Ethyl in her ward. It was sweet of them to do so!

SIL (Hubby’s sis), BIL and MIL came shortly after we were back at the hospital. They went for dinner together (except me) while I tended to my precious in the ward. They all left around 9ish, Mom and Hubby left slightly later.

I felt kinda lost and helpless when they all left. The nurses knew that I was pregnant and helped me quite a bit.

Night one was no fun. one person was snoring so loudly that I couldn’t rest, another was watching a show and on it soooo loud, another was having picnic and chatting with her Hubby…GOSH!!! I was dead tired and wanted to rest, I simply couldn’t! It was so frustrating!

I guess I only slept for not more that 3 hours while trying to wink between the checks and the feeds.

I was zombie-fied the next morning. Too tired due to serious sleep deprevation. Since there were other patients with more than one parent staying, I told Hubby I would stay with him for night 2. Mom was worried about me…and requested to help me attend to Ethyl for night 2, I refused. I will never be able to rest well if I were to sleep at home.

We had my aunt, my godma, godsis and her daughter here to visit Ethyl. Ann, Gina, Mom came as well…Time passes fast with people to chat with us.

Ethyl developed fever on this day, and was given suppositories. What happened next were the struggles…

Her butt was red as she’s having diarrhea. Plus the inertion of the meds, it made her feel worse, but that’s the only solution to give her her meds to control the temperature.

Day 2 and night 2 was the easiet for me among all the days. Hubby was with me the whole day. He even stayed at the hospital together at night to help me attend to Ethyl. I managed to catch some sleep on this day too!

Mom was my breakfast delivery in charge. She would bring me my breakfast everyday. I really thank her for her help and support for those days. She’s tired as well.

I began to feel the strain and stress on day 3. Ethyl’s fever shot up to 40degC, the suppository insertions were frequest till I could no longer torlerate the fights. I asked the nurse why do they keep giving paracetemol when it doesn’t aid in bringing the temperature down? They checked with the doc and returned with a meds similiar to brufen. This helps! It brought down Ethyl’s fever at last! They should have done so before I asked isn’t it?! Anyways…

the next 2 days were about the same. Ethyl was allowed to take in fluids and she took it without throwing up, a good indication that she is able to torlerate something in her tummy. By day 3, she complained that her hand is painful and we can see, her hand that was still attached to the drip looks swollen and puffy till my girl refused to move or let us touch it.

I requested to let her be off drip with the doc, and yes, I promise to fill her up with lotsa fluid if they were to remove the drip. There was another struggle when the drip was removed. But this time, it was better. At least, the drip is off.

Then, she could drink milk…slowly we could feed her something soft…she took biscuits, and she took them well. 🙂

What happened next was the refusal of oral meds. I told the doc she refused and they took the meds away, saying since she is not having fever, no longer puking, they’ll let her be off meds and monitor her hourly. PHEW!!! A great relief for all of us!

Night came and the doc says they KIV Ethyl for discharge the next evening. This was really good news!

Hubby had to return to work, and so, Mom accompanied on Tuesday. Since Ethyl will be discharged on this day, Hubby said he’ll take half day off to pick us up. The wait was long…we all wanted to go home.

Do you know how Ethyl pleaded with me when I had to force her with meds? We shouted, struggled and wrestled…she said, “Mommy…I love you…but I don’t want to drink medicine already…I so scared!!!”. I teared as I tried to explain to her. Sms-ed Hubby and told me I am really stressed out by this whole episode.

Now, the ordeal is finally over I hope! She is now resting…I hope she can get well really soon! Here are some activities we had to make her happy.

trying my new phone…Hubby rewarded me with a new phone 🙂

Kiddy rides for her

and more rides for her…

She had nitghmares sometimes. Poor girl, this episode is really a tough one for her! Now everything will be over!


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