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@ 30 Weeks

The visit was not so pleasant like before. I was asked about my birth options, as my placenta is too low, i can only go for csec and nothing else. Howeer, there’ll be a certain percentage of risk involved.

Gynae said my placenta, being too low, even during csec, they need to cut thru’ the placenta so that they can retrieve our little guy. Having said that, it also means I will bleed more than normal under this procedure. My blood count is not ideal. He gave me feso 4 (Iron tabs) and wanted me to take gingerly everyday.

If I can boost my blood supply in my body, I will not require any blood transfusion during the process, or even after it. I am worried of course. First of all, I hoped to be able to go natural this time, but seems like heaven decides otherwise. Though gynae mentioned that there might still be a chance for my placenta to pull up, I still decide for the worst. If the good happens. it happens!

Little guy is growing well. He weigh approximately 1313grams and is very active in wombsville. My only wish now is for him to thrive well during his last days in the womb and I hope to see a cute little thing in our arms soon! Our jiejie-to-be can’t wait to see her little bro! Counting down…67 days to go!


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