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Another Sleepless Night

Time: 0412hrs

Here I am, woken up by Ethyl at 3ish (or maybe earlier?) and had difficulty falling back into slumberland again…sigh! Anyways, there is also something that is keeping my mind active after being woken up.

Am discussing with Hubby about upgrading our humble 4 room flat to a bigger unit for quite a while. We, or rather I would love to “settle down” at least before Ethyl goes to primary 1, so that she need not go through the trouble of school transfer and adapting to a whole new environment once again.

Planning to look for a place in the eastern part of the island. I always love Pasir Ris…Thus this is always the priority option in my house hunting plan. Lately, I have increased the area to Tampines and also “see-see-look-look” at Bedok. Pasir Ris is still my top choice as the flats there not as old compared to Tampines and of course, Bedok.

Hubby seems to prefer Pasir Ris as well, though we do agree that Tampines is also a popular area in the east.

We were planning to have Executive Mansionette (EM) initially, but due to the young kiddos at home, I think this is not a good idea. Hence, we decided to get Executive Apartment (EA) instead. After flipping through the classifieds, I have decided that since we are getting a flat from the open market, so long as the area meets the minimal requirements, a 5 room flat should be sufficient for our family of 4. I do not want to over-stretch our dollar; and of course, dealing with the housework is no joke. If we want to upgrade in future, we might be looking at private property then…at least that is what I know Hubby has in mind.

There are many factors that I look into when planning to get a new house. Firstly, I need to know if Ethyl is comfortable with our plan. Being part of the family, I do not think that I should neglect her in this plan, as she, will be staying with us and being a 3yr 3 months old, she is capable enough to convey her thoughts to me effcetively and able to understand the concepts of daily lives. Needless to say, she is more than happy.

Having said so, she is well-loved by her teachers in her current school, I also had to explain to her that if we were to move, she had to transfer to another Montessori or even some other school if the centre that is near us is not suitable for us. She seems fine so far…plus, I reminded her that we are still planning, no concrete plans yet. Still, she is more than happy to know we may shift.

On the other hand, environment is also important. As our estate is windy all year round, we had privacy in our current home, neighbours are nice, not rowdy, and of course, so convenient and comfy here…I hope to be able to find a place that is able to let us enjoy the same privacy as well.

Told Hubby that this time around, I want to do up our house nicely, especially my kitchen! So, that means when I am looking for a new place, I am not looking at something very nicely renovated as I have my own plans to a new comfy nest we call our own. The place should be well kept though as the flats we are looking at were at least a decade old.

This is sort of exciting for us, but our main caregiver for the kids, my Mom will be so busy. She plans to downgrade as she has only Gina with her now. Selfishly, I hope she can also move to the east, which will give both of us convenience when looking after the kids. Mom, knowing that I will never be able to part with my kids for the weekdays, said she’ll put up at my place, to look after my house and kids if I manage to find a house of our minds. She didn’t mind the trouble at all…Mommies are so noble!

Having said that, I told her I do not wish that to happen as Dad is dependent on Mom on lots of things, and Gina, who is working as well, is unable to look after the house in terms of household chores and more importantly, the laundry. Mom says she’ll work that out somehow…

Since we are still at the stage of planning, there is still time for us to shop around and seek some advice. The main issue I have is, I do not know the area well, I always rely on the maps to tell me roughly where the areas are located and what are the primary schools and amenities around.

I also managed to list down some of the ads on the papers…and going through and compiling for Hubby. Both of us had never stayed in the east in our lives so far…This is going to be a huge environment change for us, and our families were all located in the western part of the island.

Now, we are working out our budget for the new place, once our calculations worked out, we will officially start to hunt for houses!!! How exciting yah?!


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Am nursing myself from the cold bug for the past few days. The cough seems to get worse everyday, the cold, no better. I can only seek solace from my fave hobby…baking. This is really therapeutic. Since I am unwell, I try my best to keep the bugs away from my bakes.

Ann came back with pig Lleroy yesterday, baked sardine roll and bread pudding. One for her, the latter for myself. I was 13 when I baked nice yummy sardine rolls. This time, my shortcrust pastry failed. Sigh…It must be the proprtions. Anyway, I hope to try doing it again and hopefully, I can do it.

Thank goodness my bread pudding turns out well. It was based on the recipe by a fellow blogging Mom of 5 (you know who you are 🙂 ). I forgot to take pictures for both though…

Today, I baked Japanese Souffle Cheesecake! One of our fave!

The cake would look better if I used a smaller pan. Taste wise, I can only ask my cousin to tell me as my cold was quite bad today, I couldn’t really taste the cake.


He said it was very nice…Can I trust him?! Anyway, he was so worried…he wiped out my doggie biscuits and told me Gina warned him not to finish all the cake and save some for her. Hubby called to remind me and set aside half the cake for him and not bring over to Mom’s place. Poor boy…I told him, I would save two slices for him, and that he can’t eat so much.

