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26 or 28 April?

I have prepared myself to go under the knife for the second time. Since I am “suffering” so much now, I told Hubby that I want to end my “misery” by the 38th week.

I choose the dates myself to bring little guy out…it’s either 26 or 28 april…but Mom wants to look into the dates and see if they are good. Unless little guy can’t wait, else I have more or less decided on the date.

Having said that, this might be my last pregnancy…I ought to tell myself to enjoy before this ends…but the sleepless nights, breathless-ness and lethargy are really killers. I can wait no longer.

Unless the placenta moves up, and I am able to go through natural birth, else these are the days that little guy is more likely to be out meeting us!


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