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26 or 28 April?

I have prepared myself to go under the knife for the second time. Since I am “suffering” so much now, I told Hubby that I want to end my “misery” by the 38th week.

I choose the dates myself to bring little guy out…it’s either 26 or 28 april…but Mom wants to look into the dates and see if they are good. Unless little guy can’t wait, else I have more or less decided on the date.

Having said that, this might be my last pregnancy…I ought to tell myself to enjoy before this ends…but the sleepless nights, breathless-ness and lethargy are really killers. I can wait no longer.

Unless the placenta moves up, and I am able to go through natural birth, else these are the days that little guy is more likely to be out meeting us!


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Third Trimester

I didn’t remember being so worn out and heavy at the early stage of 3rd trimester with Ethyl. This time, it is really different.

Mom saw me wearing a more fitting maternity top yesterday and commented my tummy has descended southwards. Kinda early actually. During my check last week, gynae also commented that the baby has turned down and is lying pretty low, but he has not engaged.

I am constantly tired and sleepy…even sweetie would give me back rubs once in a while 🙂

My tummy felt so heavy of late. I can’t walkk too long, not to mention shopping! Only when I am shopping for my little ones, I would feel less tired. To mention, there are many things not done yet. I can;t bring out the cot mattress for suntanning as it has been raining so much lately. The hands me down were not washed, again, due to the rain. The toys for him…hmm…maybe too early for me to dig out (cos I am lazy). Since Mom is helping me with Little Guy, I need to bring out the nappies and wash them too!

Many said baby will be out before May looking at my tummy carrying him so low. I am hoping to take in more food and hope little guy will be strong and healthy even if he is prematured. Am now sniffling and having a really bad throat…I hope all these will go away in no time!

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@ 30 Weeks

The visit was not so pleasant like before. I was asked about my birth options, as my placenta is too low, i can only go for csec and nothing else. Howeer, there’ll be a certain percentage of risk involved.

Gynae said my placenta, being too low, even during csec, they need to cut thru’ the placenta so that they can retrieve our little guy. Having said that, it also means I will bleed more than normal under this procedure. My blood count is not ideal. He gave me feso 4 (Iron tabs) and wanted me to take gingerly everyday.

If I can boost my blood supply in my body, I will not require any blood transfusion during the process, or even after it. I am worried of course. First of all, I hoped to be able to go natural this time, but seems like heaven decides otherwise. Though gynae mentioned that there might still be a chance for my placenta to pull up, I still decide for the worst. If the good happens. it happens!

Little guy is growing well. He weigh approximately 1313grams and is very active in wombsville. My only wish now is for him to thrive well during his last days in the womb and I hope to see a cute little thing in our arms soon! Our jiejie-to-be can’t wait to see her little bro! Counting down…67 days to go!

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Had been trying to eat more nutritious meals for both myself and baby. This is my current fave with low fat milk!


Baking order from Ann…

chocochip-walnut cookies

First try in baking layered cake with whipped cream and mango…


looks wise…not so nice. Taste wise…everyone loves it!!!

In the mail…


A nice gift from Mamabliss, Pauline. It’s a lovely gift and we all love it! Thank you so much, Pauline 🙂

More than a thousand words…

The doting jiejie kisses didi many times a day!


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Pregnancy and Labour

I had an emergency c-sec while having Ethyl as she passed motion in wombsville. This time, I really hope to be able to go through the whole process of going into labour, birthing and have the joy of latching Brayden on me once he comes to our family of love. (more…)

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Preparations for Brayden

Yes, name has been decided and finalised by Hubby and approved by Ethyl. We will name little guy Brayden.

There was not much preparations done thus far. Frankly, I do not know what needs to be prepared as he will be using Ethyl’s cot, he will inherit hand me downs from Lleroy, Rachele gave me a bag of baby clothes from her sis last weekend and maybe I just need to get new milk bottles and teats for him will do.

Seriously, I have been feeling bad and guilty about not being very involved in the preps. I was so busy when I had Ethyl. Shopping for stuff, furniture, clothes etc. So, last saturday after our dinner at Spizza, we went to GAP and we bought 2 rompers for Brayden.


It ain’t easy shopping for boys. I saw many newborn clothes that were nice and pretty, but they were meant for girls. So, after searching and discussing with both my sis, we decided to get Brayden only 2 suits. I hope he will like them.

I am now waiting for Taka’s baby fair. I need to get milk bottles, maybe a new breast pump as well. Am hesitating because Ann used my old pump that I used for 22 months and told me, “Jie, your pump works much better than the new one I had.”. Truly, I am having second thoughts whether to use my old faithful manual or get a new one. Am also cntemplating to get an electric or just stick to manual.

We are going to get Brayden a new stroller. A stroller from Peg Perego (Pliko 3). It is bulky and heavy, but it also fits Ethyl perfectly! I need one that is heavy duty to fit both my darlings. I used to think I should get a tandem stroller, but Hubby is against it. Anyway, Ethyl will sit in the stroller only when she needs to sleep. We can get a carrier, maybe a baby bjorn to carry Brayden when jiejie uses the stroller.

What else have I missed out in the preps? I really have no idea. I think we will have to buy some PJs, daily clothes and maybe daily necessities like wet wipes, diaper cream during the baby fair. I hope I don’t buy on impulse by then…am reminding myself to be wiser with my expenditure since we now have 2 babies to bring up.

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26 Weeks

I didn’t dare step up on my weighing scale for the past few weeks. With the CNY goodies, I couldn’t resist…in the end, the weighing scale at the gynae’s clinic showed me the realistic figure. I put on 2 kg for the past month. Sigh…

So far, I have put on 5kg so far. Told Hubby I need to eat wiser from now on as I have several more weeks to go! Haha…

Ok, I am supposed to talk about little guy. He is so cheeky! He has been very active, and I, feeling rather tired and restless due to the CNY rush and all those visitings and lack of sleep.

I saw a nice profile of him today. To me, that was the prettiest picture. I saw his cute face looking rather chubby to me and it really brightens up my day! His weight is estimated to be 884grams, growing well and of course, still kicking and punching while doing the scan. So active!

We have yet to get him anything yet. Don’t really know what we should buy actually…boys’ clothes are not really easy to buy!!!

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