Now, am planning to try out banana cake over the weekend…I can’t get donut premix, else I will make donuts for lovely girl over the weekend…maybe will do so next week when Ann is back with her chubby little man. And I owe Gine her cornflakes chocochip cookies! I remember and will try to bake some soon!

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Third Trimester

I didn’t remember being so worn out and heavy at the early stage of 3rd trimester with Ethyl. This time, it is really different.

Mom saw me wearing a more fitting maternity top yesterday and commented my tummy has descended southwards. Kinda early actually. During my check last week, gynae also commented that the baby has turned down and is lying pretty low, but he has not engaged.

I am constantly tired and sleepy…even sweetie would give me back rubs once in a while 🙂

My tummy felt so heavy of late. I can’t walkk too long, not to mention shopping! Only when I am shopping for my little ones, I would feel less tired. To mention, there are many things not done yet. I can;t bring out the cot mattress for suntanning as it has been raining so much lately. The hands me down were not washed, again, due to the rain. The toys for him…hmm…maybe too early for me to dig out (cos I am lazy). Since Mom is helping me with Little Guy, I need to bring out the nappies and wash them too!

Many said baby will be out before May looking at my tummy carrying him so low. I am hoping to take in more food and hope little guy will be strong and healthy even if he is prematured. Am now sniffling and having a really bad throat…I hope all these will go away in no time!

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Home Sweet Home

After 4 days 3 nights of stay at KKH, we were discharged last evening!

What happened this time around is a special phase in our lifes. A phase where we, the four of us were pillars of support to one another and walking through a tough time.

Day one was a start of Ethyl’s horrifying experience at the hospital. She was put on drip, I guess one of the deepest impression she had upon her admission. Outside the treatment room, her doring Daddy and Mommy heard her…


I was pacing outside…Hubby was standing there, his eyes were red. Mine…was tear-streaked. She didn’t dare move or let us touch her left hand after that. She told me she saw blood, and I cried in front of her. I can’t hold back my tears. Till now, when I think of it, my heart still aches. Poor girl had to go through such an experience.

What followed were normal…the checks, the recommended treatment and the possible symptoms we might see the next few days.

We were fragile at a point like this. Visits and consoles from people around are really comforting and encouraging. Gina and Ken came to visit. They were the first visitors we had. Upon seeing the niece who loves to bicker with her suffering, I saw her nose red and eyes watery. Yes, anyone who saw the kids there would react the same.

Ethyl was lethargic and could not even greet anyone. We chatted and they left not too long as they had something on. Next, the doting PoPo came. Mom’s heart was pierced when she saw the drip on her lovely grandbaby…my young cousins came to visit her as well. She was happy to see kids around her. That is also when Hubby and I made a trip home to get soem stuff, preparing my stay for the “chalet”.

Ann and Laurence came too. They had Lleroy with them, thus they took turns to visit Ethyl in her ward. It was sweet of them to do so!

SIL (Hubby’s sis), BIL and MIL came shortly after we were back at the hospital. They went for dinner together (except me) while I tended to my precious in the ward. They all left around 9ish, Mom and Hubby left slightly later.

I felt kinda lost and helpless when they all left. The nurses knew that I was pregnant and helped me quite a bit.

Night one was no fun. one person was snoring so loudly that I couldn’t rest, another was watching a show and on it soooo loud, another was having picnic and chatting with her Hubby…GOSH!!! I was dead tired and wanted to rest, I simply couldn’t! It was so frustrating!

I guess I only slept for not more that 3 hours while trying to wink between the checks and the feeds.

I was zombie-fied the next morning. Too tired due to serious sleep deprevation. Since there were other patients with more than one parent staying, I told Hubby I would stay with him for night 2. Mom was worried about me…and requested to help me attend to Ethyl for night 2, I refused. I will never be able to rest well if I were to sleep at home.

We had my aunt, my godma, godsis and her daughter here to visit Ethyl. Ann, Gina, Mom came as well…Time passes fast with people to chat with us.

Ethyl developed fever on this day, and was given suppositories. What happened next were the struggles…

Her butt was red as she’s having diarrhea. Plus the inertion of the meds, it made her feel worse, but that’s the only solution to give her her meds to control the temperature.

Day 2 and night 2 was the easiet for me among all the days. Hubby was with me the whole day. He even stayed at the hospital together at night to help me attend to Ethyl. I managed to catch some sleep on this day too!

Mom was my breakfast delivery in charge. She would bring me my breakfast everyday. I really thank her for her help and support for those days. She’s tired as well.

I began to feel the strain and stress on day 3. Ethyl’s fever shot up to 40degC, the suppository insertions were frequest till I could no longer torlerate the fights. I asked the nurse why do they keep giving paracetemol when it doesn’t aid in bringing the temperature down? They checked with the doc and returned with a meds similiar to brufen. This helps! It brought down Ethyl’s fever at last! They should have done so before I asked isn’t it?! Anyways…

the next 2 days were about the same. Ethyl was allowed to take in fluids and she took it without throwing up, a good indication that she is able to torlerate something in her tummy. By day 3, she complained that her hand is painful and we can see, her hand that was still attached to the drip looks swollen and puffy till my girl refused to move or let us touch it.

