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Growing and Thriving


After the ordeal, Ethyl lost quite a bit of chubs and all of us are trying to pile some kilos on her. So far her appetite has been growing…it’s a good sign!

She can finish a bowl of rice at dinner, plus fruit, plus some little snacks. Back at home, she’ll ask for milk at 9ish and at 10pm, she’d ask for some more. If we do not give her, she won’t be able to sleep and kept complaining of hunger.

It was until last saturday that I don her on one of her CNY denim skirt that I knew she put on weight. I need to adjust her skirt so that she could wear it! What a console!

Her cheeks began to look rosy once again, her appetite is back, but there is one thing she is still afraid of…CAKES! Especially cakes from school whenever her friends celebrates their birthday.

Oh, did I mention we suspected that it was the birthday cake of her friend that caused the last episode? Anyways, we have no proof…though the teachers mentioned another kid got the same ailment as hers. There are still many other possible factors though…she heard us during our conversations and remembered till now. Last week, she came home telling me, “Mommy, today is my friend’s birthday, but I never eat the cake, I scared later I vomit and diarrhea…so scary!”.


It is a console she grows so sensible. Though at times, she could really drive me bonkers with all the WWH-s.


How much does she loves me? She always reminds Brayden not to kick me so much and so hard…she calls herself jiejie whenever she chats with the little bro. I find this sweet and amusing…Brayden does react to her calls most times. I guess he simply adores this sister of his 🙂 Her daily morning and night kisses are never absent. She’d hug Brayden whenever she feels like it too! SO often, she’d pull up my top, revealing my silver-lined tummy and gave him kisses through my belly. How lovely!


She too, can’t wait for the arrival of little guy! Kept telling Brayden that she’ll see him soon and will love him so so much! I hope they can get along well. Having said that, my initial decision to deliver Brayden on 28 april might have some changes. Mom prefers weekend so that she can cook and deliver the meals to me. Me, on the other hand prefers weekdays as the hospital will not be so crowded…will discuss with Hubby and of course my gynae on the dates during my next appointment. Who knows I may be going natural? *winks*


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Home Sweet Home

After 4 days 3 nights of stay at KKH, we were discharged last evening!

What happened this time around is a special phase in our lifes. A phase where we, the four of us were pillars of support to one another and walking through a tough time.

Day one was a start of Ethyl’s horrifying experience at the hospital. She was put on drip, I guess one of the deepest impression she had upon her admission. Outside the treatment room, her doring Daddy and Mommy heard her…


I was pacing outside…Hubby was standing there, his eyes were red. Mine…was tear-streaked. She didn’t dare move or let us touch her left hand after that. She told me she saw blood, and I cried in front of her. I can’t hold back my tears. Till now, when I think of it, my heart still aches. Poor girl had to go through such an experience.

What followed were normal…the checks, the recommended treatment and the possible symptoms we might see the next few days.

We were fragile at a point like this. Visits and consoles from people around are really comforting and encouraging. Gina and Ken came to visit. They were the first visitors we had. Upon seeing the niece who loves to bicker with her suffering, I saw her nose red and eyes watery. Yes, anyone who saw the kids there would react the same.

Ethyl was lethargic and could not even greet anyone. We chatted and they left not too long as they had something on. Next, the doting PoPo came. Mom’s heart was pierced when she saw the drip on her lovely grandbaby…my young cousins came to visit her as well. She was happy to see kids around her. That is also when Hubby and I made a trip home to get soem stuff, preparing my stay for the “chalet”.

Ann and Laurence came too. They had Lleroy with them, thus they took turns to visit Ethyl in her ward. It was sweet of them to do so!

SIL (Hubby’s sis), BIL and MIL came shortly after we were back at the hospital. They went for dinner together (except me) while I tended to my precious in the ward. They all left around 9ish, Mom and Hubby left slightly later.

I felt kinda lost and helpless when they all left. The nurses knew that I was pregnant and helped me quite a bit.

Night one was no fun. one person was snoring so loudly that I couldn’t rest, another was watching a show and on it soooo loud, another was having picnic and chatting with her Hubby…GOSH!!! I was dead tired and wanted to rest, I simply couldn’t! It was so frustrating!

I guess I only slept for not more that 3 hours while trying to wink between the checks and the feeds.

I was zombie-fied the next morning. Too tired due to serious sleep deprevation. Since there were other patients with more than one parent staying, I told Hubby I would stay with him for night 2. Mom was worried about me…and requested to help me attend to Ethyl for night 2, I refused. I will never be able to rest well if I were to sleep at home.

We had my aunt, my godma, godsis and her daughter here to visit Ethyl. Ann, Gina, Mom came as well…Time passes fast with people to chat with us.

Ethyl developed fever on this day, and was given suppositories. What happened next were the struggles…

Her butt was red as she’s having diarrhea. Plus the inertion of the meds, it made her feel worse, but that’s the only solution to give her her meds to control the temperature.

Day 2 and night 2 was the easiet for me among all the days. Hubby was with me the whole day. He even stayed at the hospital together at night to help me attend to Ethyl. I managed to catch some sleep on this day too!

