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Third Trimester

I didn’t remember being so worn out and heavy at the early stage of 3rd trimester with Ethyl. This time, it is really different.

Mom saw me wearing a more fitting maternity top yesterday and commented my tummy has descended southwards. Kinda early actually. During my check last week, gynae also commented that the baby has turned down and is lying pretty low, but he has not engaged.

I am constantly tired and sleepy…even sweetie would give me back rubs once in a while 🙂

My tummy felt so heavy of late. I can’t walkk too long, not to mention shopping! Only when I am shopping for my little ones, I would feel less tired. To mention, there are many things not done yet. I can;t bring out the cot mattress for suntanning as it has been raining so much lately. The hands me down were not washed, again, due to the rain. The toys for him…hmm…maybe too early for me to dig out (cos I am lazy). Since Mom is helping me with Little Guy, I need to bring out the nappies and wash them too!

Many said baby will be out before May looking at my tummy carrying him so low. I am hoping to take in more food and hope little guy will be strong and healthy even if he is prematured. Am now sniffling and having a really bad throat…I hope all these will go away in no time!


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