I requested to let her be off drip with the doc, and yes, I promise to fill her up with lotsa fluid if they were to remove the drip. There was another struggle when the drip was removed. But this time, it was better. At least, the drip is off.

Then, she could drink milk…slowly we could feed her something soft…she took biscuits, and she took them well. 🙂

What happened next was the refusal of oral meds. I told the doc she refused and they took the meds away, saying since she is not having fever, no longer puking, they’ll let her be off meds and monitor her hourly. PHEW!!! A great relief for all of us!

Night came and the doc says they KIV Ethyl for discharge the next evening. This was really good news!

Hubby had to return to work, and so, Mom accompanied on Tuesday. Since Ethyl will be discharged on this day, Hubby said he’ll take half day off to pick us up. The wait was long…we all wanted to go home.

Do you know how Ethyl pleaded with me when I had to force her with meds? We shouted, struggled and wrestled…she said, “Mommy…I love you…but I don’t want to drink medicine already…I so scared!!!”. I teared as I tried to explain to her. Sms-ed Hubby and told me I am really stressed out by this whole episode.

Now, the ordeal is finally over I hope! She is now resting…I hope she can get well really soon! Here are some activities we had to make her happy.

trying my new phone…Hubby rewarded me with a new phone 🙂

Kiddy rides for her

and more rides for her…

She had nitghmares sometimes. Poor girl, this episode is really a tough one for her! Now everything will be over!

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趁着我还有时间,我会尽量和女儿说弟弟出世后会有些什么改变。到现在为止她很能够接受我们所说的,可能是她本身就爱baby, 所以都很能够接受接下来的改变。也有可能是看着那胖嘟嘟的表弟,她也意识到baby是可爱又无助的,需要我们细心的照顾。也就应为这样,她每天都会对着我那隆起的肚子说话。告诉弟弟姐姐又多么的爱他,多么期待他的降临。对一个母亲来说,这可是最美好的画面啊!

老公也爱这个小瓜。他时不时就会在肚子里拳打脚踢的,弄得我好不舒服,却又让我有股莫名的兴奋。我相信它将会像姐姐一样,很能够跟我们沟通。可爱的姐姐只要哟听见我说”ouch”就会很心疼地问”Mommy,what happen? Painful? Brayden kicked you?” 之后又对着我的肚子说”Brayden, don’t kick Mommy so hard ok, very painful you know? Kick softly (gently) ok? Good boy!”.


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Being At Home

When I thought I could rest more being at home, I was wrong!

Ethyl stuck on to me like a magnet, I need to coax her into going to Mom’s while I et my rest and settle some simple household chores. Now, I am stealing a breather to update what has happened ever since I started my lifestyle as a SAHM again.

Hubby is glad I am able to spend more time at home to rest, doing things I like and of course, more time with both Ethyl and himself. I channel quite a bit of my attention on him too. He has been very worried about me, and when I am working, I would make up the lost time with Ethyl and somehow neglected him. He has no complaints tho’.

I need to enjoy my pregnancy as I am in my 27th week now, and very soon, little guy will be out meeting us. I am enjoying the time now as he responses whenever we talk to him. Especially when Ethyl and Hubby called out his name through my tummy, he’ll be moving and kicking as if he is responding to their calls. How adorable and precious these moments are!

Even when I say I enjoy this state, I am thinking if I should opt for csec. I wish baby will be out in his 37th week, as I am having problems sleeping well at night. The persistent pain and aches are also driving me bonkers. Short of breath, leg cramps, insomnia are really killers for me.

Hubby is sweet though. My nightly massage never takes it’s holidays. I was given back rubs nightly and he, also made me happy by promising me a gift. I shall not say too much, but I am glad he is actually getting me the bag as a gift. 🙂 For that, I shall try and eat more healthily and give him a chubby cutie little man! 🙂

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More to Plan

Since I will be a SAHM till I give birth, I shall plan my time properly and get more baking done.

Hubby asked me to bake for him. I will oblige since I have nothing much to do after Ethyl goes to school. I have planned to spend quality time with Ethyl in the mornings. On days, we can do some homeschooling activities, from chores to baking, coloring, reading and even…cooking 🙂

Other days…maybe we can just laze around and I will hear her sing and see her dance. It is a pleasure to be able to spend time with her like that. Of course, not neglecting my little guy…I shall not over-exert myself. Before CNY, I have plans to finish my shopping for all of us. Get my grooming done and meet up with friends from the industry for lunch etc.

Life will settle more or less after CNY. Hubby wanted me to rest more and do things that I like, on one condition, I should never “over-work”. Hmm….now, time will fly pass really fast especially when I do not have to work!

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