Mom was my breakfast delivery in charge. She would bring me my breakfast everyday. I really thank her for her help and support for those days. She’s tired as well.

I began to feel the strain and stress on day 3. Ethyl’s fever shot up to 40degC, the suppository insertions were frequest till I could no longer torlerate the fights. I asked the nurse why do they keep giving paracetemol when it doesn’t aid in bringing the temperature down? They checked with the doc and returned with a meds similiar to brufen. This helps! It brought down Ethyl’s fever at last! They should have done so before I asked isn’t it?! Anyways…

the next 2 days were about the same. Ethyl was allowed to take in fluids and she took it without throwing up, a good indication that she is able to torlerate something in her tummy. By day 3, she complained that her hand is painful and we can see, her hand that was still attached to the drip looks swollen and puffy till my girl refused to move or let us touch it.

I requested to let her be off drip with the doc, and yes, I promise to fill her up with lotsa fluid if they were to remove the drip. There was another struggle when the drip was removed. But this time, it was better. At least, the drip is off.

Then, she could drink milk…slowly we could feed her something soft…she took biscuits, and she took them well. 🙂

What happened next was the refusal of oral meds. I told the doc she refused and they took the meds away, saying since she is not having fever, no longer puking, they’ll let her be off meds and monitor her hourly. PHEW!!! A great relief for all of us!

Night came and the doc says they KIV Ethyl for discharge the next evening. This was really good news!

Hubby had to return to work, and so, Mom accompanied on Tuesday. Since Ethyl will be discharged on this day, Hubby said he’ll take half day off to pick us up. The wait was long…we all wanted to go home.

Do you know how Ethyl pleaded with me when I had to force her with meds? We shouted, struggled and wrestled…she said, “Mommy…I love you…but I don’t want to drink medicine already…I so scared!!!”. I teared as I tried to explain to her. Sms-ed Hubby and told me I am really stressed out by this whole episode.

Now, the ordeal is finally over I hope! She is now resting…I hope she can get well really soon! Here are some activities we had to make her happy.

trying my new phone…Hubby rewarded me with a new phone 🙂

Kiddy rides for her

and more rides for her…

She had nitghmares sometimes. Poor girl, this episode is really a tough one for her! Now everything will be over!

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Ethyl was not her usual self since saturday…It is so heart wrenching to see my daughter ailing and I can do nothing to ease her pains. I felt guilty to both her and the unborn. Hubby is my pillar of support and strength provider.

Some part of my life is so different for the past 2 days…now, it is different. Today I see…

her cheeky face

her priceless smiles

PLUS the conversations we had!

Her fever is yo-yo-ing and hope she could get well and be discharged by tomorrow.

Thank you for the wishes and prayers…I may be unable to reply to the comments. We really appreciate the thoughts. Thank you!

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It is now 2142hrs on my laptop. I am now blogging from KKH…Ethyl was admiitted today, and she is under observation.

What exactly happened? The initial diagnosis is gastritis, accompanied by a very stubborn virus that caused her stomach flu and diarrhea.

It all started from 2ish in the morning. She started vomitting on and off. We decided to bring her to the GP (24hrs clinic) to get some medical help. We were given oral meds as the locum doc feels that her condition is very mild (it is a very wrong disgnosis), but I requested for suppository for back up…just in case the worst happens. I guess a Mommy’s instinct is never wrong.

She puked her oral meds in 2 mins after the feed. We struggled and wrestle with her to insert the suppository in her. After much resistance, she was finally calmed and dozed off…Hubby and I were dead tired, but I couldn’t sleep.

Hours after hours…I thought everything should have been fine and at around 7, she said she wanted to vomit! Oh my goodness!!! This spells bad…she puked and after that, she told me…”Mommy, my panty is wet…” She lost control of her motion and they ran like tap…it happened several times and by 9ish, I could no longer see her in agony. Mom called in time to ask about her, and popped by to help me look after her while I bathed and prepare to bring her to KKH. No second thoughts as I felt her case was more serious than we thought.

She could no longer take in fluid. All I could do is make her glucose and let her take sip by sip to help hydrate her, it just won’t help! The more I feed, the more she puked!

Dad sent us to KKH, Hubby left work and met us at A & E. Seeing how weak and lethargic our precious is, our hearts simply aches million.

What happened was fast…she had her check, seen the doc, and was told she needs to be admitted. Poor baby…


Upon admission, we were seen by 2 docs, they decided to put Ethyl on drip because she is unable to stomach anything that goes in through her mouth. No choice, I knew she hate it, but for her good, we had to make such a decision. Look at her hand….


She was brought to the treatment room to get this done. Oh…I do not have the courage to follow, Daddy brought her in and was told we had to wait outside. We were about 4meters apart…I hear her pleas and cries…OUCH! OUCH! OUCH!!! I told myself I had to be brave and not to shed a tear in front of her. Till now, my heart simply melts…I shed lotsa tears, in front and behind her.

