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I Knew This Would Happen

Due to the lack of communication, Hubby and I first raised our voice at each other because of house hunting and selling.

I knew this would happen, plus if we sell off our unit, and planning to renovate the new place, more arguements will break out. The lousy part of this episode was…we “exchanged our words” in front of Ethyl. As usual, Ethyl stood up for me, and told Hubby not to upset me, turn over, and gave me a hug and kiss.

However, very soon, we were talking to each other in normal tone of voice and started our discussion again. I hate to fall into arguments. Having been through this 5 years ago when we got our flat, we both also argued several times due to renovation works and stuff. I believe this is inevitable, but I do hope this will not hurt our relationship too much.


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Do Not Give Up!

Met a particular media person the other day while we were having photoshoot, we chatted over lunch about having babies.

Let’s call this person D is trying to conceive within 6 months, but so far, no news yet. She was anxious and asked if I could share any “tips” with her. To be frank, to conceive, besides having S.E.X., what else can we do?

To be frank, Hubby had a pre-marital check up on his fertility and the disgnosis came back pretty upsetting. He had very weak sperms and very low sperm count. I had back-flopping uterus, which would be quite difficult for us to conceive in medical view.

So, we were pretty upset. We decided to start trying for Ethyl much earlier than planned. BINGO! We conceived her in our first month! Unexpected…totally beyond expectation. So, the diagnosis might not be so accurate yah?

Anyway, came our second try…2 weeks of trying, my menses came…killjoy! Then the second month…menses decided to take a break! YIPPEE!!! We conceived!

Even my gynae commented that it’s amazing how we managed to conceive so easily because for myself, having back-flopping uterus makes conceiving really a challenge.

In our perspective, we feel that we should not be disheartened based on the facts. There are always miracles. Be it big or small…it always happens.

Do not give up if you are trying to conceive! Good luck to all parents wannabe 🙂

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Quiet 9th Anniversary

In the past, we took leave, or at least dine out and had a mini celebration. This year, as the subject suggests, it is quiet…really quiet.

Supposed to have a getaway this weekend, but Hubby told me, if I am preggy, all travelling plans will be adjourned to next year, after the birth of number 2. So, no travelling for me. Sigh…

I digressed, back to the anniversary. We both worked late yesterday, I rushed to the nearest bakery to pick up a mini cake while Hubby was on his way to pick me up.

We had Mommy’s yummy dinner which I am craving for every evening, Ethyl decided to stay for the night at Mom’s which only Hubby and myself savoured the chocolate cake. The cake was nice, I could have finished it all by myself. Took less than 5 bites this time because somehow chocolate doesn’t taste too right in my mouth.

Anyway, there is nothing much. I even had to complain and complain, nag and nag for the anniversary wished from Hubby and also a kiss from him. See, the difference after being married! Sigh…

I sms-ed him and wish him a happy aniversary, blah blah blah…I was hoping to see a longer and more proper reply, he texted me “same 2 u 🙂 ” DUH!!! What a killjoy and insensitive fellow!

He did NOTHING and was happily gobbling down the chocolate cake that my taste buds does not appreciate and told me it was very yummy and looking fulfilled while I got myself ready to turn in. He lie down beside me, still owing me an anniversary wish…I gumbled and grumbled. He FINALLY got the message and said “Happy Anniversary”. SIGH SIGH SIGH….MEN!!!

I couldn’t be bothered, got him to massage my back and I dozed off! I was hoping that he would suggest we go for dinner this weekend to make up for it, in the end, he said, “Since we are expecting number 2, it’s time we save more money…”. See what I mean?

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Little Struggle

Gina came back from Batam, and I suddenly felt like taking a short break from this hectic place as well. My initial proposal to Hubby was we’ll take a short break with Ethyl in tow.

Now you might know where I am coming from, he is hesistant when I mentioned Ethyl is going with us. Initially he menioned about food, hygiene and everything. I managed to revoke, I was oblivious to his intentions.

He did mention about going to spa. If we have Ethyl along, how are we going to have our spa sessions? I told him we’ll take turns, and gave him a beautiful solution. He kept quiet, didn’t look at me in my face, and said, “I thought we can spend some time together…”.

I suddenly felt guilty, towards him and Ethyl. My weekends are always 100% Ethyl base, and he said he wants to leave Ethyl here and we go for a break, I struggled a little. I never like the idea of leaving the kid behind and go for holiday.

