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We have shifted! Now I am going back to Blogger…since this is a new place, it is still pretty raw. Do update your links and see you at my new URL http://momsyworld.blogspot.com or new header is Pitter Patter @ Momsy World.

See you there!


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Protected: I Can’t Sleep

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Nonsensical Ramblings

Well, maybe no one will understand this post. Anyway, it’s just an entry for me to let off whatever is on my mind!

The weekend that passed was crazy. Supposed to go shopping for CNY clothings and stuff, we spent the whole afternoon at Robinsons just because my little nephew needs a new stroller. The waiting here and there, checking of stock here and there….GOSH…one saturday passed just like that!

At the very least, he got his stroller.

Sunday was a peaceful day. Ethyl woke up smiling and we both lazed on the bed for a while. It was a great morning! I decided to bake based on Ivy’s recipe on the banana cupcakes. It turned out good! Hubby loved it, albeit the common feedback was the bananan was too little. In fact, I added more than what was on the recipe. Since, it’s nice, never mind.

I dreaded weekend to pass so quickly. I was a little moody by noon. Monday is jumping in too fast! Way too fast! At least Hubby brightens me up by telling me that we are going shopping after his work.

It is always enjoyable to see Ethyl enjoying the company of her cousins. She remembers Evelyn (jiejie) and Declan (gorgor), but always forgot Keith (gorgor). SIGH….

Being a parent is tough. Ethyl has been pretty rude these days. She was not aware of course, we need to constantly remind her what’s right and wrong. How tiring…In order not to hurt her, we tried our best not to scold her in public. I went home and told her what she had done was undesirable, she understood (I think she is trying to understand). I smack her backside…it was a gentle smack, I hope she can remember my teachings.

Work was a little crazy. We are in a midst of shifting, and of course, I am reminded my Hubby umpteen times not to carry heavy things. Of course I don’t! My placenta is low, I am not supposed to carry heavy loads, I should look after myself and also rest more.

Well, so things happened and made me so unhappy about this selfish soul. Frankly speaking, I am rather upset and working seems a chore, because I had to face her. Am trying to stay positive and tide through the remaining weeks. Oh baby, will you please come out on the 37th week?

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Any one has any idea whether is Dune still operating in Singapore? Went to both paragon and Great World City, but couldn’t find the shop….if you know, could you please let me know. Thanks much!

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Am in my 8th week, totally exhausted and drained out. I need lotsa rest and I hope that I can spend more time with Ethyl because Hubby will be away for reservist for more than a week.

I hope there is a way to make myself less fatigue!!! Counting down….3 weeks 5 days to end of first trimester!

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I Miss You!!!

ARGH!!! Not sure if its the works of the hormones, I am missing my Ethyl to bits! How I wish I could cuddle her and rock her in my arms now!!!! Such misses warm and moist my eyes….

She stayed over at Mom’s last night so that I could have better rest. True and not true actually. When I woke up in the middle of the night, she is not with me. Felt a little sad and was tossing and turning till I don’t know how long before I dozed off.

Baby, my dear baby…Mommy miss you so much!!!!

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