When we were at the observatory ward, we saw 3 nurses trying to pin down the boy and put the drip on him. Ethyl said, “Mommy, the boy until like that…so poor thing…”. I replied and told her no matter what she has to be brave and she nodded saying, “Mommy, I don’t want injection and put meds in my backside ok?”. I nodded and told her, I will try my best to tell the doc, but if the doc feels she needs them, she had to take it bravely.

To brighten up my gal, we had nice balloons! One from me, one from her Ah Yi, one from her young uncle. Thanks so much for the thoughts! SIL (Hubby’s sis) came and brought her a piglet cushion and she loves it too! Thanks so much!


I also thank whoever visits us and send their regards. Ethyl will be on drip for day 1, they’ll try and feed her fluid tomorrow and see how she reacts. Hope she’ll be cleared and go home on Monday. I didn’t wink since 2ish….till now, I still can’t sleep! Hubby will be here early as I insisted I wanted to stay with Ethyl for the night. I hope she’ll be fine…Get well soon, my darling!!!

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What I Need to Do

It’s nnow at the end of February, time flies. I gave myself time to rest till this month and my homeschooling activity starts on the very first Monday in March.

I am making use of this opportunity to start homeschooling on weekdays with her. Our story telling sessions are still going on and I can say we are progressing well. It benefits both Ethyl and Brayden. As this is a bedtime routine, I need to come up with something more constructive for the day. I believe we will enjoy the sessions.

Have planned to use four weekdays as normal lessons, Friday will be free and easy. It can be crafts, role play, baking, cooking or even NOTHING but singing and dancing! Since she is having her daily classes, I shall not overstretch her interest to learn.

Chinese literacy is important to me. I am really glad that her mandarin is catching up and her ability to recognise chinese words are pretty strong. I hope this remains and I shall reinforce the learning at home. My only problem is….there seemed to be very little materials available in the market for such young kids. The materials I wanted are usually very difficult to find.

You may think I am so kiasu. This is not as I am giving myself sufficient time to prepare Ethyl for K1 next year and subsequently, her primary school journey.

To help me better prepare myself, I have also been reading up on the net for info, and at the same time, reading from books that I have borrowed from the library. Reading some of the homeschooling blogs inspired me too. I am not good in my craft work, but I do not mind learning together with Ethyl. Am sure she’ll love doing things together with me!

I hope this few months will strengthen our bond further and hope she’ll enjoy her sessions with me.

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Been very lazy tired lately due to insomnia. Though lazy, I have been doing housework daily and meeting friends for lunch occassionally and making myself look as if I am so busy! Haha… Brayden’s been moving alot these days till both Daddy and Jiejie “warned” him not to be overly active at night so that I could rest. Frankly, I am enjoying those kicks and punches alot! These are the last few moments of pregnancy that I enjoy the most. Truly, I hope to capture him moving in my belly before he’s out!

So, what have we been up to the past weekend?

On Saturday, we brought Ethyl out for a dip. The weather’s been scorching and I guess the best way to “fight” the heat is to be in the water! Lleroy joined us as well! He too had a dip for a short while too!


see how much she’s enjoying herself!

see how tired they are!

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Half Day to Ourselves

Our usual routine was, Ethyl would sleep till she wakes up at around 10.30am. Either I’ll bathe her, and meet Mom for breakie at the coffeeshop, or she’ll want to bathe at Mom’s after coming back from coffeeshop. We’ll then go to Mom’s, she’ll have her lunch there, while I’ll stay till it’s time for them to go to school.

Mom needs to visit the doctor today, and I told her she take “half-day” off and I’ll take charge of my daughter. Mom being Mom, she’s worried that Ethyl might want me to carry and wears me out. I assured her we’ll be fine, she can just go ahead to get her check up done. I will send Ethyl to school when it’s time.

Excitedly, I started planning yesterday what we can do at home. Time is precious and I need to make the most out of the morning we had. I have been feeling much better, except my tummy feels heavier and my pelvic muscles ache quite a bit causing me some uncomfort. Nevertheless, I was not dampen by these little things and went on to plan our precious half day.

Unexpectedly, Ethyl woke up at 9am today! I was having a sleepless night, hence am feeling too lazy to wake up…still, I dragged myself out of the bed, and start the day with my precious darling.


Helpful girl heard my complaints about the father and daughter littering their things everywhere in the house, helped to tidy up her VCDs and DVDs when she woke up. After that she even wanted me to take a picture of her with her “baby”! I obliged!


After a while, I bathed her and made her breakfast. She is not a breakfast person. Her only food in the morning is either her milk or milo. Today, I told her I am going to make her bread and she was so excited! She took a bottle of glucose before bathing and she was happily hopping around her breakfast and her cup-filled fresh milk.


Since it is already 10ish, I made her a small amount for breakfast. I am also cooking her porridge with 淮山,wolfberry, fish and broccolli. I boiled the porridge for around 2 hours in the slow cooker so that I can get other housework done.

An easily satisfied gal came to me and said, “Mommy, the bread you made is sooooo nice to eat!”. I did nothing except using the moulds to press out the shapes she requested.

Time really passes too fast. My girl is no longer a helpless infant, but a toddler who has a mind of her own and she is really getting independent.

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