H, my ex-colleague told me Hubby needs time with me as well. The link between us should not only be the kid. I understand, and I can fully understand where he’s coming from. I am now searching and consolidating information for my dear hubby, his copy will be only for 2 adults, whereas my copy will be for 2 adults and 1 child. Maybe he will change his mind? Or shall I just let go and go for a break with Hubby and spend quality couple time together?

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He’s Ready

Received an sms when I switched on my mobile this morning and was greeted by Jean’s sms. I was wondering what could have led her to think that I am gonna announce good news, was still wondering and suddenly recalled that it could be the last sentence on my previous entry to misled her.

Indeed, this is related to Project B.

My “supplier” suddenly agreed to “release” his “raw materials” earlier for “production”, but I suddenly backed out. I realised that after all those longings to have another baby, I wasn’t ready.

People around me do have some expectations, I don’t know why. Even when they have expectations, they should never let me know, because I am not the person who decides such things. Anyway, I told Hubby to give me a little more time. I am feeling stressful these days.

My Ethyl, as usual kept bugging me to give her a sibling and told me she likes boys. I guess she enjoyed the company of Joel and she hopes to be a jiejie. When I told her Ah Yi will also be giving her a (most likely didi), she said she doesn’t want; she wants he baby to be in my tummy and she wants boy. GOSH…she is another person who is giving me pressure. But I find her talks very cute.

Now I know Hubby is ready. Am I ready to take on that unnessecary stress? This is tiring…I do hope to have someone to “take over” the nice clothes that Ethyl has.

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Our show time at Cathay was 7.45pm. I finished work only at 6.30pm, rush off to an appointment for a brazillian and was just in time to meet Hubby dearest to grab our jumbo hotdogs as dinner in the theatre.

Was our first time at the theatre after the revamp. A little “sua-ku” cos we were clueless about the location of the theatre. I was a little grumpy due to the mad rush at that peak hour, but Hubby was torlerant.

10 minutes into the show, I began to enjoy it. I never regretted joining him for this show. It was fabulous! The graphic, effects and the storyline were my cuppa tea. I like the way the story goes. Love especially the part whereby the protagonist (Sam) and one of the transformers (bumble bee) manage to build up a friendship. This adds warmth to the movie.

I also saw how my man behaved like a kid, watching his fave action heros in action! He knew the names of those “machines” and can even tell me who’s good and who’s bad. Obviously I can’t when the show first started! Had to keep leaning towards him and asking him “who’s this?”, “good or bad?”.

Both of us were missing Ethyl, and I had been repeating to Mom and Hubby that I will be fetching Ethyl back home after our show. Halfway through the movie, Mom called to inform that Ethyl was asleep, and told me to go home straight after my movie. I told her, I will pick her up, and hung up.

After the show, I called Mom’s and Dad picked up the phone.

“Hello, Papa, I am now on my way back, I go and pick up Ethyl in 20 minutes”

“She’d slept. Let her sleep and come tomorrow”

“No, I want to pick her, I miss her…”

“Just let her sleep! WHy must you wake her up and disturb her?!”

“Ok lor…”

Don’t they know that I miss my daughter?!

That was beside the point. While on our way back, Hubby played his new Mambo CD and we were both basking in the “cheongster” days. Having a good time chatting and talking about those days, and singing to the songs.

Yes, this “pak-tor” day is definitely worth it! We might be having another one this week, Harry Potter!!!

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Shall I?

Hubby had been telling he wanted to watch Transformers many months back. He was trying to influence me by telling me how nice, how wonderful how good this movie is. Still, I am not swayed. All because since childhood, I was never a fan of Transformers.

So, I suggested to him getting his bro to watch with him, but he rejected. Cos he said, Kiat has Ivy’s company. Oh, ok…too bad, I am not a fan!

However, while blog hopping, I found out that many had very positive reviews on this show…I am still not swayed, until he came to me and said, “I think, I go and watch alone on my off day.” (giving me a pitiful look).

Shall I, or shall I not? Ethyl won’t enjoy such a show, which means we had to go without her. But, I already intend to scarifice some time with her to catch my much awaited Harry Potter! Sigh…. Shall I watch Transformers with him or shall I not?!

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